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<ul><li><p>THE RECRUITMENT </p><p>LEADER PROGRAM</p><p>PROSPECTUS 2016 </p></li><li><p>WHY INVEST IN YOUR RECRUITMENT LEADERS?</p><p> Recruitment is the face of your organisation. A critical </p><p>experience and moment of truth for all candidates, </p><p>employees and the organisation. The impact of a good or </p><p>bad experience is immediate and exponential, particularly to </p><p>your organisations brand.</p><p> Recruiting has the largest influence on revenue growth and </p><p>profit margin of all HR &amp; Talent Levers. The most capable </p><p>companies who delivered on recruitment experienced 3.5x </p><p>greater revenue growth and 2x profit margin than the least </p><p>capable companies (Source: BCG Study - 'Realizing the Value </p><p>of People Management)</p><p> There is nothing more important to securing an </p><p>organisations future than how you manage the front door. </p><p>Every recruitment assignment gives you the opportunity to </p><p>Improve Talent Bench or not and to Increase Diversity or not.</p><p> Effective Recruitment Leaders shape and inspire great </p><p>recruitment teams, and help ensure outstanding outcomes </p><p>and experience for all involved </p><p> Whether you are building a recruitment team or you have an </p><p>established operation, it pays to ensure your Recruitment </p><p>Leader has the right skills and approach to deliver.</p></li><li><p>THE PROGRAM EXPERIENCE .FIVE MODULES RUN OVER AN INTENSIVE AND</p><p>ENGAGING TWO DAYS RESIDENTIAL </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>MODULES WHAT WILL BE COVERED</p><p>YOUR LEADERSHIP </p><p>PERSONA</p><p>Defining your role as a leader in the business, what you stand for, what </p><p>you expect of yourself and others, how you focus effort and measure </p><p>your impact.</p><p>LEADERSHIP IN THE </p><p>RECRUITMENT LEVERS</p><p>There are six key levers of recruitment that its important to have a clear </p><p>point of view, and plan on how you lead each one to ensure your </p><p>recruitment efforts align with, and contribute to, the business strategy </p><p>The Levers we cover are Strategy, Brand, Standards &amp; Benchmarks, </p><p>Operating Model, Technology, and Capability</p><p>DRIVE THE AGENDA</p><p>Knowing how to source and leverage the right data to create insights, </p><p>build a robust business case and facilitate decisions that drive efficiency </p><p>and effectiveness. </p><p>ALIGNING WITH &amp; </p><p>INFLUENCING HR</p><p>What will the business experience when they engage with your team? </p><p>How can you best align and integrate with both the business and HR? </p><p>BRING IT ALL </p><p>TOGETHER</p><p>Active reflection where participants bring together the learnings and </p><p>insights from the program, </p><p>Participants leave the program with a clear view on their </p><p>leadership style and outline of a practical plan to lead the </p><p>organisations approach to recruitment. After six weeks we </p><p>regroup and check in on progress and further support needed </p><p>to embed your plan</p></li><li><p>WHAT MAKES OUR LEARNING APPROACH DIFFERENT? </p><p>This program is founded on improving leadership first and foremost. We are not teaching recruitment and will assume attendees have already </p><p>mastered most key constructs in this area. The experience begins with helping participants think deeply about their Leadership Persona; they make </p><p>deliberate and authentic choices about their leadership style, approach and commitment.</p><p>Then rather than dealing with the large pool of possible recruitment activities, we focus on modules that will best equip Recruitment Leaders for </p><p>creating impact in their role. We do this through a multi-faceted approach to learning that involves presenting a point of view borne of our experience, </p><p>facilitating engaging dialogue, 360 degree feedback and one to one coaching. </p><p>The Generator Talent Group brings expertise borne of Partners who have experience in and have led recruitment from all angles, at all levels, as well as </p><p>being part of a consulting company renowned for facilitating great leadership development experiences.</p><p>WHO SHOULD ATTEND? </p><p>The Recruitment Leaders Program is designed for anyone with responsibility for leadership in recruitment, from the head of recruitment in a large </p><p>organisation, to generalist HR leaders who lead the function as part of their remit. </p><p>FEESThe fee for participation is NZ $2,950 +GST (includes accommodation &amp; meals)</p><p>An in-house option is also available. Contact us for details.</p></li><li><p>YOUR FACILITATORS</p><p>JEREMY PAYNTER </p><p>Jeremy is the Managing Partner of our New Zealand </p><p>business, based in Auckland. He has over 20 years </p><p>commercial and consulting experience and is a Kiwi </p><p>with a broad global perspective, having worked in </p><p>the UK, USA and Asia for almost half of his career. </p><p>Now happily established back in New Zealand, hes </p><p>passionate about talent and the positive impact it </p><p>provides organisations to achieve their goals. </p><p>Jeremy has worked in corporate businesses such as </p><p>Fletcher Building and Fonterra, international </p><p>consulting organisations including Robert Walters, </p><p>Hudson, Futurestep and Korn Ferry, and has also </p><p>operated his own consulting business. His</p><p>experience encompasses all aspects of Talent </p><p>Management, with particular depth in Executive </p><p>Recruitment/Search, RPO, Strategic projects, </p><p>Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Career </p><p>Management. </p><p>Jeremy studied at the University of Otago and </p><p>graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and </p><p>Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. </p><p>JUSTIN MILES</p><p>Justin is the Managing Partner of our </p><p>Melbourne office, an outcome focused leader </p><p>with a track record of driving business </p><p>performance through proven talent and </p><p>organisation development practices. Justins </p><p>methods and skills have been shaped by </p><p>working with performance oriented leaders in </p><p>great companies including PepsiCo, The </p><p>Campbell Soup Company, Diageo, Rip Curl, </p><p>Fonterra and Wesfarmers, in Australia, the USA </p><p>and Latin America. </p><p>Over his career, Justin has held increasingly </p><p>senior divisional HR roles, along with significant </p><p>experience in head of HR roles. Hes held </p><p>responsibility as the head of talent for two </p><p>major global organisations, where he designed </p><p>and implemented engaging leadership </p><p>programs, rigorous succession and talent </p><p>planning processes, team development </p><p>initiatives, honed his skills in identifying </p><p>leadership potential and developing the </p><p>processes and conditions for it to flourish.</p><p>Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial </p><p>Relations and Political Science and a Master of </p><p>Commerce in Organisational Behaviour, both </p><p>from the University of New South Wales.</p></li><li><p>[RECRUITMENT LEADERS PROGRAM TERMS </p><p>AND CONDITIONS]</p><p>To be considered for participation in the </p><p>Recruitment Leaders Program, this application </p><p>form must be completed, signed and returned </p><p>by email (pdf). We will confirm your </p><p>participation in Recruitment Leaders Program </p><p>with a follow up email, and an invoice for the </p><p>program Tuition Fee. </p><p>Full payment of the Tuition Fee is required no </p><p>later than 30 calendar days from the program </p><p>date in order to ensure a place. </p><p>RECRUITMENT LEADERS PROGRAM:</p><p>PARTICIPANT DETAILS</p><p>NAME:</p><p>POSITION/DIVISION:</p><p>ORGANISATION DETAILS:</p><p>BUSINESS ADDRESS:</p><p>TELEPHONE: ( )</p><p>EMAIL:</p><p>By providing your email address, you are indicating you are willing to receive program information, as well as other </p><p>relevant information about Generator Talent Group and The Talent Workshop events, products, and services.</p><p>I agree to the conditions of enrolment</p><p>(we are unable to accept this application unless signed. For full terms &amp; conditions, see below)</p><p>NAME:</p><p>AUTHORISED SIGNATURE Date:</p><p>REGISTRATION</p><p>[RECRUITMENT LEADERS PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS] CANCELLATIONS1. If the cancellation is made 60 calendar days or more prior to the program date, a full refund of the program fees will be made.</p><p>2. We will accept a substitute participant from the organisation if that person has comparable experience and qualifications. We will determine whether a proposed </p><p>substitute is an acceptable replacement. No substitute will be permitted if the cancellation is less than two weeks from the program date. </p><p>If a substitute is not available of comparable experience and qualifications, the following terms apply: </p><p>a. If a cancellation is made within 30 - 60 calendar days of the program date, 50% of the fees will be refunded. </p><p>b. If a cancellation is made within 29 calendar days of the program date, no refund will be given. </p><p>Please scan and email your application to </p><p></p></li></ul>


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