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Red Sea- Dead Sea Project/Phase I. The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Represented by The Ministry of Water and Irrigation January 2014. Why Jordan needs Red Sea - Dead Sea (RSDS) Project. ❶. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Saving the Dead Sea

Red Sea- Dead Sea Project/Phase IThe Government of theHashemite Kingdomof JordanRepresented byThe Ministry of Water and Irrigation

January 2014

Why Jordan needs Red Sea - Dead Sea (RSDS) ProjectEstablish a Secure and Affordable Water Supply for Jordan while Saving the Dead Sea from ExtinctionSupport Widespread Economic Growth in JordanProvide for Potential Regional Water SharingFacilitate Private and Public Partnership through a (BOT) project.

Water Deficit in Jordan20152020202520302035MCM/YrMCM/YrMCM/YrMCM/YrMCM/YrDemandSupplyDeficitDemandSupplyDeficitDemandSupplyDeficitDemandSupplyDeficitDemandSupplyDeficitBase Deficit345.6321.0-39.8391.0321.0-70.0429.6321.0-108.5472.0321.0-150.9518.5321.0-197.5Add 25%(15% Physical Losses, 10% Influx from neighboring Countries240.8-104.8240.8-150.2240.8-188.8240.8-231.2240.8-277.7Add Reduction of over abstraction 0.0-16.1-32.1-48.2-64.2Total Deficit in the Kingdom w/o Disi-104.8-166.3-220.9-279.3-342.0Disi100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0Kingdom with Disi-4.8-66.3-120.9-179.3-242.0Jordan ranks as the 3rd poorest nation in terms of freshwater resources at 133m3/person/year

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Ministry of Water and Irrigation6Completed Studies 1. Feasibility Study Coyne et Bellier

2. Environmental and ERM Social Assessment

3. Study of Alternatives Professors Allan, Tsur and Malkawi 4. Red Sea Modeling Study Thetis

5. Dead Sea Modeling Study Tahal

Red Sea Dead SeaWater Conveyance Study ProgramWB StudyMulti-Stakeholder Consultations


Potable Water Distribution and Operating Costs / Year

2060 2050 2040 2030 2020 Beneficiary Party560 460 370 310 230 Jordan 60 60 60 60 60 Israel 60 60 60 60 60 Palestine 170 90 50 0 0 Available for Further Allocation 850 670 540 430 350 Total MCM/Year635548473418396Operating Cost $ Million/YearCyanobacteriaDischarged Water (mcm/yr) Level change (m/yr)Stratification Biological bloom Gypsum whitening01002003004005006007008009001000-10Level dropLevel riseMono micticMero mictic?seasonallong term, dilutionDunaliella(crystal size, growth rate)SinkholesGroundwaterAcceleration (?)Due to dilutionMore sinkholesMinor depletionNo depletion?Expected Impact on the Dead Sea (WB)

Proposed Project- RSDS- Phase I As A follow-up on the WB Study The Regional Countries are in agreement to start the implementation of an initial phase to fulfil the concept of:Rapid initiation of RSDS Regional Project with Initial Phase I, and it will serve as a pilot phase. Initiating the infrastructure elements of all subsequent project phases Agreed Project to be ImplementedRSDS-Phase IMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed on Dec 9, 2013 between Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel at the World Bank in Washington DC, in which all parties agreed to start the implementation of the first phase of the RSDS project on BoT basis.

Following up on this MoU, bi-lateral agreements will be signed between Jordan and Israel and Palestinian Authority and Israel soon;

This project RSDS-Phase I (Red Sea Desalination Project at Aqaba) is a result of a joint initiative to promote regional cooperation among Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority (the Beneficiary Parties).

The Plan for Phase I of RSDS:Desalinate Red Sea WaterTreatment and Desalination Plant (80-100) mcm/yrFreshwater Booster Pump Station to Aqaba(2 pumps -300 m and 2-50 m pumps)Freshwater Conveyance(4 km of 1.2 m Pipeline to Border)(17.0 km of 0.8 to 1.0 m Pipeline to Aqaba)Seawater Conveyance(2km of 3.7 m pipeline and 22 km of 2.2 m Pipeline)Seawater Intake Pump Station(pumps- 50m VT pumps; 4,500 HP motors)Intake Structure (178 to 222 mcm/yr) with Max Capacity 700 mcm/yrRed SeaAqabaWadi Araba

The Plan for Phase I of RSDS:Desalinate Red Sea WaterDesalination Brine Conveyance(200 km of 1.4 to 1.8m Pipeline)

Desalination Brine Pressure Regulation(3-Pressure Reducing Stations; With the potential to be replaced by Hydropower Generation Stations

1- (Reservoir) at high point

Two desalination Brine Booster Pump Station

Dead SeaRed SeaAmmanAqabaWadi Araba

Summary of Water Allocation to RSDS0- Phase I Beneficial Parties

Benefits of Phase I to Beneficial PartiesThe Gulf of Aqaba is Protected, no Environmental effectsInfrastructure is Designed to be ExpandedNo Infrastructure is Abandoned in Future PhasesThe Phase I Desalination Facility at Aqaba Provides Flexibility in Delivering Freshwater to Current Consumers Project Financing is Feasible through a Combination of Acceptable Water Rates and Financial GrantsThe Project Initiates the Process to Save the Dead Sea

15Next StepPreparation of RFP for the Selection and Assignment of a Specialized Engineering Firms to prepare Preliminary Design, Legal and Financial Terms, and Tender Documents based on BoT and PPP participation. DRAFT RFP is AVAILABLE

Implementation Schedule

ActivityDurationPreparation of Tender Documents

12 months: Starts in March, 2014Tendering of Contract for BOT Contractors

Nov, 2014Final Selection of preferred bidder

May, 2015Beginning of Construction Phase

Jan, 2016Duration of Construction

30 months