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Make the most out of facebook, start taking advantage of the most powerful social networking site on the planet. With over 1 BILLION users, if you're not using facebook to make money online, you're leaving A LOT of money on the table... Do you want to see the fastest way to make money with facebook?


  • 1. Back in 2011, Facebook provided a major update in Facebook Pages. This update allowed administrators of Facebook pages to have access to valuable tools to test, track, and convert and also the ability to interact and engage on Facebook as their brand. This makes Facebook have MUCH more potential in the mar- keting arena.The benefits of the 2011 update include: Easy access to Page metrics, including new fans, activity, Likes and comments Personalized Page News Feed Page Events Engagement with other Pages, raising brand awareness around Facebook and driving visitors and new Likes

2. One of the biggest potential for creating a popular Facebook brand, is the use of Facebook Advertising. In the past few years, Facebook Advertising has been my go to when it comes to paid traffic. They have mastered the advertising game, where you can get literally 0.01 cent clicks for HIGHLY targeted clicks.Considering Facebook is the largest social network in the world, you can pretty much guarantee that your potential cus- tomers are actively using Facebook. Therefore all companies should have a Facebook page where they can interact with their customers. Not only will this create a recognizeable online brand, it will create a recognizable offline one too.Facebook Pages are huge potential. Whether youre running your own online or offline business of any size, if youre not us- ing Facebook, youre leaving a lot of money on the table. When I first got started with Facebook pages, I literally had no idea what I was doing. Within a few months of learning and testing Ive worked my way up to $100+ per day with NONE of my own products. 3. That means Im strictly making $100+ per day, selling other peo- ples products, all from one facebook page. Its not hard work ei- ther, its just some tedious tasks up front, and after that it basi- cally runs itself.YOU CAN SEE HOW HERE!So what can Facebook do for you? Lets take a look.Online SalesThis is a no-brainer. If we build a Facebook brand large enough, we can make SALES liter- ally whenever we want them, have traffic on tap, and literally have the most powerful platform to leverage anything we want.Facebook BrandingNot only are we able to leverage sales, leads, and more were also able to build brand awareness. If we can constantly engage our audience and provide them with content that they find useful, they will surely look for our posts more often right? We can build up an audience of over 1 million people that can see our posts whenever we want, do you see the potential?Facebook Marketing is huge right now, but the fact is it can be pretty difficult to get started. Like I said, when I first started I had NO IDEA what I was doing, and it took months and months of learning for me to actually make any money. Luckily, Ive com- piled all of my methods into a really easy to follow training course, which you can get in- stant access to below.