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Increase your web traffic and exposure by repurposing and reusing your content.


  • 1. Repurpose Your ContentPresented by Kim

2. We are all guilty of it. Yes, even you! 3. We are all sitting oncontent that we can repurpose and reusein our 4. Lets start with a blog post 5. Convert your blog post into a PowerPoint presentation and submit your presentation to 6. Kinda like this one! 7. Be sure to add the Slideshare app to your LinkedIn profile for increased 8. Now take the samepresentation andcreate a screencastvideo with 9. You will need either PowerPoint 2010 or Camtasia to do 10. Record your slides inpresentation mode witheither backgroundmusic or 11. Upload your video toYouTube, Vimeo, andany other videosharing 12. Next up Record a Cinch over at 13. Nothing major here.Just record yourselfreading or talking aboutyour blog post 14. The final destination(for now) is 15. Compile a series ofblog posts around aparticular topic andcreate a short 16. Submit your report 17. Repurposing yourcontent is not 18. Just a little timeconsuming! 19. But well worth theinvestment of timeor money if yououtsource the 20. Increase your web traffic and exposure by saturating the internet with your content! 21. Learn more about my services