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  • Ren Magritte, The Treachery of Images (This is Not a Pipe) 1929

  • le canon = the gunAn object is not so attached to its name that one cannot find for it another one which is more suitable

  • canot = French word for rowboatThere are objects which can do without a name.

  • ciel = skyA word sometimes serves only to designate itself.

  • foret = forestAn object encounters its image, and objects encounters its name. It happens that the image and the name of this object encounter each other.

  • ( a hand + a box + a rock? )Sometimes the name of an object occupies the place of an image.(stands for an image)

  • Ren Magritte, Le Perreux-sur-Marne, (The Palace of Curtains, III) 1928-29

  • Le soleil = sun, sunshineA word can take the place of an object in reality.

  • Le ___ est cache par les nuages. = The ____ is hidden by the clouds.An image can take the place of a word in a sentence.

  • An object can suggest that there are other objects behind it. Poem: One Train May Hide Anotherby Kenneth Koch

  • lobjet reel; lobjet represnete = real object; image of object.Everything tends to make us think that there is little relationship between an object and that which represents it.

  • person with memory loss and 'woman's body' The words which serve to indicate two different objects do not show what may divide these objects from one another.

  • In a painting the words are of the same substance as the images.

  • Montagne = mountain, mountYou can perceive words and images differently in a painting.

  • A shape can replace the image of an object for any reason.

  • cheval = horseAn object never serves the same purpose as either its name or its image does.

  • Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs, 1965

  • Sometimes the visible shapes of objects, in real life, form a mosaic.

  • Ren Magritte, The Empty Mask (Frame), 1928.

  • Vague or unclear shapes have a precise significance every bit as necessary as that of perfect shapes.

  • Sometimes, the names written in a picture designate precise things, while the images are vague.

  • brouillard = fogOr equally, the opposite:

  • The Treachery of Images belongs to a series of word-image paintings by Magritte from the late 1920s. He combined images and text in a style suggested both by childrens books, and by Magrittes early career in advertising. The artist laid out his rationale for word-image paintings in an illustrated text called Words and Images.**