residencies, etc community partnerships and collaborations

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  • Residencies, etc Community Partnerships and Collaborations
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  • Count the Possibilities The students loved you. You worked your magic Rev. John Miyahara, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA We had no idea thered be dancing in the aisles Valerie Simpson, owner, the Sugar Bar, NYC
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  • Residency: One to 52 weeks of intensive performances and activities within a community, engaging diverse educational, service or cultural organizations and their constituents in positive, productive work/play. The purpose of Paula Larke residencies is the growth of cultural awareness, sensitivity and respect, strengthening of core values for character development, and faith-enhancing FUN.
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  • Who Gets the Benefit?
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  • From the Motherland To Another Land White Bred and Dark Wry Mixing traditional mythological tales with song-driven personal tales of cultural conflict, Paula embraces the irony of assimilation with dry humor and rueful reflection, sometimes with explosive, task-taking hilarity. She confronts popular and traditional culture with the same humane eye, looking for signs of decency and fairness in each. Stories at the Table lessons in etiquette with back beat and consciousness The Methodists and the Catholics in Blackface Ghana comes to visit in a tight white collar 12 Steps to the City, Hallelujah facing a dying nations with supreme visions of salvation Hare Krishna and Power to the People: flowers from a Black panther? My Familys America: High Roads and Back Roads searching among the ruins for ancestral cadences
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  • Whos in YOUR community? Paula Larke can find them and bring them together.
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  • Heres Paula! Put this on your bulletin board!