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A system of modules you can create to upsell your clients on various services you can provide


  • The art of taking existingcontent and repurposing for more traffic and sales for your offline clients. Doing More With Less
  • We all know the standardways to drive traffic for ourclients such as Facebook Twitter and other social media sites. There are however someother formats that can also drive lots of traffic!
  • Make More With Less We also know there are two ways toincrease your income: Find New ClientsUtilize Existing Clients
  • In our businessmodel we createvarious moduleswhich we offer toour existing and new clients!
  • We have made 5 videos for you to show you exactlyhow to deliver eachmodule and charge what you want!
  • Module 1Powerpoints are very effective and we show you how tocreate and distribute over many networks with additionaltips and tricks
  • Module 2Graphics are not seen by search engines however they canbe used very powerfully to drive traffic to your and yourcustomer sites.
  • Module 3Custom Reports utilizing content that can be distributedover a wide range of networks and also utilized on existingsites.
  • Module 4How to use infographics for your customers and drive viraltraffic to their site.
  • Module 5Utilize the 404 page for your content
  • Once you repurpose one piece of content you canmix and match various modules and add new ones. A powerpoint can be turned into a video an infographic etc
  • This is a complete video course where you can watch me do all the projects and follow on.Add these modules to your offline business and profit from repurposing existing content