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Recruiting and Retaining Generation Y Employees. Presenter: Michaela Holmberg. What is Gen Y?. Also known as Millennial Generation, Generation Next, .NET Generation and Echo Boomers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Recruiting and Retaining Generation Y EmployeesPresenter: Michaela HolmbergIntroduce the presenter and brief background of what I do that gives me the expertise to present as a cusp member of Gen Y and a recruiter in a state agency.1Also known as Millennial Generation, Generation Next, .NET Generation and Echo Boomers.Wikipedia: The generation after Generation X, no set dates of birth but born somewhere between mid 70s and mid 90s. Approximately ages 16-35 years.Approximately 70 million currently in the workforce.

What is Gen Y?Attention Craving (feedback, guidance, etc)Entitled (expect rewards and promotions quicklyNarcissistic LazyConstantly Plugged InWants to know the why rather than just the directions.Who is Gen Y? StereotypesAsk for audience participation. Now that Ive outlined the age range, how many of you have children that are part of this generation?What characteristics 3

Who does Gen Y think they are?Most diverse generation.Need feedback on performance.Better educated coupled with debt from college leads to expectations of rank and pay.Prefer work-life balance and corporate reputation over anything else.Technology is an expectation and always looking for efficiencies. Will give the respect they get.Want to enjoy work.Want to give back.The reality of Gen YA walking contradictionGive the caveat that these are all stereotypes and does not define everyone in the generation but more a general idea of what this generation is like5Theres no one else.Better education more Computer Science related degrees now than ever.Grew up with technology, constantly looking for innovations.Can be wonderful employees if you find the right ones and manage them the right way.Willing to work for less $ for the right opportunity.Focused on the project, not the hours.Great team workers.Civic minded

Why hire Gen Y?So given that their a walking contradiction and they are kind of high maintenance.6 1)Recruiting 2) Hiring 3)Retaining Gen Y

The numbers are there to hire, so why arent any good ones applying for state IT jobs?What is the problem?Government doesnt pay enough.Government reputation is lazy.Job Announcements are boring and full of jargon.Qualifications automatically cut out anyone without 10 years of experience.Application process is too long.Advertisements are sparse and not in the right places.Recruiters and Managers are not accessible.Identifying the barriersAdvertise where they are looking (Social Media) not in Newspaper or other sites.

Benefits:Usually free or much cheaper than Newspapers, etc.No waiting approval periods.Targeted audience.Easy to do and update.Overcoming the barriersBranding your agencyMention DOTs branding and how its not necessarily about jobs but its about showcasing your agency as cool so they will want to come work for you.Example is Google: Its just a cool company, so they dont need to advertise their jobs on their main page, people seek out what type of employment is available just so they can work for the company.10Put some thought into the announcement and use your IT skills!

Questions to ask yourself:Can someone besides me understand what this job does?Why would someone whos talented, motivated and intelligent want this particular job?

Example: Come be one of them and help us change the world!Overcoming the barriersMarket your jobInformation Technology Specialist 5 Position Profile: This position requires an independent and self motivated person who can work and resolve complex issues across the WSDOT network within the State of Washington. The position requires great communication skills and the ability to work through interagency issues while resolving the IT needs for the organization. We are looking for a person with strong skills in Cisco router, Cisco switch, Cisco ACS, Cisco wireless technologies, Cisco PIX/ASA, Cisco IPSEC VPN along with Network General Infinistream/Sniffer and Visio documentation.

Example: BadPosition: SQL Database Administrator Information Technology Specialist 3Position Profile: Come and join a team that seeks to improve the quality, reliability, processing, management and accessibility of data! The WSDOT Data Resource Management team is seeking an SQL Database Administrator to assist in the administration, planning, implementation and coordination of SQL Server and other relational database environments. This data is critical to efficiently and accurately delivering funded transportation projects on time and on budget.The SQL Database Administrator assists in providing expertise, direction, consultation and administration for WSDOT SQL Server Database Management System and related products. The successful candidate develops processes to import/export data, performs software upgrades and compatibility testing, assists in the monitoring, management and maintenance of SQL Server databases, assists with the management of storage space for proper function of WSDOT database infrastructure, and provides technical support for WSDOT database management policies and procedures. This position implements data architectures, security policies, and data extraction and loading routines.Example: GoodWhat information do you really need at the beginning the full application myth.What can you ask for later?

Overcoming the barriersMake the application process as simple as possible.

Gen Y is civic minded highlight the opportunity to give back.There is no better time to make a difference than now!Focus on whats cutting edge we have some unique systems and software, what do we have that others dont?Highlight the benefits (if youre willing to give them).Overcoming the barriersUse your strengthsThis generation is social good ones will want to talk to someone about the job before applying.Compared to the cost to hire someone new, its more than worth it.What you need: Name, email and phone number.Overcoming the barriersBe availableBrand your agencyMarket your jobSimplify the application processHighlight your strengthsBe available

Overcoming the BarriersReviewFinding the right personThe Good, the Bad, and the UglyGen Y didnt get the reputation for being demanding, spoiled and high maintenance for no reason. The trick, just like hiring any other generation, is finding and hiring the good ones. To do this, you need to put some thought into the hiring process.18Its about knowing who you want reflecting on your, the teams and the positions needs.Before you start looking, start asking questions.Finding the right personPerformance ProfilingDifferent than traditional, behavioral or technical interviewing questions requires more initial planning.Traditional Tell us what type of Manager you areBehavioral If we asked those you work with what type of manager you are, what would they say?Performance Please give us a specific example from your career that would clearly demonstrate that you are a good manager.

Finding the right personUse Performance Based InterviewingGive examples of a really good technical person who cannot get along with everyone else or problem solve on their own.The difference is sitting down and identifying which skills you need on the job20Dont rely on your judgment from the interview.The hiring authority should NOT do the reference checks, get a third (unbiased) party.Look for consistency.Listen for unspoken answers.Get a signed release to go off list.Finding the right personReference check your top 2-3 candidates.Facebook even if their page is private, pictures aren't alwaysLinkedInBlogsGoogle ImagesNews ArticlesFinding the right personGoogle themRetaining Gen Y Like any good manager, you should customize your management style to help employees succeed. Taking into consideration the general traits of Gen Y, here are some tips to help you retain Gen Y employees and keep them happy on the job.Dont have to micromanage, but do need to give clear expectations of desired outputs.Allow them creativity to get there.Retaining Gen YSet clear and consistent expectations they will work as long as they have guidance.Feedback needs to be continuous, keep them on the right track and you dont need to waste time correcting behavior in the past.Be available a REAL open door policyIf you dont have time, assign them a mentorPraise in public, punish in privateRetaining Gen YPerformance Evaluations are NOT once a year.If they come to you with a problem, make them bring a proposed solution.If you give them a solution, allow them the flexibility to get there on their own.Retaining Gen YBe Solution OrientedYou dont need to be their best friend, but conversations dont need to be always about work build a relationship.Listen to them.Keep track of their performance, provide meaningful gratitude when its deserved.Dont look the other way if they are doing something wrong, this will affect the individual and the team.Retaining Gen YLet them know you careDoesnt mean they are at the same level as you but:They want to be heard.If they have an idea, listen to it. If its a good one, letthem know. If its not, tell them why. Retaining Gen YShow them respectQuestions?Contact me at: or 360-705-6932


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