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  • 1. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION Presented By, Abhishek Mohan M120023MS
  • 2. CONCEPT OF RECRUITMENT & SELECTIONRECRUITMENT Recruitment is the process concerned with the identification of sources from where thePersonnel can be employed and motivatingthemselves for employment . Recruitment process is concerned with the Identification of possible human resource supply; and tapping those sources.
  • 3. SelectionSelection can be conceptualised in terms of either choosing thefit candidates ,or rejecting the unfit candidates, or combination of both.Qualified candidates go on to the next hurdle, while unqualified are eliminated.selection is the process of differentiating between the applicantsin order to identify (and hire) those with a greater likelihood ofsuccess in a job.
  • 4. Manpower Job planning Analysis Recruitment Selection placement
  • 5. Difference between Recruitmentand Selection Recruitment Objective to attract maximum number of candidates. Positive process. Techniques are not very intensive. Output is input for selection. Selection Objective is to choose best out of available candidates. Negative or rejection process. Highly specialised techniques are required . Output is finalising the candidates.
  • 6. Sources of manpower supplies Advertisement Employment AgenciesPublic employment AgenciesPrivate employment Agencies On campus Recruitment Deputation Employee Recommendations Labour Unions Gate Hiring
  • 7. Selection Process Screening Of Applications Selection Tests Interview Checking the Reference Physical Examination Approval by Appropriate Authority Placement
  • 8. Selection testsTypes of Tests Achievement Test Intelligence Test Personality Test Aptitude Test Interest Test
  • 9. Selection Tests Advantages Selection tests are standardized and unbiased . Selection tests provide cut off point above which candidates can be called for interview. Tests are more reliable source for predicting the overall suitability of candidates for employment. Limitations Selection tests cannot make hundred percent prediction of an individuals on the job success. Selection tests are suitable when there is large number candidates for a limited number of jobs or positions; otherwise it is not economical.