recruitment agencies in paksitan ,manpower recruitment services karachi, lahore, islamabad pakistan

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Recruitment agencies in paksitan ,manpower recruitment services karachi, lahore, islamabad pakistan.,Abdul Ghaffar and Sons | Overseas Employment agencies in Pakistan Recruitment agencies in Paksitan . is the leading Employment Service Provider based in Karachi Pakistan. Who supplies manpower to entire Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia & UAE. The Company was established in 1986 with vision to serve as a most reliable overseas employment service provider. Over past three decades Abdul Ghaffar and Sons have recruited several thousands of workers both skilled and unskilled for Middle East, in particular Gulf States including Saudi Arabia. recruitment agencies in pakistan Abdul Ghaffar and Sons Overseas Employment is a government Licensed recruitment agency in Pakistan and holds Employment Agency License No. HRD/3182/KAR, by the Ministry of Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan. Our overseas employment recruitment agency has been offering Manpower Employment Services and Staffing Services to many companies to gulf countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia Labour Department in Pakistan will not hesitate to clear any doubts regarding our agency in view of the rapport and relationship we have maintained with them. This is in additional to our impeccable professional record in this field. We are fully equipped with Tele/TeleFax, Cellular Services, Internet,Email, Website and technical staff facilities. As a leading recruitment agency in Pakistan we cover all the major aspects of Human Resource Management including Recruiting, Training and Managing the payrolls. With the facilities like interview chambers, conference rooms, audio & video conferencing facilities, security and company-wide networking, we are always ready to serve your Human resource requirements! We look forward to professional participation through our dedicated team in your growth and progress built by appropriate selection of experienced Human Resources.


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