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What do You need to do to become a real estate agent?

To become a real estate agent, you must complete the

requirements mandated by the State in which you intend to

practice. Every State has different requirements. Find out

what are the requirements for the state in which you live.

Most States will require you to complete a course of study,

pass some tests, verify that you have the required hours of

training and may require you to complete an internship style

program under the supervision of a Broker. Once the

requirements and the pre-requisite test have been fulfilled,

you will be granted a license as either a Real Estate

Salesperson or a Broker depending on State statute.

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What will real estate take to be successful?

Success in the real estate industry is often measured by volume of sales an individual transacts and the individual’s service to the community. View some of the most important foundations necessary to build a successful career:-

Receive best training should incorporate both classroom instruction, real life experience and Mentoring opportunities.

Understanding of the technological tools which are often a part of the real estate transaction process

Utilizing appropriate social media portals, and acquire knowledge of business blogging and business apps designed to facilitate more effective and efficient communication with your clients and customers.

The most important attributes of a successful agent are the willingness to work hard and the character traits of honesty and humility.

The best aspects of a real estate career is that it can be flexible.

Client appointments are often after hours when customers are done with work.

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Passive Income Streams: Let Your Money Work For YouPassive income is best described as letting your money work for you. It involves you, the

investor, putting a sizable chunk of money into a low return venture.

Pros of Passive Income Streams:-Allows for Multiple Streams of Income Frees Up Your Time/Allow for Schedule FlexibilityFinancial SecurityCons of Passive Income Streams:-Income Trickles in at FirstLacks the Social Aspects of Normal Jobs

You Give Up Some ControlYou May Not Actually Make Money

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Before Getting StartedWhile this all may sound like a cakewalk, earning passive income is hard

work, at least at the beginning. It’s both slow moving and capital intensive.

Here are some things you need to know if you’re considering becoming

involved in this potentially lucrative world.•Don’t Spend More Than You Earn: You want to make sure you don’t plunk

down your entire nest egg on an investment that may not end up paying off.

Keep something in savings while you invest the rest (technically, your savings

account is earning passive income, but more on that later).•Do Your Research: This tip should be tattooed on your body somewhere. In

any kind of investing, be it active or passive, or any other aspect of life, figure

out what you want before you go searching for it. It’s your money, and it’s

important to you and your family. Find out what type of investment fits your

personal interests, as well as your financial situation. Once you have

something in mind, search intelligently and confidently.•Think in the Long-Term: We’ve mentioned this before, and will probably

mention it again, but these investments only begin paying off after a long

time. Don’t think in terms of months, but years.

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Your Options for Passive Income Streams

These passive income streams run the gamut from investing to writing. Doing just one of

these methods alone won’t have you eating caviar and smoking Cuban cigars, but they do

provide a nice little something extra. Get several of these income streams going at the

same time, then you’re talking about some real cheddar. Just make sure you don’t get too

ahead of yourself. Some points keep in your mind:

High Yield Accounts

Write an eBook/Put Your Expertise Online

Renting Property (Land and Goods)

Affiliate Marketing


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending

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Ranking of Global Cities For Real Estate Investment

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What do you see as the biggest focus areas for your business in 2014

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Main Strategy To Reach High

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