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Latam Regional Update GSMA Leadership Forum London, 6 th December 2016

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  • Latam Regional Update

    GSMA Leadership Forum

    London, 6th December 2016

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  • Innovation City & Exhibitions


  • Innovation City: immersive demonstrations

    A series of live demonstrations from multiple vertical markets

    including trackers, smart parking, smart waste management,

    environmental monitoring and several developer kits designed to

    accelerate the development of new Mobile IoT solutions

  • Cconnected car: Automakers highlighted the value of connectivity

    As smart cities are developed in parallel to autonomous vehicles,

    communication with infrastructure is an important element in achieving the

    safety goals that autonomous driving aims to provide.

  • IoT: focus shifts to industrial

    NB-IoT tagged seal, which is currently

    prototyping the technology in Scotland as

    parts of efforts to conserve wildlife.

    Smart Cities


  • 5G dominated MWC this year: Industrial Robotics

    5G dominated MWC this year. Some 25 mobile

    operators confirmed 5G lab testing, of which 12

    have progressed to field testing and four have

    announced major 5G trials.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) were both strongly represented

    The primary focus areas for AI and machine learning were

    improving user engagement, humanising interactions with

    machines, gaining efficiencies through self-optimisation and

    enhancing human productivity through cognitive computing.

    Robot Dummer

  • Virtual Realty

    With no major headset

    announcements, vendors

    attention focused on the use of

    peripheries to enhance the VR

    experience. Samsung introduced a

    controller for its Gear VR headset. .

    Industrial augmented


  • Key notes and Panels


  • Connected vehicles: autonomous driving progress a clear highlight

    Roborace unveiled its Robocar at MWCs

    Connected Vehicles keynote, with CEO Denis

    Sverdlov stating the initiative will push the industry

    to improve driverless and autonomous vehicles.

    The car is the second largest mobile

    device out there says Anthony

    Lavendowski, founder of OTTO

  • Netflix

    Netflix CEO Shows Friendly Face to Telcos. "You can

    enjoy it and not be worried about data caps. That's

    where I think it is going now."

  • Global Awards. First Brazilian nominee shortlisted: MUV

    Global Mobile Awards. 40 game-changing products, services,

    devices, apps and technologies were awarded Glomos

    Best Use of Mobile

    for Advertising or



    MUV for Netshoes

  • Women for Tech

    The programme featured four days of in-depth analysis of the

    topics shaping gender diversity in the mobile industry as part

    of the Women4Tech Summit

    Female attendees was still

    relatively small, 23%, but

    attendance did see

    significant growth. up 14%

    on last year conference

  • Connecting Start Ups


  • 4FYN 4 Years From Now

  • Obrigado!

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  • MWC Americas

    MWC Warp Up (PDF)



    MWC Highlights

  • MWC17 Review

    MWC17 in 360/VR


    4YFN Highlights