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<ol><li> 1. Landscape photography A Landscape photograph is an image that captures the world around us. Nature- beingable tocapture untouchednature like forexampleaforestor beingable tocapture man made nature like someone front/backgardenwheretheyhave plantedall of the plants themselvesorithas beenarrangedina specificway. Urban-iswhenyoutake picturesinan innercityenvironment,butdoesnotinclude peopleinthe image,andit hasurban landscapesorbuildingsitselfasthe mainsubject.All the buildingsor landscapesinthe image have placedinthe image purposely. Representational- thisisthe mostnatural and realisticoutof all of them, there isno propsor artificial componentshoweverspecial attentionispaidtothe framing,lighting andcompositionof the image. Impressionistic- carriesasense of reality,andwill lookmore unreal whichthe viewergivesthe impressionof alandscape ratherthanthe true representationof one. Abstract- can produce verydramatic imagesandrelieson ourmore primal sense of form, colour, and curvesthanit doesindetail. Representational </li><li> 2. Impressionistic Abstract </li><li> 3. LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY IMAGE ANALYSIS j </li></ol>