region 10 esc avatar project 2012-2013 all avatar artifacts :

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Region 10 ESC AVATAR Project 2012-2013All AVATAR artifacts :

Notes are added.1Region 10 ESC

Jefferson & White High Schools, DISD University of North TexasNorth Texas Regional P-16Council ScaffoldingStudentSuccessBrookhaven CollegeRegion 10 ESCRegion 10 AVATAR Team Dallas ISDMaria OnaMichelle PorterRachmad TjachyadiBrookhaven CollegeClaire BambroughSusan FreidMarilyn LynchCzarina ReyesDoris RouseyUNTJulie GlassDiana MasonMary Ann TeelP-16 CouncilDon PerryRegion 10Chris KanouseLinda TinsleyKay Irlas

Purposes and GoalsCreate, extend, and support sustainable regional vertical alignment secondary and post-secondary partnerships. Identify and implement strategies to close secondary and post-secondary instruction, process, and curriculum gaps.Identify processes to annually assess local progress toward closing the student achievement gaps between secondary and post-secondary.


AVATAR Team 2011-2012

Dallas ISDBrookhaven CollegeUniversity of North Texas

Key Learnings from 2011-2012Curriculum alignment in placePolicies, processes, student expectations, levels of responsibilities and rigor disconnectsRe-sequencing of math/chemistry content to support student concept development neededTaking initiative, extending note-taking and study skills necessary


7Region 10 AVATAR Data

College Ready Graduates in Mathematics: State and Region 10Texas Education Agency (TEA) Academic Excellence Indicator System Report (AEIS)956%60%College Ready Graduates in Mathematics: Student GroupsTexas Education Agency (TEA) Academic Excellence Indicator System Report (AEIS)10College Ready Graduates in Mathematics: Additional Student GroupsTexas Education Agency (TEA) Academic Excellence Indicator System Report (AEIS)1142%28%22%30%29%15%48%28%2010 & 2011 TEA AEIS Data T. Jefferson HS and W. T. White HS Student GroupsNumber at JeffersonNumber at WhiteTOTAL1344/13992264/2414Grade 9 499/451695/759Grade 10 361/373597/624Grade 11 296/294503/544Grade 12 238/281469/487Graduating class 214/216480/466% Minimum curriculum 14.5/14.8 10.0/26.2% Recommended curriculum85.5/85.2 90.0/73.8State Comparison:2011 Minimum 19.9%2010 Minimum 17.2%2011 Recommended 80.1%2010 Recommended 82.8%2011-12 TEA AEIS Data T. Jefferson HS and W. T. White HSEthnicity of Student Body Ethnic GroupT. Jefferson HSW. T. White HSAfrican American 4.6 %12.5 %Hispanic 93.8 % 74.2 %White 0.9 % 10.9 %American Indian 0.1 % 0.3 %Asian 0.4 % 1.3 %Pacific Islander 0.0 % 0.5 % 2 or more races 0.1 % 0.2 %2011-12 TEA AEIS Data T. Jefferson HS and W. T. White HSOther Descriptors of Student BodyDemographic groupsT. JeffersonW. T. WhiteEconomically disadvantaged 90.9 % 66.7 %Limited English Proficient (LEP) 37.5% 19.8 %With disciplinary placements 2.8 % 2.8 %At risk* 70.9 % 55.8 %Mobility (2010-11) 25.2 % 19.0 %*At risk of dropping out of school based on performance and status indicators listed in the AEIS Glossary.142008-2011 TEA AEIS Data T. Jefferson HS Enrollment in Advanced Course/Dual Credit

YearAllAfr/AmHispanicWhiteAm IndianAsianPacific2+2010-1125.713.226.338.5**-*2009-1019.614.019.533.3-66.7-*2008-0924.826.524.810.0-n/an/an/aW. T. White HS Enrollment in Advanced Course/Dual Credit

YearAllAfr-AmHispanicWhiteAm IndianAsianPacific2+2010-1135.228.533.*57.1-*2008-0932.828.228.359.2*n/an/an/a2008-11 TEA AEIS Data IP PercenAP/IP Percentage Testedtage TestedAP/IP Percentage TestedAP/IBTestedYearAllAfr-AmHispanicWhiteAm IndianAsianPacific

2+Jefferson2010-1139.650.039.7**--*White2010-1144.940.739.173.6*68.8**Jefferson2009-1034.145.533.6*---*White2009-1047.539.341.682.1-66.7-*Jefferson2008-09White2008-0944.135.739.272.9*n/an/an/aAP/IB Percent Examinees Met or Exceeded CriteriaYearAllAfr-AmHispanicWhiteAm IndianAsianPacific

2+Jefferson2010-1129.2030.3-----White2010-1135.312.535.648.3*18.2**Jefferson2009-1028.420.028.1*-*--White2009-1039.518.839.945.5-57.1-*Jefferson2008-09White2008-0932.523.530.245.7-n/an/an/a162008-11 TEA AEIS Data tage TestedAP/IP Percentage TestedAP/IP Percentage TestedTexas Success Initiative, Math, Percent PassingTexas Success Initiative: Percent Passing English Language ArtsSchool and YearAllAfrican-AmericanHispanicWhiteAmer.IndianAsianPacificIslandTwo/MoreJ-2010-11528352*****W-2010-1162446278*71**J-2009-1040040*****W-2009-1069576883*67**J-2008-0942*42*****W-2008-0961605687*88**Texas Success Initiative: Percent Passing MathematicsSchool and YearAllAfrican-AmericanHispanicWhiteAmer.IndianAsianPacificIslandTwo/MoreJ-2010-11605060*****W-2010-1172457580*83**J-2009-1059059*****W-2009-1072677280*83**J-2008-0953*53*****W-2008-0962515988*75**2010-11 TEA AEIS Data T. Jefferson HS Percentage of College Ready Graduates: Class of 2010SubjectAllAfrican-AmericanHispanicWhiteAmer.IndianAsianPacificIslandTwo/MoreEnglish435744*****Math541756*****Both31