remove unwanted elodea from lake and pond

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  1. 1. Remove Unwanted Elodea from Lake and Pond
  2. 2. What is ElodEa? This type of water plant can be found in North and South America that lives in freshwater. Elodea plays an important role in the ecosystem of lakes and ponds. It serves good food for young fish and amphibians. It is also a good habitat for many aquatic invertebrates. Aside from aquatic animals, ducks, beaver and turtles eat this plant. Moreover, it has been used as an attractive
  3. 3. ElodEas prEsEncE Elodea can also be found in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia which created a significant problem in waterways, ponds, lakes and all types of stagnant body of water.
  4. 4. Its growth They can breed themselves massively in the mid- winter and fall. Their leafy stalks will float away and spread out to the entire lake or pond which starts another new plant. It also interference lots of water recreational activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. Elodea plants are the ones commonly tangled at motorboats propellers.
  5. 5. How to Control It EffECtIvEly Looking for the most effective mechanical aquatic weed removal device? then you should try out the Jenson Lake Mower and Jenson Rake. It is a lightweight material made from the finest stainless steel with self-sharpening cutting
  6. 6. This complete set of weed cutting devices can remove Elodea and other water weeds in the most environmentally friendly way. Say goodbye from those tough weeds removal method. wEEd CuttIng dEvICE to do tHE Job fastEr
  7. 7. Reach us thRough Address-Jenson Technologies Development Corporation 412 Summer Mt. Dr. San Marcos, Texas 78666 Phone: (512) 393-5073 E-mail: Website-


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