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N.C. State Student Media recruitment flier


  • LeadershipTeamwork



    Join the Student Media family and LEARN LIFE SKILLS that will benefit you regardless of your chosen career path.

    And along the way, help TO INFORM AND TO ENTERTAIN the students of North Carolina State University.



    NC STATE Student Media

  • AgromeckThe year in review provides the final historical record of events from a student perspective. The Agromeck documents the highlights of the lives of the students, faculty and sta! on campus, covering everything from football games to fraternity and sorority events to classroom activities. > 515-2409,

    Nubian MessageThe voice of African-American students, the Nubian Message allows people to learn about di!erent aspects of African-American culture. The weekly newspaper is a source of useful information for all students by reporting on appealing University events. > 515-1468,

    RICHARD CURTIS, USA Today, managing editor/design > As a Design

    School student, learning how to juggle a strenuous and extremely demanding

    academic schedule with the responsibilities of working at the Technician (editor, 1971-

    1972) were lessons that stayed with me over the past 40 years. It was one of the grand

    experiences of my life.

    MIKE ALSTON, Teach for America, educator > My peers and co-workers in Student Media (WKNC general manager,

    2009-2010) became family. We shared struggles and successes, good days and

    bad days. Most importantly, we shared and reached common goals and learned a hell of

    a lot in the process.

    GREG MULHOLLAND, Sageworks, senior analyst and director of strategic alliances > Student Media (photographer,

    2004-2005) connected me with parts of N.C. State that I would never have seen

    otherwise. In my time there, I made friends University wide, and was able to understand

    points of view that I had never before considered.

    BEN McNEELY, News 14 Carolina, senior web producer > Student Media (Technician managing editor, 2004-2005) gave practical

    experience in journalism, but it also gave me more: A vocation, friendship and a

    chance to make a di!erence at N.C. State.

    CARIE PAGE, Educause, community engagement manager, Next Generation Learning Challenges > One of the magical

    things about Technician (co-editor, 2004-2005) is that its yours. Each day, eight

    pages of text and copy come from your camera, your keyboard, your team. Knowing

    that the student body would be pulling open the paper each day instilled a great deal of responsibility. And, at the end of

    the day, an overwhelming sense of pride for your friends and fellow sta! members.

    Business officeAn outlet for advertisers, the business o"ce o!ers advertising sales for print and online media, sponsorship opportunities for radio and video as well as advertisement design. In addition, students assist media outlets in marketing e!orts and lead cross-promotional events. > 515-2411,

  • WKNCWKNC 88.1 FM is a student-run, non-commercial, educational radio station that broadcasts at 25,000 watts throughout central North Carolina. WKNC prides itself in o!ering forms of music that cannot be heard anywhere else on the dial. Primary formats are indie rock, metal, hip-hop and electronica. > 515-2401,

    WindhoverA literary and visual arts journal, Windhover includes written and graphic arts representing the creativity of students, faculty, sta! and alumni. The magazine emphasizes poetry, fiction, drama, and essays, as well as the visual arts photography, painting, sculpture and drawings. The magazine also recognizes musicians with a CD. > 515-5012,

    TechnicianA daily newspaper, the Technician reports the events of interest to the University community and functions as a meeting place for campus opinions through letters and guest-written material. The paper is available five days a week during the fall and spring semesters and once a week during summer sessions. > 515-2411,

    Wolf TVProviding video content for other media outlets as well as producing original content, Wolf TV gives students interested in broadcast media experience in creating new, informative and entertaining programming online and through the campus cable outlet. > 515-2411,

  • REBECCA HESLIN, USA Today, online life editor > My time in Technicians (editor, 2005-2006) newsroom proved to be a one-

    stop shop for my journalism education. I entered the job market armed with skills not taught in any classroom the most

    marketable being experience in every facet of the news publishing process, something

    no J-school can provide.

    ROB BRADLEY, D.H. Gri!n Construction, marketing coordinator

    > Everyone who graduates from NCSU will have a degree, but how many will have a

    demonstrated ability to work well in teams. Thanks to Student Media (photographer,

    2002-2007), I did; and I have a career because of it.

    RYLAND O. CLARK, Technimark, quality engineer > My involvement in student

    media (Wolf TV station manager, 2009-2010) allowed me to uncover my true

    potential. I was surrounded by a great support team that helped turn my dream

    into a reality and make a di!erence at N.C. State.

    CORDERA C.J. GUION, State Employees Credit Union, financial

    services o!cer > The thing that I loved most about Student Media was the fact

    that almost every decision lies in the hands of the student. As Nubian Message editor

    (2011-2012), it almost seemed like I was running my very own business.

    LUCY TATUM AUSTIN, attorney > As editor of the Agromeck (2003-2004),

    I learned to persevere in doing careful, detail-oriented work, cultivating a diligence

    which is essential in my current practice as an attorney.

    RYAN DANIELS, Democratic National Convention Committee, deputy press secretary > At N.C. State I learned how to create an e!ective pitch, which is the

    ability to sell an idea or story to someone. Working at Student Media (business o"ce sales, 2005-2007) allowed me to practice

    what I learned and perfect my ability to pitch by selling ad space for the newspaper, radio station, and yearbook. My experience

    has translated into valuable skills that Ive been able to use in every job Ive had since


    National Recognition


    Environmental portrait, first placeLUIS ZAPATA, TECHNICIAN

    2011, Associated Collegiate Press

    Newspaper design/spread, fourth placeSUSANNAH BRINKLEY, TECHNICIAN

    2011, Associated Collegiate Press

    AGROMECK Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010; ACP Best of Show 2007, 2008; Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown 2004, 2007; Gold Crown 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

    TECHNICIAN Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown fall 2005, spring 2006

    WINDHOVER Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, finalist 2011; ACP Best of Show 2003, 2010, 2011; Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown 2007, 2008 Silver Crown 2010

    WKNC Independent Weeklys Best of the Triangle 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012; Best Radio DJ 2006, finalist 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012