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Responsible Education, is about informing and updating the computer information literacy of the teachers and parents, and to provide the youth with the right technological environments where they can Socialize freely without the dangers of the World wide web, whilst parents and educators can take back control, by becoming information literate at the same time, to moderate the children’s, daily action online.


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  • Today up to 92% of the children in first world countries, between the ages 8 to 18years spend 55% of their Social time online.
  • AreWe falling behind regarding information Literacy
  • Measured against the Information literacy of the youth 76% of all adults are illiterate
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  • Children are free roaming the planet, and the adults are absent.
  • Mostly because they refuse to accept that they have became illiterate due to the fast pass of the information age.
  • Parents and Educators are loosing control, over the daily activities of the children they are responsible for.
  • "87% of U.S. teens ages 12 to 17 currently use the Internet, representing about 21 million youth. Of those, approximately 11 million teens go online on a daily basis." (Pew Internet and American Life, "Teens and Technology," July 27, 2005.)
  • 47% of children have received e-mails with links to pornographic websites. (Symantec market research report, June 9, 2003)
  • 57% or more of parents were unable to correctly decipher the meanings of several common instant messaging abbreviations. (Cox Communications and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, "Parents Internet Monitoring Study," February 2005).
  • 71% reported receiving messages online from someone they dont know.
  • Our Children are roaming the world..all alone.


  • Make our children aware of facts of life when they are old enough.
  • Be the person to teach them about life.
  • Avoid leaving then to be informed about matters they are to young to handle
  • Be in control of what they learn and from who, and when.
  • Keep them occupied with the information on a need to know basis.
  • But are we literate enough to be in control again..?


  • Before the internet parents and teachers kept children busy enough with:
  • Sport
  • Cultural programs.
  • Academic programs
  • School competitions
  • Home educational tasks
  • Busy enough that they did not have time to get involve in the wrong activities.
  • Thats Our Responsibility


  • 33% of 13- to- 17-year-olds reported that their parents or guardians know very little or nothing about what they do on the Internet.
  • 64% of teens say that teenagers do things online that they wouldnt want their parents to know about.
  • 81% of middle class, both parents are working fulltime and leave there children to be all by them self at home after school.
  • 52% of adults are satisfied that there kids are rather home, on the internet than visiting friends.
  • 51% of parents knew about social network but do not know how to become part of it. 22% of parents did not know what Instant messaging is,
  • Only 3% of parents have a profile on some sort of Social network.
  • Is the Internet for the Youth only or should we step-up?


  • Did you become illiterate in today's fast pasting society?
  • To be literate is not to have the ability to read and write, or to be able to operate a computer.
  • An information literate person is one who:
  • recognizes that accurate and complete information is the basis for intelligent decision making;
  • recognizes the need for information;
  • formulates questions based on information needs;
  • identifies potential sources of information;
  • develops successful search strategies;
  • accesses sources of information including computer-based and other technologies;
  • evaluates information'
  • organizes information for practical applications;
  • integrates new information into an existing body of knowledge;
  • uses information in critical thinking and problem solving."


  • By preventing a person information is teaching then skills to bypass the system.
  • Growing up with the Internet means that these children are quite comfortable and knowledgeable about the web and how it works - but that doesn't mean that they are prepared for everything that they might encounter .
  • The only protection that exist is prevention.
  • Cyber patrol software
  • Parent Control Software
  • PC passwords
  • Limited or local access online
  • But is this the solution, to prevent children going online,
  • or are you helping your child to fall behind.


  • Lets get back to what worked in the days before the internet.
  • Lets keep them Busy
  • Our Community based weblog platform offers the best solution to keep our children online, information literate and busy .
  • What does this mean?


    • School/community based blogplatform with all social media functionality to satisfy the technology hungry youth.
    • Effortlessly create and manage students blogs.
    • Packed with useful features and customizable themes
    • 100% moderation by parents and teacher via the admin panel.
  • Post educational materials and resources online.
  • Host online discussions and extra classes with student online.
  • Create a class publication and class projects online
  • Its ridiculously simple to post class information, news, events and more on yourBlog.
  • 24/7 School news and activity notification online.
  • Get your students blogging, socializing and chatting inside a moderated environment.
  • Share your lesson plans, and turn planning and reflection on classes into a genuinely productive - and even collaborative experience.
  • Integrate multimedia of all descriptions
  • With a couple of clicks you can embed online video, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more into your Edu-Blog and there is more->


  • You can equally easy use the tools to organize everything from sports teams in your school, to rehearsals for the upcoming production.
  • Get feedback. Why not think about using a blog as a place for students - and even parents, to air issues, leave feedback or generally tell you how great teacher you are.
  • Publish individual accomplishment of students, teacher and even parents that concern the community.
  • Create a fully functional website
  • One of the great things about Edu-Blogs are that they are much, much more than just blogging tools.
  • In fact, you can use your Edu-Blog to create a multi-layered, in-depth, multimedia rich website - that hardly looks like a blog at all. So, if youd rather create a set of static content, archive of important information or even index for your library - you can bend an Edu-Blog to suit your needs. Invite Parents to host their business sites on your platfiorm.
  • Edu-Blog the one-stop solution for a healthy modern Society


  • ..its the pedagogy too.
  • Because Edu-blogs is made by educators, for educators, we know about how you can effectively use blogs in teaching and learning. Were here to provide resources, discussion and suggestions for how you can use Edu-blogs and were always adding to them and working on our methods.
  • Thinking of eportfolios, collaborative class work, online journalism, discussion or problem-based learning?


  • The Edu-blog platform is provided by the E2E and AF Consortium
  • Powered by the world most powerful weblog software WPMU.
  • Sponsoring a free platform to a less privilege school in Africa for each platform installed.
  • All profits to be donated to The Friends for Africa Forum Fund (FfAFF)


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