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Rene magritte. Surrealism. About Magritte. Born in Belgium in 1898. Surrealist painter . Started art lessons at age 12. Featured in an international art show at 13. Worked as an adult designing wallpaper. What is surrealism?. Surreal means “both real and un-real.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Rene magritteSurrealism

About MagritteBorn in Belgium in 1898.Surrealist painter.Started art lessons at age 12. Featured inan international art show at 13.Worked as an adult designing wallpaper.

What is surrealism?Surreal means both real and un-real.Surrealism is a style of art that is very much based on dreams.Surrealist artists juxtapose unrelated things.They are placed side by side.In dreams your mind can create a strange world. Surrealist artists wanted to try to capture that in real life.

Time Transfixed

The Tomb of the WrestlersIs this a giant rose or tiny room?

The False MirrorWhat does Juxtapose mean, again?

Magritte used several motifs in his artA motif is a subject that repeats many times in often in the artists work.

The Sky

Man with bowler hatHidden faces

GolcondaOur ProjectWe are going to create our own SURREAL masterpieces!We will paint a sky MOTIF. What does motif mean?Next we will create buildings.Finally, we will add a surreal element and use repetition by gluing on pictures of ourselves.

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