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Campaign materials - 8th Ward Aldermanic Candidate - 2011


<ul><li><p> THE CALL FOR A UNITED 8TH WARD BY A BRIGHT PROMISING </p><p>ALDERMANIC PROSPECT; FAHEEM IS POISED FOR POLITICAL VICTORY IN 2011 </p><p> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Roxie Williams </p><p>January 25, 2011 </p><p>(708) 417-0243 </p><p>FAHEEM: CALLS FOR A UNITED 8TH WARD IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO </p><p>A bright, promising aldermanic prospect for 8th Ward; Faheem Shabazz, is the best hope to oust the current </p><p>alderman Michelle Harris from leadership. Faheem has entered the race for the aldermanic seat of the 8th Ward </p><p>with significant support from residents in the community. His organizers have 8th Ward residents committed to </p><p>come out as he presents his State of the 8th Ward Address. Founder of the "Stop The Killing" and "B.M.U. Black </p><p>Men United" movements. Faheem gained popularity among residents when "Stop The Killing" and "B.M.U. Black </p><p>Men United" succeeded in pressuring political and community leaders to work with gang leaders and others in </p><p>combating the murder rate and drug trafficking in the city of Chicago. </p><p>On Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the Power Circle Congregation Center located at 9350 So. South Chicago </p><p>Avenue, Faheem the most popular candidate of the 8th Ward Aldermanic Race will present inspiration, motivation </p><p>and restoration to a gathering of constituents numbering roughly 300-500. This gathering of supporters will </p><p>include; a following of city pastors, community leaders, members of Black Men United, and concerned residents of </p><p>the 8th Ward. Mayoral Candidates will be present to address the attendees and reinforce Faheems call for unity in </p><p>the community. The event begins at 7:00p.m. continuing til 10:00 p.m. Faheems strong following of newly </p><p>registered young voters will flood the facility with their physical presence, filling it with their voices in song, their </p><p>movements in dance and their perspectives in spoken word and poetry. The goal is the mobilization of the strong </p><p>network of followers Faheem enjoys that will get the work done for ballot candidate 51. </p><p>Faheem Shabazz is poised to take his place amongst the new generation of leadership, in this Chicago 2011 </p><p>political election. This inspirational evening is the last big push of the Faheem camps pre-election rally of </p><p>supporters to get the work done and Punch 51 on February 22nd. The event schedule includes words from special </p><p>guests, entertainment from local talent, motivation and inspiration from community activists and a large showing of </p><p>support from high profile leaders on the political scene in Chicago. The 8th Ward will Realize The Dream With </p><p>Faheem and Get the Job Done, when they Punch 51. </p><p> FOR MORE INFORMATION </p><p>Roxie Williams: Fundraiser Chairperson </p><p>(708) 417-0243 </p><p> CITIZENS FOR FAHEEM </p><p> </p></li></ul>