reframe: housing basics - neighborhood partnerships' re:conference 2014

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RE:Frame: Housing basics

Putting it all together to create housing opportunity

Grace Badik, Street RootsMichael Anderson, Center for Community ChangeJanet Byrd, Neighborhood Partnerships23Talking about Needs:Using DataData/factscan only take us so far-Social math = relatable data + strong image4



Coalition for a Livable Future: Regional Equity Atlas Maps of Portland-Metro Areaseries of different maps including housing with analysis of findings7

Top Oregon Messages2004

Hardworking people should be able to afford housing and still have enough money for groceries and other basic necessities *

Children deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and life, which is tied to having a stable home

Housing gives people an opportunity to build better lives. To succeed you need a place to call home

Its only fair that everyone has a safe, decent place to live

* Support for message equal substituting seniors, people with disabilities or young families

8Children deserve a chance to succeed in school and in life, which all begins with their families being able to aord a decent place to live

It should be possible for working people* to afford housing and still have enough money for the basics like groceries, gas and child care

Its better for society, the environment and families if people can afford to live close to where they work.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy affordable homeTop Washington Messages2008 & 2009

* Can insert US military veterans, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and families

9Top Arkansas Messages2011Every child deserves a safe place to call home A place to call home offers seniors* an opportunity to live and grow with independence and dignity Our veterans should have access to safe, affordable housingHardworking Arkansans should be able to afford a home and still have enough money for groceries and child care

* Can insert people with disabilities into this message.

10Every child deserves a safe place to call homeHardworking Alabamians should be able to pay rent and still be able to put food on the tableThe men and women who defend our country deserve to return to a safe and affordable home

Top Alabama Messages2013Retirees & people with disabilities on fixed incomes should be able to pay rent and still be able to put food on the table11

Public Opinion ResearchArkansasKalamazooMIMinnesotaIllinoisNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaOregonCaliforniaWashingtonRhode IslandVermont

Alabama12What We Know

opportunityreward for workfairnessresponsibility to care for the less fortunatesecuritystabilityValue frames that work for housinghome13The Value of Home

Specific lessons learned from affordable housing communication & public opinion research from Arkansas, Minnesota, Vermont, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, California, Rhode Island and national research. People get the concept of homeThere is a general but latent support for affordable housing among general public; 2010 Zogby Poll (86% said having affordable place to live a priority)Talk about HOME, not housingOther trendsSupport for programs that help seniors, people with disabilities have strong supportSupport drops when issue is of citing housing in direct proximity (i.e. NIMBY)


Connect home to broader issues:

Expanding Frames into a Cohesive Narrative

Education & childhood developmentChild doing homework on dining room table15

Connect home to broader issues:

Expanding Frames into a Cohesive NarrativeAging with dignity and security

Seniors able to stay in the communities in which they have lived and to which they have contributed t16

Connect home to broader issues:

Expanding Frames into a Cohesive NarrativeEqual access and opportunity for people with disabilities

Stable, secure housing allows people with physical and mental disabilities the chance to thrive17

Connect home to broader issues:

Expanding Frames into a Cohesive NarrativePublic health & community well-being

When people are not forced to move for economic issues, communities are stronger. Parents know each other, and feel safer about their kids playing outside1819


LandscapeA simple way to distinguish news story frames is to think of the difference between a portrait and a landscape. In a news story framed as a portrait, audiences may learn a great deal about an individual or an event, heavy on the drama and emotion. But, it is hard to see what surrounds individuals or what brought them to that moment in time. A landscape story pulls back the lens to take a broader view. It may include people and events, but connects them to the larger social and economic forces. News stories framed as landscapes are more likely to evoke solutions that dont focus exclusively on individuals, but also the policies and institutions that shape the circumstances around them.

Different Stories > Different Solutions

PortraitsIndividualsEventsPrivateAppeal to consumersBetter informationFix the person

LandscapesIssuesTrendsPublicAppeal to citizensBetter PoliciesFix the Condition

- Based on work by Iyengar and Gilliam

Ripple Effects

What are all the ways we are all affected?23Family finds safe & affordable housingKids stable in schoolKids involved in afterschool activitiesMom able to go to work consistentlyMoms stress decreases, health improvesReferral to SNAPMusic TeacherEmployer

Doctor, NurseResident Services StaffTeacher24


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