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Marseille MET3 Conference presentation. 2nd April 2012.


  • 1. Research, Technology Transfer& Regional EngagementOrkneyGillian McFadzean, DirectorResearch & Enterprise Services EdinburghGalashielsMalaysiaDubai

2. Research Base: Pure and AppliedHWU has a global reputation for research and innovation Engineering & Physical Sciences Petroleum Engineering Mathematics & Computer Science Textiles & Design Life Sciences (Food, Drink & Health) Management & Languages Built Environment Edinburgh Business SchoolRAE2008:50% of HWU research was rated internationally excellent or world leading87% of HWU research was rated as of international quality 3. Heriot-Watt UniversityWorking with Industry:the Converge project 4. Why? What was the need? Strong HiSTORIC reputation for working with industry Industrial sponsor income declining Government competitive funding requires industrypartners Expansion of the university +20 academics p.a. Excellent research skills Many from outside UK Few with company contacts 5. OverviewTo accelerate application of research 4.2 years: 6M project: 3.2M practice/2.8M industryfacing research ERDF and EPSRC funded UK and Scottish government and Heriot Watt ambitions Combines Developing academic capacity Business development capacity (5 people) embedded Assistance to spin-outs Marketing, events, public engagement 6. What does it look like? 7. How does it work?Marketing and SalesInternalExternal industry led conference/trade shows SE, HIE, SFC, TSB, KTN, trade bodies etc. All Energy, Photonics West, Scot Tech ShowcaseMatchmaking Interface, KTNs, etc.All sizes of companies:Large, medium, small, micro Strategic alliance, research or development project,support, facilities, expertise 8. Growing our Little PartnersCase Study - UWI Technology Ltd (smart labels) 1 x SME-HEI Innovation Voucher & 1 Feasibility study Colour Science & fluid flow systems Technology proven on bench by HWU Led to patent filing by UWI Led to SMART award SMART Award to develop -fluidic labels with HWU1 new job created @ HWULicense to HWU background IP VC investment secured by UWI >150K Scottish winner of Barclays One Small Step competition 9. Supporting our Big PartnersCase Study- Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd (Baker) Student placement for 3 weeks EDTC Feasibility Voucher for Gluten Free Bread doughs Joint patent filing by Glenbervie in 2011 License in of HWU background 500K multi-partner award from TSB (August 2011) 2 x Scottish partners 1 Welsh oven manufacturer 1 x bakery 10. Briefing SMESINDUSTRY DAY: Advanced sensor The 6th Sense2012WHO: 62 Research academics, 228 industry colleagues, 14 professional experts,government and industrial authoritiesWHAT: The opportunity to discuss with industry:What are the challenges? What is the industry need?What cross-disciplinary solutions or opportunities can Heriot-Watt provide?How can we respond to the challenges together?WHY: To understand the needs of industry and encourage their collaboration withour academic experts working at the forefront in finding solutions, methods andapproaches to tackle the challengesHOW: Discussion and debate, marketing, networking,exhibitions, speaker opportunities 11. Scotlands Partnerships Creating Entrepreneurs and CompaniesIDEAAssessment Development Growth TTO Review Licence V CompanySpinout CEO TTO Mentor Investors Ambition?TTO Business PlanCompetition awards IP diligence Investors IP ownership Accelerator support Market diligence of funds and Science Parks IP licence expertise against Mentor Company support Facilitiestargets TrainingagenciesContacts Mentors - In curriculumIP expertsTraining Management teams - ResearchersIndustry accountants- Management Non-exec Directors potential spinoutsRegion experts- Markets andStaff recruitment Elevator pitch to MarketingAccess to marketsentrepreneurs and - Financesmedia Innovation funds- PublicityTTO reviewMentorsMore licensesFree expertiseAssessor reviewProof of Concept = University funds = region/BICEnterprise Fellowship =together Management teamMarket research 12. Converge ChallengeScotland wide programme to develop entrepreneursPractical help to the participants for a period of 20 monthswith the focus on strong market engagement and developingcommercial skills of foundersA rigorous 4 stage selection process over 7 months3 page application2 day residentialFull Business Plan Investor presentationformtrainingto the judging panel Up to 30 projectsElevator pitchUp to 10 plans3 Convergeshortlisted competitionshortlisted forChallenge awards external judging and 3 awards for panelPrincipals ProductChallenge 13. Creating EntrepreneursOver 80 applications from 9 different universities50 people attending residential training350 people attending seminars attention from non-Scottish VCs= a pipeline of entrepreneurs 17 technology companies formed expected growth of 20% per annum4 lifestyle companies formed= real growth for ScotlandIn 2 years 14. Outcomes at 2.5 year point179 companies supported 141 Scottish companies3.8M additional income to HWU1.5m increase in Scottish company turnover reported by 10 companies32 additional jobs in independent+ Scottish companies14 new products in Scottish companies40 networks supported (includes pools)6 new products for networks4 new Heriot-Watt spin outs17 new tech spinouts for Scotland(+independent = not our spinouts) 15. Overall Outcomes for Heriot-Watt?HWU has re-established global reputation for basic and applied research and innovation We achieved this by Including knowledge exchange and technology transferin our promotion criteria for academic staff Giving academic staff the skills to engage effectively A dedicated Research and Enterprise Services unit Providing business development expertise to engagecompanies Handling licensing and company creation professionally A marketing strategy to enhance our engagement withindustry 16. Outcomes for ScotlandHWU delivers industry engagement for Scotland We lead by providing across Scotland, for Scotland: Scottish Crucible - gives academic staff skills to developinterdisciplinary research KE Conference for postgraduate students and youngresearchers Converge Challenge competitive rigorous training todevelop new companies. 17 new Scottish companies in2 years Industry tailored events demonstrating how HWUresearch is developing and how it is used in companies Industry sector briefings 17. European EngagementConverge Challenge will deliver Transnational BusinessChallenge competition for the partner countries in OpenInnovation Interreg.National winner from Open Innovation Partnercountries will compete in the Transnational BusinessChallenge by delivering an investor pitch to an international panel of judges delivering an elevator pitch to a wide audience.The event will take place in November 2012 18. Gillian E McFadzeanDirectorResearch & Enterprise ServicesE: Gillian.McFadzean


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