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    Guantanamo Bay Detention CampCaimanera, Cuba

    WHEREAS clause ten of the Armistice & Accord of November 22, 2013 states: Armisticeinitiates ascended reorientation to intra- and inter-personal relationships within thehearts and minds of ALL Heirs of Creation upon receipt; and

    WHEREAS the conditions set forth by the Heirs of Creation, through court order, in the

    Armistice & Accord have been breached; and

    WHEREAS clause six of the Armistice states: Breaches of these clauses shall result inreprisals; and

    WHEREAS, according to International Law, a reprisal is an act of restoration, short of war,for damage or loss suffered; and

    WHEREAS through the Letters Patent of December 15, 2013, a wholly indemnified court,the Court of Ages, was established; and

    WHEREAS the will of each Heir of Creation is assured by the law of nature,

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Court of Ages on behalf of ALL Heirs ofCreation that the will of the Heirs of Creation be fulfilled and immediate

    action taken torepossess and repurpose GUANTANAMO BAY DETENTION CAMP to include all camps,assets, properties, facilities, branches, offices, stations, franchizes, equipment, vehicles,files, and records in ANY WAY associated with GUANTANAMO BAY DETENTION CAMP.

    GUANTANAMO BAY DETENTION CAMP is NOW REPURPOSED to provide the followingservices: DIAGNOSTICS, RE-EDUCATION, and REHABILITATION as deemed appropriateand as consistent with the Articles of Confederation for the Respublica of Earth. See:

    Order issued this fourth day of August, 2015. Return on Service Requested:

    Cindy Kay CurrierJustice, Court of AgesOmbudsman, Respublica of Earth