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Do you feel that you are no longer being recognized in your relationship? Do you want to stop the emotional abuse and have a good relationship again? Read this article and discover how you can improve your relationship.


  • 1. Copyright Elsabe Smit 2010 www.TheIntuitionCoach.comRelationships: Regain Control Of Your Relationship By Elsabe Smit, Author of Its Over! Move On And Feel Good About YourselfDo you feel that you are no longer being recognized in your relationship? Do you wantto stop the emotional abuse and have a good relationship again? Read this article anddecide what you want to do next.Remember the last time you did something and succeeded purely based on yourwillpower? Can you remember what hard work it was? You had to focus very hard andharness a lot of energy. You had to be single-minded and dedicated.Can you remember how you felt when you reached your goal? There was not onlyelation, but also exhaustion, because it was hard work. You also had the satisfaction ofknowing that you had created the outcome. All this happened because you had usedyour willpower.Some people give that willpower away. They enter into a relationship (at work,personal, friendship) with a person who makes choices on their behalf. They get bulliedor dragged into directions that they know are not right for them. They work very hardto pacify the keeper of their willpower, and that drains their energy. At the same timethey make half-hearted attempts to get their willpower back to where it belongs intheir own control.When you do not understand that you have handed your willpower over to anotherperson, you feel like a victim, exhausted and not in control. You use the same amountof energy you would use if you were the keeper of your willpower, but you go in thewrong direction for the wrong reasons. This is physically and emotionally painful.Understanding what you have done is the first step towards cutting the ties with thekeeper of your willpower. Of course this can be painful, but at the point where the painis most intense, the release is also most intense and you become truly free. And yourwillpower returns where it belongs to you, the rightful owner.Because willpower is seated in the solar plexus, returning your willpower to its rightfulplace also means the end of various digestive issues.Even if you have lost temporary custody of your willpower, it is still yours and you canreclaim it any time. If you have given away your willpower and now want to end that relationship and getCopyright Elsabe Smit 2010

2. Copyright Elsabe Smit your life back, click on the links below to obtain yourFREE e-book How Do I Get Out Of This Relationship? worth 6.97AND A FREE copy of the video Why relationships Never Fail worth 8.87If you are serious about getting back control of your life, click on the link below toinvest in the e-bookIts Over! Move On And Feel Good About Yourself By Elsabe Smit, The Intuition CoachCopyright Elsabe Smit


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