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  1. 1. Reflective Best Self Analysis- Elena Balasa I sent out over 27 emails to my husband, friends, mentors, and co-workers to help me gather data for this analysis. I was pleasantly surprised when I got 23 emails back. Below you will find common themes with comments from the feedback I received, and my interpretation/ insight on the feedback. COMMON THEME EXAMPLES FROM SOURCES INTERPRETATION Enthusiasm, optimism She finds purpose in everything she does and that is where she comes alive and engaged. If something lacks purpose, it is of little interest to her. Everything I have seen Elena do, she does with enthusiasm. Difficult tasks that others are unwilling to pursue or have been unsuccessful in the past. You thrive on the positive energy from high performing teams and the qualified input to the effort. You seem to enjoy resolving obstacles and achieving objectives. Strengths and talents include strong desire to succeed even when faced with challenges, leadership ability, team building (promoting the team), and ability to see strengths in others and motivate others to perform their best. In addition, you have a very positive attitude even in the face of hardship that always serves to motivate others. Drive, charisma, determination, and organized mind, high energy level. My optimism and trust that I will prevail, no matter how difficult it is, helped me see the challenges ahead of me as opportunities, as I understood them, and then planned how to overcome them. Exploiting opportunities produces results. and Above all, effective executives treat change as an opportunity rather that a threat.-according to Drucker.
  2. 2. Being positive and persistent. Your ability to remain positive in light of failure around you. I feel that there have been times when you have been faced with high stress and high failure situations, and your positive outlook (while still realistic of the situation) has provided the leadership and direction others needed to succeed. Solve difficult problems, perseverance, resilience, determination, work hard Solving the hard problems from which everyone else runs. Her talents and strengths are working hard and not giving up. You fall and rise quickly. You try harder than almost anyone else. Tenacity, persistence, hard work, attention to details. Willingness to solve the toughest tasks and the fortitude to persevere. You ask tough questions and only accept the best from everyone. You have a talent for asking penetrating questions that get to the root of the problem. You are resilient. This is a great gift because you never give up. She never takes the short cut and does what is right at all costs. I admire this quality in her above all others. It is rare to find an individual that will consistently stand up for doing the right thing even when there are numerous environmental pressures to do otherwise. I am setting the vision for my teams, and we will work hard to achieve this vision. I like solving the difficult problems that nobody wants, as I know that this is what it is the right thing to do for the enterprise. I ask what needs to be done, and my determination helps me to continue to push toward achieving the goal until we achieve it. I ask what it is right for the enterprise not just for my specific project. As per Drucker a leader asks What needs to be done? and What it is right for the enterprise?
  3. 3. Social skill, make friends easily, draw people to me, generosity, kindness She is gifted at being a friend to those in need. You have a big and pure heart that comes through when people meet you. I like how she interacts with others. You love people and you like sharing your talents and gifts with them. You make people really feel like contributing team members with the way you give out thank you cards and little notes. You have a beautiful soul and your kindness and generosity shines through. You like when people come to you for help. In your position, everyone is a customer even if they are providing a service to you. You are well respected and it is because of the spirit you bring into the work, and the passion you radiate with those you interact with. I enjoy meeting new people, and building long lasting relationships with all kinds of people and nationalities. I like networking, and this skill helps me influence others to join me and my vision, so I can keep moving forward with the goal. You cant get things done if you do not have followers. I continue to improve gaining peoples trust, and as result they will offer their help and support to our projects. As per Goleman a leader has to have EI, and one of the skills is Social skill- building rapport with others to move them in desired directions Communication, empathy, openness, easily builds trust You are at your best when dealing with people and chaos. Using the balanced thinking versus feeling approach, you can understand what people go through, while sorting through difficult situations and in the end figuring out the best option for resolving the matter and bringing order back to life. You love people and are deeply compassionate. You try to lift others whenever possible. You have great ideas for improving things and including people in your plans. I like being around people and mingle with them. I like to listen with my ears, my eyes, and my heart. I learn so much from their experiences, and I learn how to respect them by listening to their amazing life stories. This helps me understand who they are, what matters for them, what they like, and what their strengths are. Because I am interested in others and willing to acknowledge my shortcomings, they will give me tips, help me with information that is not easy to find, and give me the bad news that will help
  4. 4. You contribute the gift of lifting up others and helping them to succeed, helping them to realize their full potential, as well being a leader to help motivate teams to achieve a goal even in the face of challenges that might otherwise cause some of the team to become discouraged. Your compassion and concern for others, and ability to provide mentoring while being very organized and prepared are all strengths that I feel are essential for teaching and helping others. I enjoy watching you work with your operations team. You always maintain a positive attitude and inspire others to excel. This open environment inspires others to look outside of the box to solve difficult problems. I made a decision my first month on second shift. You emailed me with some questions and I replied to your questions. Within three or four minutes you were at my desk. I knew how important these were for you and so I was prepared to be spoken down to to be made to understand. Instead you came down and introduced yourself, asked me how my day was going. You did not know me, you knew about my decision and even though most did not agree, you allowed me to demonstrate why I felt how I felt. It was very important day for me. I was a recent graduate, a new hire, and alone on second shift. My decision our team resolve the issues before they are too big. Empathy - understanding other peoples emotional makeup as per Goleman. I understand that I am not perfect, and I have my unique strengths and weakness. I am looking for people that have strengths that I do not have so we can make a great team and complete each other, thus resulting in a better team and better results. As I tried to relate to their challenges and help, this skill helped build trust in our teams. As per Ancona, Malone, and others, it is important for a leader to relate Building trusting relationships, balancing advocacy (explaining your viewpoints) with inquiry (listening to understand others view points), and cultivating networks of supportive confidants.
  5. 5. meant a lot to me because you cared to respect it. It was your project, you made the calls, and you could overrule me without thinking. You did not ask to call someone with more experience, you just believed me. Likes challenges, brings chaos to order, ingenuity I believe that at the core of her passion is a desire to solve problems, to tackle a difficult deadline with an innovative solution. You seem to have a knack for data- finding it, organizing it, analyzing it, investigating it, using it. The way Elena was able to bring the team together and lead the team to success. She dedicated a lot of her time to the project and made sure the deliveries were made on time and under budget. Recently you brought a group of people into a conference room and told them that we werent leaving until we understood every failure that had occurred on a group of hardware. As the discussion progressed we identified trends and gained a significantly better understanding of the problems faced by each other. This was particularly useful because it helped different portions of our company to see what others were doing and built confidence in their competencies. While others can become easily bogged down with frustration it seems Elena thrives on challenge. Her tenacity is an asset in an environment that is rather stressful and chaotic. Must be why she is so As per Gofee and Jones a leader has the quality of being different Dare to be different, capitalizing on your uniqueness. I like to be different and to distinguish myself, thus having a unique skill that will help our teams. My uniqueness is that I like challenges, as taking chaos and make it work, by using techniques that I developed through years of work. I took projects that other people run away from them, as they were chaotic. I put together a great team, and we succeeded to transform a chaotic program into an organized one, by using different techniques than used by other teams for other projects.
  6. 6. successful and creating such a great reputation! Ethics, loyalty, honesty You are quick and not afraid to speak up when necessary. You wont bend the