recall: who hired artists to create paintings and sculptures?  rich families and church leaders

Download Recall: Who hired artists to create paintings and sculptures?  Rich families and church leaders

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  • Recall: Who hired artists to create paintings and sculptures? Rich families and church leaders
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  • Summarize: What was the result of artists studying astronomy and using techniques such as perspective? Artwork was more realistic, or life-like, and the viewer felt more a part of it
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  • Evaluate: Do you prefer to see a painting of a landscape that uses perspective? Why? Not using perspective gives a painting a more primitive look that some people find appealing. However, using perspective makes the painting look more realistic
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  • Recall: List four of Leonardo da Vincis areas of interest 1. painting 2. sculpture 3. anatomy 4. architecture 5. invention 6. engineering 7. cartography
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  • Michelangelo figures/michelangelobuonarroti/
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  • Make Inferences: What does it mean if someone is called a Renaissance man or woman? They are very intelligent and have skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas
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  • Science and Education
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  • Recall: What mathematical symbols that we use today were created during this time? Square root and positive and negative numbers
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  • Identify Cause and Effect: Why did advances in mathematics lead to advances in architecture? Architects use mathematics to help them build sound structures, such as domes and arches
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  • Make generalizations: How did Brunelleschi combine engineering and architecture when constructing his giant dome? Because the dome was too heavy for the walls to support, he engineered two thin, light layers that could be supported
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  • Recall: The foundations of modern astronomy developed out of what Renaissance discovery? That the earth moves around the sun
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  • Summarize: Why did Petrarch say that it was important to study history? That the present age owes major debts to the past and that ignorance of antiquity results in darkness and delusion
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  • How has the Renaissance influenced our culture?


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