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Messages from Rotary leaders to Rotary International President 1991-92 Rajendra K. Saboo, on completion of his 50 glorious years of service to humanity


Reflections50 Golden Years of Rotary ServiceA tribute to a great Rotary leader Rtn. Rajendra K. Saboo and Ann Usha Saboo who led by example and have walked together on this journey of service to humanity.Conceptualised By Madhukar Malhotra District Governor 2010-11 Rotary International District 3080

Compiled, Edited and Layout by Rtn. Charanjit Singh

Rtn. Rajendra K. Saboo fondly looks at the club banner that Rotary Club of Chandigarh adopted using his years theme Look Beyond Yourself

ReflectionsThis compilation is a gift to Rtn. Rajendra K. Saboo and Usha Saboo for not only traversing long 50 years of service to humanity with dedication and passion, but for touching the lives of millions of people with care and compassion. We are blessed to have you as our guides, and for all those people from across the world, who have sent in their best wishes on your continued journey of service complied in this booklet Reflections it also shows respect and affection of the people who were able to send in their messages in a very short time and who also reflect the collective sentiments of millions of others whose hearts go out to you with silent prayers wishing you a long healthy life.

Rotary Club of Chandigarh felicitates Usha & Rajendra K. Saboo on 16th May 2011

This was a very special evening when Rotary Club of Chandigarh organised a surprise event for both Usha & Rajendra K. Saboo to celebrate their 50 years of Rotary service.

The talk-show format of the meeting began with welcome by Rtn Manmohan Singh Kohli, and the interviewers included Rtn Charanjit Singh and Rtn Reema Dewan. Responding to one of the questions, What next?, Raja Saboo said, Even after 50 years I dont feel old. Various past and incoming RI officers of District 3080 were present including 1991-92 District Governor Major Som Dutt. DG Madhukar Malhotra and PDG Kawal Bedi from Rotary Club Chandigarh were also present.

Reflections - the book containing messages from all across the globe was also presented to the Usha and Rajendra K. Saboo. And not to be left behind were the questions and anecdotes that came from Rotary Club Chandigarhs President 1991-92 Rtn Abhilash Kapoor (right) and Past President Rtn. D.S. Swani (below), besides others.

PDG Kawal Bedi presented a beautiful basket with an idol of Buddha, a fragrant candle and white flowers symbolising the reflection, fragrance, light and happiness - the qualities that the couple represents.

District Governor 1991-92 Rtn G.K. Balakrishnan surprised everyone as he arrived at Rotary House to personally pay his tributes to Raja and Usha. This Raja is Rotary, and Rotary is Raja, he remarked. Raja Saboo handed over the Rotary Club Chandigarhs flag which bears his years RI theme (left).

A memento from the Club members. A beautifully etched portrait of the couple. After the formal expression of gratitude by DG Madhukar Malhotra, celebrations continued after the meeting with cake cutting and fellowship. Raja and Usha Saboo cut the cake helped by Yashovardhan and Anu Saboo. Also seen in the picture are Mrs. Pushpa Khanna wife of late club president J.R. Khanna, and Mrs. Rewa Gandhi, wife of late club president Billoo Gandhi, who also served as District Secretary with Raja.

PREFACEMadhukar MalhotraDistrict Governor 2010-11, District 3080, India

ifty years of service to humanity is an achievement that deservess applaud and recognition. Rotary International recognises clubs celebrating their Golden Jubilee year around the world, and it was most befitting for Rotary Club of Chandigarh to recognise the Golden Years of Humanitarian Service of its member, Past Rotary International President Raja Saboo. The plans were discussed with PDG Kawal Bedi, District Secretary, past president Charanjit Singh, and past president Manmohan Singh Kohli, for an appropriate function to recognise this momentous occasion. It was a surprise event for both Raja and Usha Saboo. We decided to commemorate this event with the memories of Rotarians with whom Raja and Usha shared great moments in their journey of Rotary. And thanks to the modern technology, we could write to many of his colleagues, associates from across the globe, especially his batch of District Governors 1991-92, who responded immediately, that helped us in compiling the same and presenting a copy to Raja and Usha on this occasion. Though this was a club level function many past RI officers besides the club members joined in the celebrations. We wish them great years ahead.



Our guide and mentor

Madhukar MalhotraDistrict Governor 2010-11, District 3080, India

ver the years as I became a Rotarian from being just a member of a Rotary club, my respect and regard for this wonderful couple Raja & Ushaji has grown in leaps and bounds. Belonging to the same club and interacting for over 32 years, it is but natural we have our differences at times, particularly in the initial years but then you begin to admire him for his vision and commitment to Rotary. There is so much I have learnt from him and continue to learn even today; he is our guide and mentor. It was my good fortune to have sponsored his candidature the year he was nominated as RI President, and its to Raja's credit that he invariably introduces me to visiting Rotary dignitaries as the person responsible for it, a humbling experience. Rotary in India in general and our District in particular owes our standing in the Rotary world to the advise and support of this wonderful couple who have dedicated their lives to Rotary and the way they have lived with the philosophy to 'Look Beyond Yourself'. We look forward to Raja & Usha ji's guidance for years to come.



Rotary has become his faith...his life!

Yashovardhan and Anuradha Saboo

y father, Kaka, as Anu and I call him, has been inseparable from Rotary for almost as long as I can remember. My earliest Rotary memory is of him being sworn as Chandigarh Club President at the Red Cross Bhawan. I remember feeling very important as the son of the Club President. There are memories of summer assemblies at pleasant hill stations and of the year when he was Governor when my interest in attractive daughters of other Rotarians was especially strong. I use to see the benefit of Rotary from a different angle then. From the District Governor to RI Director and finally to the RI President was a journey without looking back. Not that those eventful years were without tense moments, questions and doubt. But the ideals of Rotary became Kaka's belief. His belief in the good that Rotary could do, become his faith. His involvement with Rotary became his life. Standing with him and the family on the stage when he took over as RI President has remained an unforgettable memory. What he said for Anuradha and me that day still brings a lump in my throat. I am not sure what is greater that which Kaka has given to Rotary or that Rotary has given to him. But it has been a fair and enriching exchange. Through Rotary he has found a way of expressing his ideals and his philosophy. He is the conscience keeper of our family and our business. Often I feel selfish for not doing enough for just social causes. I am able to assuage my guilt, postpone my due commitment because Kaka carries that burden for me. Mama has been a perfect partner; she is the one who lifts his spirit when it flags; she is the one who offers direction when there is doubt; she is the one who questions when it is needed; she draws the line when a compromise is unacceptable. To Kaka and Mama, and to their 50 years in Rotary, Anu & I offer our Pranaam.



You deserve to be feted and felicitated...

Ray KlinginsmithRotary International President 2010-11

I will reach the same milestone in November of this year, and I think you will agree that we have witnessed many changes in Rotary and in society since we first became Rotarians. Despite the changes, Rotary has maintained its core values of fellowship, service, integrity, diversity, and leadership, and it is now recognized as a world leader! Together, we can take great pride in being long term members of such an outstanding organization. You deserve to be feted and felicitated by the members of your Rotary club, and I am confident they will recognize and appreciate your lengthy record of service to Rotary. I join them in extending my genuine appreciation for your long tenure as a Rotarian! Please accept my best wishes as you complete a half century of Rotary membership and now undertake still another decade of service. Both of us have been Rotary members for nearly one-half of the 100 years since the first 16 Rotary clubs held their inaugural convention in August of 1910. Now let's try to make it 60 years of Rotary for both of us!


have been advised that you have achieved the major milestone of 50 years as a Rotary club member, and I wish to offer my congratulations!


He is a Rotary treasure... a national legacy

Kalyan BanerjeeRotary International President 2011-12


t is amazing to know that Past Rotary International President Raja is completing 50 years in Rotary. It has been my privilege to have known him for about 38 of these years, all of which were exciting, rewarding and satisfying. What really amazes me after all these years is that how on earth has he knows how to look no more than 60. I have tried to take morning walks with him, but he walks faster than anyone else. What amazes me are the zest, enthusiasm and commitment with which he participates in medical camps and projects every year in difficult conditions in Africa and all over tribal belts in India. What impresses me are the respect and admiration with whi