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  • Relationship conflict: conflict in parent-child, friendship, and romantic relationships,1995, 178 pages, Daniel J. Canary, William R. Cupach, Susan J. Messman,0803951299, 9780803951297, Sage Publications, 1995


    "Relationship Conflict is an excellent contribution in the tradition of Sage's series on closerelationships. Like the other books in this series, Relationship Conflict provides a concise andcompelling synthesis of research and thinking on a particular aspect of intimate relationships. Inthis case, Daniel J. Canary, William R. Cupach, and Susan J. Messman provide an accounting ofconflict of text. As such, this volume constitutes the perfect companion text to undergraduatecourses on interpersonal conflict. The clarification of definitions of conflict and approaches tostudying conflict in chapter one is a particularly useful framework for organizing the wealth ofresearch on relationship conflict. Similarly, the review of methods for studying conflict in chaptertwo is a concise assessment of the pros and cons of different methodologies. The remainingchapters nicely synthesize research illuminating conflict in parent-child, friendship, dating, andmarital relationship contexts. The consistent limitation in traditional textbooks for theundergraduate course in interpersonal conflict is a failure to include a review of research onconflict in different relationship contexts; Relationship Conflict fills that gap and quitesatisfactorily." --Denise H. Cloven in Personal Relationship Issues "The theories, research, analysis,and conclusions will interest a wide range of readers in communication, family studies, psychology,and sociology. Graduate through professional." --Choice "This is an excellent book which should beread by all those in the business of helping couples in their relationships. I can also see a clear rolefor parts of this book... as providing the basic reading for training seminars." --Padmal de Silva inSexual and Marital Therapy "My favorite features of the book are the inclusion of different types ofrelationships and a developmental perspective on relationship conflict. . . . Relationship Conflictprovides an easily readable overview for those newly interested in interpersonal conflict and forthose working on conflict in formal or business relationships." --Renate Klein in Journal of Marriageand the Family Conflict is a natural, even inevitable, aspect of most ongoing close relationships--agiven. What distinguishes most successful relationships from unsuccessful ones is not the absenceof conflict, but how conflict is managed. Relationship Conflict skillfully portrays the different typesof conflict that we encounter in our most significant personal relationships: parent-child, friendship,and romantic relationships. The authors capture the essence of current research and theory toshed light on conflict's role in human interaction. Drawing from the findings of multiple disciplines,this volume takes a developmental look at childhood friendships through dating to marriedrelationships. The result is a richer understanding of interpersonal involvement that is accessible toclose relationship researchers and professionals and students in many service-based fields.Relationship Conflict provides up-to-date information on interpersonal conflict pertinent to manydifferent disciplines: researchers as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students incommunication, family studies and human development, and sociology and professionals inpsychology, social work, and nursing.


    The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication , William R. Cupach, Brian H. Spitzberg, 2007,Family & Relationships, 416 pages. The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication examines themultifunctional ways in which seemingly productive communication can be destructive--and viceversa--and explores the.

  • Handbook of interpersonal competence research , Brian H. Spitzberg, William R. Cupach, Dec 31,1989, Psychology, 352 pages. .

    Advances in Personal Relationships, Volume 2 , Warren H. Jones, Daniel Perlman, 1991, Family &Relationships, 300 pages. .

    Applications of Nonverbal Communication , Ronald E. Riggio, Robert Stephen Feldman, 2005,Language Arts & Disciplines, 310 pages. The goal of this edited volume is to present the practicalapplications suggested by research in non-verbal communication, as well as to highlight thelimitations-noting where.

    Young children's close relationships beyond attachment, Judy Dunn, 1993, Family & Relationships,141 pages. Through a careful examination of current research work including three on-goinglongitudinal studies, Dunn explores children's relationships with parents, siblings, friends.

    Sex and Gender Differences in Personal Relationships , Daniel J. Canary, Tara M. Emmers-Sommer, Sandra Faulkner, 1997, Psychology, 196 pages. Challenging a commonly heldassumption that men and women hail from different psychological and social "planets," thisilluminating work reexamines what the empirical research.

    Interpersonal Communication Competence , Brian H. Spitzberg, William R. Cupach, Sep 1, 1984,Language Arts & Disciplines, 236 pages. Gathering research from numerous disciplines, theauthors have examined the many elements that affect competent interpersonal communication inorder to develop their own.

    Intergenerational Transmission of Gendered Communication Patterns , Joanna Sturhahn Stratton,2006, , 215 pages. Results indicated that while children's gender role identity was similar to theirsame gendered parent, daughters and sons reported being more androgynous when their own.

    Committed Romantic Relationships of College Students: An Examination of the Link BetweenPerceptions of Past Interparental Interactions and Current Conflict Management , Rakel Delevi,2008, , 156 pages. The main purpose of the present study was to examine the role ofinterparental positivity as an independent aspect of relationships and as a conflict managementtactic in.

    New models, new extensions of attribution theory , Seymour L. Zelen, 1991, Psychology, 212pages. Attribution theory has applications in traditional as well as new psychological fields ofinvestigation. This book pre- sents new issues and new research in examining.

    Understanding major mental disorder the contribution of family interaction research, KurtHahlweg, Michael Joseph Goldstein, Nov 1, 1987, Medical, 332 pages. .

    Studying Interpersonal Interaction , Barbara M. Montgomery, Steve Duck, Nov 1, 1993,Psychology, 346 pages. This volume presents a comprehensive, critical examination of currentresearch methods used to study human social behavior as it occurs in interpersonal settings suchas.

    The Dark Side of Close Relationships II , William R. Cupach, Brian H. Spitzberg, Aug 24, 2010,Language Arts & Disciplines, 472 pages. The Dark Side of Close Relationships II is a completelynew and up-to-date version of the original volume published in 1998, featuring new topics and

  • authors. The volume.

    The Dark Side of Relationship Pursuit From Attraction to Obsession and Stalking, William R.Cupach, Brian H. Spitzberg, 2004, Family & Relationships, 335 pages. "This volume provideshistorical and definitional frames for studying unwanted relationship pursuit, and considers therole of such sources as the media, law, and social.

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    download Relationship conflict: conflict in parent-child, friendship, and romantic relationships 1995 Sage Publications, 1995

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