refurbished heavy duty cab & chassis trucks for sale

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  • Investing in

    side loaders,

    front loaders,

    and heavy duty

    cab & chassis

    trucks is an


    decision for

    your business.

    As an


    you might be

    looking at

    ways to save,

    especially by

    opting for



    Instead of

    relying on

    third party

    contacts, you

    can now rely

    on Alliance

    Refuse Trucks.

  • With an extensive experience of 30

    years in the business, we are capable

    of handling all kinds of requests for

    trucks, loaders and other heavy duty

    vehicles. We have been offering

    massive discounts on all

    refurbished models, and our

    managers are always

    around to help you with

    the available options.

  • We have an exclusive collection of heavy duty cab & chassis

    trucks for sale in Arizona, from some of best manufacturers

    in business. We also buy all kinds of old and used vehicles in

    any condition, and we can help in finding the best buyer for

    your deal.

  • Our team is open to offering quotes on all the listed models

    on our website, and if required, we can fetch a truck to suit

    your requests. We also have financing options for all

    buyers, with personalized service and flexible options for

    payment. For competitive interest rates and other requests

    related to truck deals, call us now!


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