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<ul><li><p>1Preconference EventBa r num Ne i g hbo r hood | D e n v e r | J u n e 1 6 t h t h r o ugh 1 9 t h</p></li><li><p>1About Building a Healthy Neighborhoodand Welcome</p><p>Welcome to Rebuilding Togethers Building a Healthy Neighborhood.This newest community project is a special pre-event to the 2011National Healthy Homes Conference in Denver, CO. </p><p>Rebuilding Togethers two-day Building a Healthy Neighborhood eventwill serve 38 homeowners in the Denver neighborhood of Barnum.The project highlights the transformation of unhealthy houses intosustainable and viable homes, which in turn, serves communityneeds.</p><p>To culminate the two day rebuild andrevitalize event, Rebuilding Together MetroDenver will host a celebration for Barnumresidents and volunteers to mark a safer,restored Barnum community.</p><p>The National Healthy Homes Conference is an event that will bringtogether leaders from a range of government and nongovernmententities, whose common goal is to create real and sustainablesolutions for safe and affordable housing. This incredible cross-section of leadership and organizations is hosted by: the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Developments Office of HealthyHomes and Lead Hazard Control, with the Environmental ProtectionAgency, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S.Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S.Environmental Protection Agency. </p></li><li><p>2 3</p><p>ScheduleThursday June 16th and Friday 17thLakewood and Gulch Park: 4650 W 11th Ave</p><p>Playground InstallationPlayground unveiling Friday, June 17 at 1PM</p><p>Saturday June 187:008:00 AM Onsite Registration &amp; Breakfast</p><p>8:00 AM AM Welcome8:30 AM AM Project Work Begins</p><p>NOON Lunch12:45 PM Work Resumes4:00 PM Cleanup4:30 PM Work Day Ends</p><p>Sunday June 197:008:00 AM Onsite Registration &amp; Breakfast</p><p>8:00 AM Welcome8:30 AM Project Work Begins12:00 PM Lunch1:00 PM Ribbon Cutting: 3170 W 3rd Ave</p></li><li><p>Carters KidsI founded Carters Kids because I wanted young people to have</p><p>a place in their neighborhood where they can enjoy activities to</p><p>increase their health, self-esteem, and overall well-being Carter OosterhouseCarter Oosterhouse, star of HGTVs CarterCan and Red Hot &amp; Green, founded thenonprofit organization Carters Kids,dedicated to promoting and sustaining theimportance of fitness and self-esteem inAmericas youth. Carters Kids aims to dothis through building communityplaygrounds for the kids to not only enjoy, but also share inthe responsibility of caring for and sharing this communityspace.</p><p>During Building a Healthy Neighborhood, Rebuilding Togetherand Carters Kids, in association with Lowes Charitable andEducational Foundation, will build a new playground in theLakewood and Gulch Park, a place of recreation and activityfor the Denver community.</p><p>Want to learn more about Rebuilding Togetherand follow our work and projects?</p><p>Connect with us!</p><p></p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>Healthy Homes Conference Sponsors:Spotlight on Lowes</p><p>Lowes Charitable and Educational Foundation is Building a HealthyNeighborhoods Premiere Sponsor. During Building a Healthy Neighborhoodevent, Lowes is helping rebuild Barnum area homes and sponsoring theLakewood and Gulch Park playground build in association with RebuildingTogether Metro Denver and Carters Kids. This playground is one of the first ina series of builds that will occur throughout the year between Lowes,Rebuilding Together and Carters Kids.</p><p>Since 2007, Lowes has been an engagingpartner and collaborator with RebuildingTogether. Annually, the Lowes Charitableand Educational Foundation donates $1million to Rebuilding Together in supportof its mission to serve low-incomehomeowners nationwide. </p><p>Lowes has been an advocate of energy efficiency, including weatherization,home modification and universal design, aligning with Rebuilding TogethersGreen Housing and Safe at Home Initiatives which are highlighted in theBuilding a Healthy Neighborhoods workscope and home rebuild focus. Over8,000 individuals have been assisted through the Lowes and RebuildingTogether partnership.</p><p>Lowes was recently awarded Rebuilding Togethers 2011 Kickoff to RebuildMVP Award, and Rebuilding Togethers Community Builder Award. Additionally,Lowes was recognized by USA WEEKEND for rebuilding efforts on Make aDifference Day in 2009.</p><p>Healthy Homes Conference SponsorsLowesCBRE</p><p>Cricket WirelessDenver Office of Strategic</p><p>Partnerships</p><p>EncanaHGTV and DIY Network</p><p>K-MartWells Fargo </p><p>Bentley BathsJones Custom Builders</p><p>Waste ManagementSilverado Construction</p><p>Handyman MattersAragon Construction</p><p>Buckle Down ConstructionDynalectric</p><p>In-Kind DonorsColorado Roofing Association</p><p>Hive ArchitectsIAM Enterprises</p><p>$25k+</p><p>$10k+</p><p>Catamount ConstructorsIAQA</p><p>Jason's DeliMulligan &amp; Co.</p><p>Occupational TherapyAssociation of Colorado</p><p>Pipe SpiesProperty MD</p><p>SyntesSustainable Ideas</p><p>United Site Services</p><p>Weecycle EnvironmentalConsulting, Inc.</p><p>Aron Heating &amp; Air ConditioningColorado Custom Trim</p><p>Finish Line Heating &amp; CoolingGard ElectricJD Welding</p><p>Ultimate Heating &amp; CoolingHotel VQ Denver</p><p>Physician's ChoicePlumb ProsSmart Box</p><p>Up to$10k+</p><p>Special ThanksSpecial thanksApril Crumley</p><p>Bethany United ChurchConcerned Citizens for Barnum</p><p>Colorado Interfaith power &amp; Light</p><p>Denver Municipal BandExtreme Community Makeover</p><p>Fall Prevention NetworkGroundwork DenverHabitat for Humanity</p><p>John JenkinsMarilee Aust</p><p>National Jewish HealthNiccolo Casewit, AIAVeterans' Green Jobs</p><p>City &amp; County of DenverDepartment of Parks &amp; Recreation</p><p>Department of Public WorksDevelopment Services</p><p>DOSPGreenprint Denver</p><p>Mayor's OfficeOffice of Councilman Paul Lopez</p><p>Councilman Paul LopezYvonne MirandaJesus OrrantiaDenise Perez</p></li><li><p>10 9</p><p>About Rebuilding Together andRebuilding Together Metro Denver</p><p>Rebuilding Together is the nations onlynational nonprofit working to preserveaffordable homeownership and revitalizecommunities by serving low-incomehomeowners with free home repairs. As a</p><p>leading housing organization, Rebuilding Together has nearly 200 affiliatesin Americas cities, suburban and rural communities which annually recruit200,000 volunteers to complete 10,000 projects. Rebuilding Together buildsworking relationships with skilled tradespeople, local businesses and majorcorporate partners to deliver critical home repairs to Americas families livingat the poverty level. Rebuilding Together has programs dedicated to energyefficiency, veterans housing, aging in place and disaster recovery.</p><p>Rebuilding Together has been rated a 4-star Charity Navigator nonprofit forseven consecutive years, recognized for its outstanding financial stewardship.To learn more about Rebuilding Together and its programs, or </p><p>Rebuilding Together Metro Denver is an affiliate ofthe national nonprofit organization that preservesaffordable homeownership. Since 1999, RebuildingTogether Metro Denver has served low incomehomeowners in the metro area with home repairsand modifications.</p><p>Volunteers deliver most of Rebuilding Together Metro Denvers services.Corporate partners donate many of our materials. The result is an ability toleverage every $1 donated into $3 of services delivered.</p><p>Through home repairs and modifications, Rebuilding Together Metro Denveris helping hundreds of low income Denver area homeowners each year to beable to age in place, in safety and dignity, remaining in their own homes aslong as possible. And with our recent green initiatives, not only are theywarmer in the winter, their utilities are more affordable, too. </p></li><li><p>$25,000 or more</p><p>$10,000 or more</p><p>Handyman MattersSilverado Construction</p><p>Up to $10,000 </p><p>ASHI ColoradoAron Heating &amp; Air Conditioning</p><p>Colorado Custom TrimFinish Line Heating &amp; Cooling</p><p>Gard Electric</p><p>JD WeldingUltimate Heating &amp; Cooling</p><p>Hotel VQ DenverPhysicians Choice</p><p>Plumb ProsSmart Box</p><p>Thank you to our in-kind donors:</p></li><li><p>Rebuilding TogethersSafe at Home andBuilding a Healthy</p><p>NeighborhoodRebuilding Togethers Safe at Home FocusArea is dedicated to reducing dangers in thehome that are related to tragedies, injuriesand medical costs caused by falls, house firesand a generally unsafe living environment.Many people do not realize that 20 30% ofpeople who acquire moderate to severeinjuries from falls have a significantly hardertime continuing an independent lifestyle.Rebuilding Togethers Safe at Home advocatesfor homeowners to enjoy their lives withoutrisking their safety a key focus of RebuildingTogethers rehabilitation work during Buildinga Healthy Homes event includes many of thesesafety upgrades that homeowners in Barnumrequire to maintain their homes.</p><p>Here are the top tips for what you can do toimprove your home in order to reduce the riskof domestic disasters.</p><p>TOP TIPS FOR:Home modifications Widen doorways to allow easier access forpeople living with disabilities</p><p> Install a comfort height toilet Install hand rails on both sides of stairs</p><p>Fall Prevention Improve lighting Install grab-bars Repair exterior steps</p><p>Fire Safety and Prevention Install smoke alarms Ensure heating system has been inspectedin the past year</p><p>General Home Repairs and Improvements Install carbon dioxide detector Replace broken glass Install exterior lighting</p></li><li><p>1716</p><p>Rebuilding Together CapacityCorps: An AmeriCorps Program</p><p>During Rebuilding Togethers Building a Healthy Neighborhood Event, morethan 50 members of Rebuilding Togethers AmeriCorps program,CapacityCorps, will be on the ground serving as ambassadors and volunteerleaders. Lowes Charitable and Educational Foundation, the Premiere Sponsorof Building a Healthy Homes, is a supporter of the Rebuilding TogetherCapacityCorps program, and their generosity made it possible for theseincredible servicemen and women to be part of this special pre-conferenceevent.</p><p>Rebuilding Together CapacityCorps, a signature program of RebuildingTogether, builds on the capacity of grassroots Rebuilding Together programs,increasing affiliates sustainability and effectiveness to help morehomeowners in-need. In 2011, RebuildingTogether was awarded a grant from theAmeriCorps grant process for the fourthconsecutive year, which helped to expand theRebuilding Together CapacityCorps presencein more affiliates across the country.</p></li><li><p>1918</p><p>Barnum Fun FactsWhy does the name Barnum sound familiar?The Barnum and Bailey Circus, of course! Thefamous creator of the Famous Show onEarth! was also an owner of Colorado land inhis later years. See how much you know aboutthe town of Barnums interesting history!</p><p>Did Barnum build several buildings inColorado called Barnums Block?</p><p>Barnum originally built a hotellocated in Greeley, which was run byhis daughter and son-in-law.Eventually, Barnum built a few morebuildings in the same location in the1870s, and they became known asBarnums block.</p><p>Did P.T. Barnum actually own the land that is Barnum neighborhood in Colorado?</p><p>Yes, P.T. Barnum bought the land that is now Barnumneighborhood in Colorado, originally intending for it to bedeveloped into fashionable homes. His son-in-law was even theMayor for a short period of time!</p><p>How much were the original lots in the Colorado Barnum Neighborhood in 1887?</p><p>The original lots in the Colorado Barnum Neighborhood in 1887cost $15-$112 each</p><p>What did PT Barnum call Hazel Court before the city annexed the property?</p><p>Hazel Court was originally called Jumbo Avenue named afterBarnums best known elephant</p><p>Did P.T. Barnum ever winter his circus animals in the ColoradoBarnum neighborhood?</p><p>No, Barnum didnt winter his circus animals in the Barnumneighborhood. He only made four trips to Colorado to visit familyand check on his properties</p><p>P.T. Barnum</p></li><li><p>Were big fans of tackling community projects.</p><p>As part of our commitment to improving communities, Lowes is proud to partner with nonprofit groups like Rebuilding Together for the 16th Annual Kickoff to Rebuild. After all, these arent just the communities where we do business, theyre also places we proudly call home. Learn more at</p><p>2011 Lowes Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Lowes, the gable design, and Lets Build Something Together are registered trademarks of LF, LLC.</p><p>As part of our commitment to improving communities,</p><p>Lowes is proud to partner with Rebuilding Together</p><p>to participate in the Building a Healthy Neighborhood</p><p>event. After all, these arent just the communities</p><p>where we do business, theyre also places we</p><p>proudly call home.</p><p>Learn more at</p></li></ul>


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