reclaiming elementary education, reclaiming the fun

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Reclaiming Elementary Education, Reclaiming the Fun. Savannah Dalton Oliver Schultz Lindsey Taylor. Overview. Incentive program for children Kindergarten-3 rd grade Playground 99% recycled TerraCycle. http:// Recycling:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Reclaiming Elementary Education, Reclaiming the Fun

Reclaiming Elementary Education,Reclaiming the FunSavannah DaltonOliver SchultzLindsey TaylorOverviewIncentive program for children Kindergarten-3rd gradePlayground 99% recycledTerraCycle

This is what our world looks like when tomorrows society does not understand the importance.Recycling: Story3This is what our world looks like when tomorrows society does understand the importance.Recycling: Story4Challenger SchoolPrivateNon-denominational22 School NetworkAffluent CommunityLarge Emphasis on Forward thinkingHigh likelihood of successPalo Alto, CACaliforniagreen technologiesRoom for Playground

Aims/GoalsEducation of Children You are part of something biggerActions affect everyoneChange HOW schools are recycling SchoolParentsDonationsBoard of TrusteesPrivate SchoolColumbia Foundation Captain Planet FoundationGeneral Electric CalRecycleNational Academy of EngineeringNorth American Association for Environmental EducationFunding (cont)Public School Private Grants and Donations PTSA/APT Department of Education Department of Energy EPAProgrammingGeneric Recycling ProgramsFull of scary factsDo not include fun activitiesNo follow up programmingInformation is not thought provokingReclaiming Elementary Education, Reclaiming the FunExplains recycling in kid-friendly way that encourages actionIncludes fun and enriching activitiesCheck-ups after initial presentationShows how recycling is fun and rewardingb) ProgramingThis section outlines the differences between a typical elementary level recyclingprogram and Reclaiming Elementary Education, Reclaiming the Fun.(1) Generic Recycling Programs(a) Full of facts that scare children away from environment(b) Do not include fun activities(c) Occurs over an hour or two and then program is over. There is no follow up activities for students(d) Provides cut and dry facts that students forget quickly and are not thought provoking(2) Reclaiming Elementary Education, Reclaiming the Fun Program(a) A factual presentation that aims to explain recycling in a kid-friendly way that encourages action rather than harboring fear and the bystander effect(b) Includes fun and enriching activities after initial presentation(i) Field trips to waste centers, museums, and recycling centers(ii) Art projects with recycled and reused materials(c) Few hour presentation is followed up by other activities and check-ups by Activities Coordinator to make sure progress is made(d) Program shows students that recycling can be fun and rewarding. Offers information about how individual students can affect the world. When students feel they can affect something, they retain knowledge better.10Future PlanFirst yearPalo AltoSecond- Third yearSpread to other Charter Schools in networkFourth- Fifth yearStart infiltrating public school system,s_Mate_1st_Class_Michael_Robinson,_the_Leading_Petty_Officer_of_the_Recycling_Center_on_board_Naval_Air_Facility_Atsugi,_Japan,_speaks_about_the_importance_of_recycling.jpg

Recycling now for a better future.