“Refusing to Settle” How To Get More Out of Your Life

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  • Refusing to SettleHow To Get More Out of Your Life

  • New Year2015NEW YOU?That is a question that only you can answer

    What is on your spiritual & personal bucket list this year?

  • 1. High Octane Faith is all about what you fill up with this year

    2. High Octane faith begins with what decisions you make about how much spiritual fuel you put in and what type you fill up with.

    3. Greatest decision you can make this year is to decide that you will make consistent visit to the fueling station.

    4. There cannot be extended periods of time where we fail to stop by the pump.

    5. Old school describe high octane as high test fuel. We all need high test or challenges in our lives.

  • What Is Your Current Condition?Rapidly progressingModerately progressingIn NeutralIn A RutStanding StillIndifferentFocused Focused but not executing

  • High Octane Faith - Ask & Can Answer Clearly..

  • Lets Look Go Deeper.Book Of NumbersChapter 32

  • Book Of NumbersBackgroundSecond Generation of Gods PeopleYears of wondering in wildernessReason for wondering: Lack of faith of previous generation. Low to No Octane in their faithMoses still their leader, but at the end of his leadership.Lets pause to understand our service cycle as servants of God.What do we learn from Moses leadership, Gods plans, and how we fit into the plans

  • Background Cont-12 Tribes currently headed towards promise

    They have not crossed the Jordan into Canaan they are operating in region close to Gilead, known as the Transjordan area.

    Gad & Reuben are tribes that have been blessed with livestock and herds

    Someone comes up with what appears to be a great idea to Gad & Reuben, stay in Gilead area and dont permanently cross over into Canaan. They put their heads together!

  • Lets Think Deeper & DiscussWhat do you think about the decision or request?

  • Some Implications to ConsiderLatching on to the first thing you see or that appears good can be limiting. Lock on Lock OutHigh Octane faith works on developing a clear vision for their lives and Gods purpose for their lives.IF YOUR VISION IS NOT CLEAR, YOU WILL FOLLOW WHATEVER VISION COMES ALONG.

  • Have You Ever Adopted?The agendas and suggestions of othersDoing what the crowd doesToo lazy or afraid to think for selfThe Oh thats a good idea syndromeEnd up doing what everyone else is doing

  • Time To Come In for A LandingArgument for a clearer vision this yearNeed something to keep looking forward toCreates positive expectancyKeeps us from wasting away and self destructingPrevents us from shutting downKeeps us on course and out of the Thank God Its Friday club.Prevents us from lingering in the pastPrevents continuous duplication of past behaviorIt builds resiliency to set-backsHow many can you handlePositive expectancy of doing good and winning

  • Burning Question: Why Did Gad & Reuben settle their?

    Better question: Honestly, where have you settled, why, how do we keep moving.Have you chosen what you want, or what God wants for you?

    Are you where you want to be, or where God wants you to be?

    Are you settling for what works because of the work involved?

    Ill take this instead of that, what is good enough?

  • Burning Question: Why dont, Why wont you?

    Level of excellence is directly related to what you get use toKid concept: If youre lucky, they only do what you tell them (Our spirit is the same way)Energy, effort, enthusiasm, drive, creativity all shut down at good enoughSee the new, so you can get dissatisfied with the old.Raise your standards and expectation

  • Mediocrity wants you to show the proof before it can believeHigh Octane faith believes without all the evidence.

    High Octane faith realizes that there is a season to serving in a certain capacity. Our finished plans must mirror Gods finished plans. Mistakes are costly sometimes. We must still help others even if it is not anything in it for us. Love what you do, even when it is hard sometimes.*Anyone wish they had waited. Who came up with the idea*Anyone wish they had waited. Who came up with the idea**