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  • Regis

    Rachmaninov Piano MusicPiano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 361) I Allegro agitato 11:062) II Non allegro Lento 8:093) III Allegro molto 8:06

    4) Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op. 42 19:45

    Six Moments Musicaux, Op.165) Andantino 7:146) Allegretto 3:217) Andante cantabile 6:388) Presto 3:009) Adagio sostenuto 4:5210) Maestoso 6:18

    John Lill, pianoTOTAL PLAYING TIME 78:30

    Remastered for Regis by Paul Arden-Taylor

    RachmaninovPiano Music John LillPiano Sonata Op.36 Six Moments Musicaux Op.16Variations on a Theme of Corelli Op.42


    RRC1331 [Bar code 5055031313310]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Piano Sonata No. 2, Variations on a theme of Corelli, Six Moments MusicauxCritically acclaimed performances, given by one of the UKs most highly regarded pianists.

    Lill at his finest Classical CD of Piano Sonata No. 2

    RRC1332 [Bar code 5055031313327]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Trevor Pinnock, a global figure in the early music movement for more than thirty years, gives critically acclaimed performances of keyboard music by Scarlatti, Rameau, Greene, Arne and Handel.

    The playing is first rate and the recording outstanding in its presence and clarity. There are few better anthologies of Scarlatti in the catalogue. Penguin Guide of Scarlatti

    Pinnock chose a mellow instrument here, making his stylish, crisply rhythmic performances even more attractive. Excellent recording. Penguin Guide of Rameau

    RachmaninovPiano Music

    Baroque Masterpieces for Harpsichord

    Baroque Masterpieces for Harpsichord

    D Scarlatti Sonatas

    1) SonatainGmajor,Kk.1245:18

    2) SonatainBminor,Kk.875:47

    3) SonatainEmajor,Kk.465:21

    Handel SuiteNo.5HarmoniousBlacksmith

    4) Prelude1:45

    5) Allemande4:29

    6) Courante1:45

    7) AirwithVariations4:06

    Rameau PiecesenConcerts(1741)

    8) LaLivri3:05

    9) LAgacante2:57

    10) LaTimide7:00

    11) LIndiscrete1:42

    12) LaPantomime3:40

    Maurice Greene OvertureinDmajorfromSixOverturesfortheHarpsichord

    13) Allegro2:54

    14) Andante2:38

    15) Presto1:27

    Arne SonataNo.6inGfromEightsonatasorlessonsfortheharpsichord

    16) Affetuoso2:27

    17) Presto1:50

    D Scarlatti Sonatas

    18) SonatainDmajor,Kk.4905:39

    19) SonatainDmajor,Kk.4915:05

    20) SonatainDmajor,Kk.4923:53

    Trevor Pinnockharpsichord


    Remastered for Regis by

    Baroque Masterpieces for HarpsichordTrevor Pinnock


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    Regis16th century music for viols

    1) Tallis:InNomine4no.1for4viols 2:552) Tallis:SolfaingSong5for5viols,lute 2:323) Tallis:Fantasia5for5viols 3:264) Tallis:InNomine4no.2for4viols 2:305) Tallis:Liberanos,salvanos5for5viols,lute 1:49

    performed by Fretwork

    6) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeAntiquae(ancienttears) 4:047) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeAntiquaeNovae(newancienttears) 3:478) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeGementes(groaningtears) 4:029) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeTristes(sadtears) 5:0410) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeCoactae(forcedtears) 3:3211) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeAmantis(loverstears) 4:5912) Dowland:Pavan:LachrimaeVerae(truetears) 6:03

    performed by Rose Consort of Viols

    13) Tye:InNomine5Cryefor5viols 1:5614) Cornysh:Falasol3for3viols 5:5515) Bull:InNomine5for5viols,lute 2:4516) Byrd:Fantasiaa3no.3 1:1317) Parsons:InNomine5for5viols 1:5018) Preston:OluxbeataTrinitas3for3viols,lute 2:3019) Ferrabosco:Fantasia4for4viols,lute 3:3320) Taverner:InNomine4for4viols 1:51

    performed by Fretwork

    16th Century Music for Viols


    includingTallis: Complete Consort MusicDowland: Lachrimae


    The Songs of England1) Greensleeves 4:012) Gatheryerosebudswhileyemay 1:273) TheNorthernLass 2:414) TheRoastBeefofOldEngland 2:265) RuleBritannia 4:506) GodsavetheKing 2:587) TheBritishGrenadiers 3:15John Potter, Lucie Skeaping, The Broadside Band

    8) Allthingsarequitesilent 2:439) AsIsetofftoTurkey 3:0210) ThoughIlivenotwhereIlove 3:4711) Roundingthehorn 3:3112) Theunquietgrave 3:3113) TheBroomfieldwager 3:3814) Geordie 4:1615) Maidswhenyoureyoungneverwedanoldman 3:0116) LovelyJoan 2:2917) Ablacksmithcourtedme 5:2918) Fourpenceaday 1:5319) SweetEngland 2:42Jo Freya

    20) Drinktomeonlywiththineeyes 3:0421) TomBowling 4:4022) Earlyonemorning 3:3223) Home,sweethome 3:07John Potter, Lucie Skeaping, The Broadside Band



    John Potter Lucie Skeaping Jo Freya The Broadside BandThe Songs of England


    Ravel Piano MusicJean Yves ThibaudetHlne Grimaud

    1. Jeux deau 6.51

    Sonatine2. Modr 5.253. MouvementdeMenuet 3.474. Anim 4.18

    Le Tombeau de Couperin5. I Prlude 3.156. II Fugue 3.077. III Forlane 6.378. IV Rigaudon 3.219. V Menuet 5.3310. VI Toccata 4.09Jean Yves Thibaudet

    Piano Concerto in G11. Allegramente 8.2412. AdagioAssai 9.2113. Presto 4.01Hlne Grimaud, RPO / Jesus Lopez-Cobos


    RAVELPiano Music

    Jean Yves Thibaudet


    16th Century Music For ViolsRRC1333 [Bar code 5055031313334]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Two of the UKs finest early music ensembles give performances of Tallis, Dowland, Tye, Parsons, Preston, Ferrobosco, Byrd and Bull. Repertoire includes Dowlands Lachrimae and the complete consort music of Thomas Tallis.

    Precisely balanced, warm-sounding on splendid form. Gramophone

    Fretwork play together beautifully Gramophone

    The Songs Of EnglandRRC1337 [Bar code 5055031313372]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    A collection of traditional songs from England, including many of Englands national songs performed on original instruments. Repertoire includes Greensleeves, The British Grenadiers, Tom Bowling, Home, Sweet Home and many more.

    "Unadulterated magic, not a disappointing track" Folk Roots

    "A delightful record" The Gramophone

    Ravel Piano MusicRRC1339 [Bar code 5055031313396]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Highly acclaimed perfomances of Ravels solo piano music (Jeux deau, Sonatine, Tombeau de Couperin) by one of the world s most popular pianists. The Piano Concerto in G performed by Helene Grimaud, with the RPO and Lopez-Cobos, provides accomplished bonus material. The Thibaudet performances have not been commercially available since the1990s.

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    RRC1346 [Bar code 5055031313464]UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Wieland Kuijken, one of the worlds foremost exponents of the viola da gamba, gives a recital which showcases its versatility.

    Repertoire includes works by Carl Friedrich Abel, Diego Ortiz, Johannes Schenck, Georg Philipp Telemann, Christopher Simpson and Tobias Hume.

    RRC1376 [Bar code 5055031313761UK Dealer Price - 2.70

    Susan Stanzeleit plays violin sonatas by Thomas Dunhill, Charles Villiers Stanford and Granville Bantock (No.3), released at super budget price. Essential listening for lovers of British music.

    Suzanne Stanzeleit .... give(s) characterful and committed performances. BBC Music Magazine

    Music For Viola Da Gamba

    English Violin Sonatas


    MMMusicusicusic forforfor V V Violaiolaiola dadada G G GaaaMMMbabababababaWWWielandielandieland K K KuijuijuijKKKenenen

    Carl FriedriCh abel: 5 PieCes in d minor For UnaCComPanied bass Viol 1. WKo. 205 2:03 2. WKo. 206 3:49 3. WKo 207; allegro 5:29 4. WKo 209; adagio 3:47 5. WKo 208 6:20

    diego ortiz: 4 reCerCadas From trattato de glosas

    6. reCerCada Prima 1:31 7. reCerCada segVnda 1:22 8. reCerCada terCera 1:21 9. reCerCada qVarta 1:23

    Johannes sChenCK: sonata Vi in a minor FromleCho dU danUbe, oP. 9

    10. adagio allegro adagio 4:18 11. Presto 1:26 12. adagio 1:12 13. aria; largo ViVaCe 1:32 14. aria; largo allegro largo 2:15 15. aria; largo aria; adagio 4:39 16. giga 1:58

    georg PhiliPP telemann: sonata in d maJor From der getreUe mUsiC meister

    17. andante 3:07 18. ViVaCe 1:43 19. reCitatiVo arioso andante 3:16 20. ViVaCe 2:48

    ChristoPher simPson : 3 PrelUdes From the diVision-Viol 21. PrelUde in d maJor 1:24 22. PrelUde in e minor 1:46 23. PrelUde in b Flat maJor 1:44

    tobias hUme: 2 PieCes From the First Part oF ayres

    24. my mistresse hath a Pritty thing 4:24 25. toUCh me lightly 2:34

    mastered For regis by PaUl arden-taylor WWW.dinmore-reCords.Co.UK

    total time 67:24

    mUsiC For Viola da gamba Wieland KUiJKen Regis

    Susanne Stanzeleit Gusztv Feny

    English Violin SonatasDunhill | Bantock |Stanford


    English Violin SonatasSusanne Stanzeleit, Gusztv Feny

    Thomas Dunhill (1877-1946)Violin Sonata in F, Op. 50

    1 Allegromoderato 11.24

    2 Adagiolamentoso 8.40

    3 Finale.Moltovivace 9.43

    Granville Bantock (1868-1946)Violin Sonata No. 3 in C

    4 Allegroconspirito 8.40

    5 TheDryad.Lentosostenuto 5.20

    6 Finale.Allegroconmoto 5.53

    Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)Violin Sonata in D, Op. 11

    7 Allegro 10.54

    8 Allegrettomoderato 6.03

    9 Allegretto 8.42

    Total 75.34