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About Our Services R.K. International (R.K.I), is one of the reputed manpower consultants and exporters established in India and approved by Ministry of Labour, Government of India, New Delhi, vide registration No. 000384 / DEL / PER / 1000+/3/93/84 DATED 3rd June 1984 and renewed vide Registration No. 3907/ DEL / PART / 1000+ / 3 / 6414 / 03 dated 13th November 2003 and are enjoying excellent reputation worldwide. We are engaged in providing manpower services since 1978 though issuance of registration certificate introduced by Government of India in 1984. R.K.I occupies a vanguard position and is one of the premier agencies to meet all manpower needs of our overseas clients for any type of project located anywhere. R.K. International has tremendous experience in sourcing and deploying most competent work force in all spheres to internationally reputed clients. R.K.I specializes in identifying, evaluating and placing the right people to meet our clients` specific requirements. Our workforce spread over India has one mission to fulfill -- to find the right people to meet our client`s specific requirements - in the particular rung that you have a need and at the specific locations where you need people. From our experience we have leared that every company has its own culture, values and expectations of its employees. The better we understand you the easier it is to tailor our search and narrow down the field of candidates so that the rates of conversion is higher. Our strength is our people. Their accumulated knowledge base and expertise in diverse fields has enabled us to provide strategic support to our clients, which include a number of Fortune 500 companies. We, at R.K.I partner with you to solve your short term and long term business objectives. Once we understand your requirement we are able to source the people with the right skill set, aptitude, attitude and commitment to help you achieve your goals. We meet the requirements of our clients who need unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled professionals to be deployed across the world to execute projects within desired deadlines. Our client relationships are informed by trust, discretion and confidentiality. We are absolutely focused on, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our clients without compromising the careers of our candidates.


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2. .. IAhout Us Tire R. K. Group' Our Business interest fall under6 main verticalsHR Consultancy,Trade, Healthcare,Transport Solution, visa Outsourcingand Realestateour&- 1.0 create anunparalleleel lzmrlmarlz l)_v remaining imcpiretl.amltitioua Bnll lnrever willing to 30 an extra mile and let the lvenelihcnt our services hear the textimnny In our clients. Corporate alueo - At R. K. our Values umlerlinI. -/ your mipirelinnsb.Ve talze pride in giving ahupe to our client rlreamx.Ve channel our enerieu in Isllapin the careeru therelay creating new vmrlrl which run theexprer-Itinn or mu. -is hopes 56 rleisireza. our Team - Vlr.Kamal Khoxla.Chairman anrlM. ... .g: ...l)irectnr.the Ir. .. lxeluintl RK : . well : ..i. ... ..cJ... ..I: ... I.. ... . ocuwml 6: multi I. ..-I. -.1 penmnality lnolzin Iter the lluaineua with an nlxjective of maturing heihta nl Icatislaction [or client:and holcling almve par excellence in tlelivt-ring the quality uervicens within the cuminiltetl . i.. ... II; ... ...II.;... i.I,.. ..: .I. ..I 1.,the9.. ... . . .i . .-. u : ..r. ... ... .i , ,.. .,. I.-... ... ... ..I wI. ;.i... ... iI; ,.I.lzunineiun nctivitien are ispreatl.our sound mana{>_-evnent syxtem aml practice enelurseu a lluicl traniclileration ul itleaa into reality.Tlle team atcomprises of anfl HR prnlerucionalu anrl have cumulative experience of multiple man _vI. -ans.()ver years.the team hastlevelopetl uulxxtantial expertise and reputation fur creative and innnvntive lluxinessl Imlrrnnu. our Business lertcicals - The major thrust of I; -I-nup l)uninem activities is in the travel trade lwaitlex I l. R Cnnxultantn.merlical ccntera.rnatl trllnalport huxinesix and real estateinverilrnentrx./II the lll. I!1inllHl entities are ln. -ing manaetl rteparately I. -ithv. -r as private limittcl cnmpaniex or partnership [inns and the day to day management is:lacingalter hy the prnleiutionnlxb antler the conatant vigil of core Inanafgvment.The group otters vnrionu lmisinerm services uncler the hanner at Khmsln Travel:Private Limiterl.R. K. International.Gull I)/ leclical Centre.Gull Visa Services.New Delhi Mexlicnl Centre and Khmala Transport Company along with various invt-Ixtment companies in real estate tltroulmut lnrlia.Having its Corporate ()lTiee at Delhi.R. K. group. pivotal eornpnny.R. K. International llll-K pan lntlia presence with a vasit netwm-la nl olliccx practically covering every major Ictate of Inrlia.The Branch nllier. -Ix are loeatetl at Jaipur.Sri Nagar.Luclznmv.Chandigarh anal Mumhai.lvexitlen itxt associate D-ECIIJI at Cochin (Kt-ralul.Chennai (Tamil Naxlu).BnngalIIn~ (Karnatalm).ll_'(lerulla(l (Antlhra Prntlt-uh).TonltIkaiaathanl and Jallantlliar The group, its major verticals has footprints of multiple lrounineues in the entire West Asia,Africa and Far Eat Asia with a special interest in the Kingdom ot South Aralria and Middle East. The cnmlyineti net worth ol R. K. Group put together is almve and over US$200millions with an annual turnover of over US$12 millions. 3. Group Clnnirman and Managing Director ofKliosla Travels " Kama] Klnoelnour Clnairman.MI.Kllllluau not only nteeretl tlle company to its present position of utrcngtll anll ems: -Qetl u . a eapalrle lmnineu leader in Travel lnrlnptry lint lune expandetl iris area ol operation to work or Mnnpouler Consultancy.Healtlmare.Visa Outwurdng.Raul Transportation Solution:and Real Estate lntllutryMl.Kllllltlxe man lhelrincl R. K. Group llu lseen in tlue lnuinean since 1978.Mr.Kanul Klznlla in a man cl gm:zxpclienoe 8: exprrtiu. -. meets are his Pululie Relation shill tlut lie lun mauterecl tlxronelm extensive traveling.lvotln inlmnmil Ce outlaonml.He ii meticnloml.well informed nnel loennecl in lain approacln.Mr.Kunal Klumln in a nxulti-laeetecl pimmulity looking after tlze lnuinen with an objective of assuring luiglm of autielaetion for client:antl lnolxling alxwe par excellence in delivering llue quality service:Iv-itlrin tlle eammitlenl Headlines.The pereonnl services lenclerenl lby lain:lnve laeal prmnptine tlxe lame clients tool lxiu niee repeat: -ellyl(nAllGI0IllwerncstloeopentionsolallR. K.gmupantluIoeiaIe


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