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New House of India welcomes you to taste our exotic flavors of aunthetic North Indian cuisine, with a few delicies from South India. The exotic flavors are those special spices exported from India. Punjab is the land of five rivers, the land of milk and honey, the land of the indomitable people, reflecting the spirit of man. It is the home of the tandoor and a superlative robust cuisine. Your enjoyment and satisfaction in dining at New House of India restaurant is our wish, Please accept our hospitatlity while dining with us. We appreciate your business with us.Thank you and please visit us again.Note: Before placing your order please inform your server if anyone in your party has food allergy. Open Seven Days a Week

Lunch Buffet 11:30 to 3:00 p.m - Dinner 3:00 p.m to 09:30 p.m

2 Coes Square, Worcester MA 01607 near (560 Block Park Avenue, Worcester) Phone Number: 508-793-9900 Fax Number: 508-793-9901 Catering for Weddings, Birthdays and Special Occasions Take out service available, Call for reservations Appetizers1. Vegetarian Samosa........................................................................ 3.50

Home made turnovers stuffed with lightly tempered and, seasoned Diced potatoes and peas

2 .Samosa Chaat (one or two samosas)...4.95, 5.95Homemade vegetarian samosa topped with chickpeas, onions,fresh

Yogurt, and tamarind chutney, finished with chaat spice

3. Vegetarian Pakoras.. 3.95

Assorted fresh vegetables deep fried in chick pea butter 4. Gobhi Pakoras.....3.95

Cauliflower florets blanched and marinated in chickpea batter and deep

fried5. Alu Tikki Chaat(one or two)....................................................2.95,4.95Home made Mashed potatoes topped with chickpeas,onions,fresh yogurtAnd tamarind chutney,finished with chaat spice.6. Dahi Papri (Cold)3.95

Lentil crisps, cubed potatoes covered with fresh whipped yogurt and tamarind sauce

7. Cheese Pakoras.. 4.95

Chunks of homemade cheese marinated in chick pea batter and deep fried.Great appetizer for vegetarians

8. Veggie Platter. 6.95

A combination of vegetarian appetizers

9. Meat Samosas. 3.95

Home made turnovers stuffed with fresh minced lamb and spices10. Chicken Chat (Cold).. 3.95

Boneless cubes of chicken delicately tossed in our very own sweet sour and tangy sauce and salad

11. Chicken Pakoras. 5.95

Boneless breast of chicken delicately spiced, marinated in chick pea batter,and fried in a small amount of oil

12. Tikka Hara Bhara. 7.95

All white meat (chicken breast) marinated in special fresh yogurt barbecued to perfection 13. House Platter. 7.95

A great combination of vegetarian and non- vegetarian appetizers Soups 14. Chicken Soup..3.5015. Tomato Garlic Soup.. 3.2516. Cocunut Soup. 3.25

Creamy shredded coconut soup with nuts and spices

17. Mulligatawny Soup 3.25

Delicious lentil soup made with vegetables, herbs and mild Indian spices Accompaniments 18. Papad....................1.95

19. Mango Chutney or Homemade Hot Pickles..2.25

20. Raita..2.50

Whipped yogurt blended with cubes potatoes, chopped cucumber,fresh coriander and herbs

21. Kachumbar Salad3.95

Finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and coriander tossed in herbs,spices,and lemon juice

Authentic CurriesFrom ancient recipes - traditionally prepared with a subtle blend of over adozen herbs and spices, gently cooked with patience and love all served with Basmati Rice. Chicken C1. Chicken Curry9.95

Boneless chicken cooked in thick curry sauce and garnished with fresh coriander C2. Chicken Vindaloo.. 9.95

For the brave at heart very spicy, very special C3. Chicken Jalfrezie9.95

Tender filets of chicken gently sauteed with mixed green vegetables

C4. Chicken Saag..10.95

Delicately spiced boneless chicken and spinach

C5. Chicken Korma..11.95

Boneless chicken cooked with cashews,rasins,and coconut mixed with A gravy cream sauceC6. Chicken Makhni.11.95

Chicken with bone tandoori cooked in a delightfully delicate cream, tomato and fresh herb sauce

C7. Chicken Tikka Masala... 12.95White Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a creamy tomatoe sauce

C8. Chicken Methi.11.95

A combination of spices, chicken, and fresh Fenugreek

C9. Chilli Chicken Kadai.. 10.95

Boneless pieces of chicken sauteed with green chilles and coriander,finished wih exotic Indian spices, served in a traditional copperwork C10. Chicken-Do-Piaza. 12.95

Cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated in a special sauce and cooked in a tandoor and pan roasted with onions and spicesC11. Mango Chicken..10.95

Boneless chicken cooked with homemade mango sauce with fresh onions

and peppers and garnished with Fresh coriander and Indian spices.C12. Chicken Dilruba.10.95

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with lots of fresh mushrooms and indianspices Goat

G1.Goat Curry......................................................................................12.95

Cubes of Goat cooked in thick gravy of exotic spices and herbs

G2. Goat Vindaloo.12.95

For the brave at heart very spicy, very special

G3. Goat Kadai..13.95

Pieces of Goat cooked with delicious exotic Indian spices

G4. Goat Jalfrezie..13.95

Pieces of Goat gently sauteed with mixed green vegetables Lamb

L1. Lamb Curry12.95

Cubes of lamb cooked in thick gravy of exotic spices and herbs

L2. Lamb Vindaloo...12.95

For the brave at heart very spicy, very special

L3. Lamb Saag.. 12.95

Delicately spiced lamb with spinach

L4. Lamb Dilruba. 12.95

Spiced curried lamb cooked with lots of fresh mushrooms (medium spicy)L5. Kashmiri Rogan Josh.13.95

Tender lamb cubes cooked in purified butter,brown onions, fresh ginger, touch of garlic and gently simmered in selected spices and yogurt

L6. Lamb Kadai.13.95Boneless pieces of lamb sauteed with green chilles and coriander, finished with exotic Indian spices. Served in a traditional copper work

L7. Lamb Shahi Korma.13.95A lamb delicacy gently simmered in sauce with the addition of Cashews,Raisins, fresh spices and a touch of saffron

Seafood (Fish and Shrimps) F1. Fish Curry13.95

Chuncks of Fresh Fish cooked in a rich curry sauce with fresh coriander and Indian spices

F2. Machi Masala...14.95

Fresh fish gently cooked in a rich aromatic sauce

F3. Fish Vidaloo..13.95

Fish cooked with very hot sauce, potatoes and touch of vinegar

S1. Shrimp Curry...14.95

Juicy jumbo shrimp cooked in a spicy curry sauce and garnished with fresh coriander

S2. Shrimp Bhuna..14.95

Tender shrimp gently sauteed with mixed green vegetables

S3. Shrimp Kadai...14.95

Pieces of shrimp sauteed with green chillies and coriander, finished with exotic Indian spices. Served in a traditional copper work

S4. Prawn Kebab Masala...15.95

Marinated jumbo prawns cooked on intense heat in tandoori spices and then cooked in a tangy red sauce

S5. Shrimp Saag..14.95

Delicately spiced shrimp with spinach

S6. Shrimp Vindaloo..14.95

Shrimp cooked with very hot sauce, potatoes and touch of vinegarS7. Shrimp Korma..14.95

Shrimp cooked with cashews, rasins, and coconut mixed with gravy sauce. *Tell your server whether you prefer Mild, Medium,Hot Kebab CornerLow calorie, Low sodium- weight watcher specials All kebabs are cooked in Tandoori oven and accompanied by basmati rice. Please allow 15 minutes For preparationK1. Chicken Tandoori Half or Full10.95, 16.95

Chicken marinated in Tandoori Masala and yogurt for over 24 hours and then baked on skewers in tandoori oven until tender and juicy. Tastiest way to barbecue chicken

K2. Kali Mirch Ke Tikke.12.95Boneless pieces of chicken dipped in a cream and crushed black peppers marinade and baked in tandoor

K3. Chicken Tikka12.95All white meat, marinated in a special sauce and barbecued to perfection

K4. Seekh Kebab...13.95

Very lean minced lamb mixed with onions, herbs and spices, baked on skewers in tandoori oven

K5. Tandoori Shrimps..15.95Jumbo shrimps delicately spiced and marinated in yogurt and baked on skewers in tsndoori oven

K6. Barra Kebab...16.95

Very tender pieces of lamb chops marinated in a very special sauce and then cooked on skewers in tandoori oven

K7.Tandoori Mixed Grill.16.95

A delicious combination of chicken, lamb, ground lamb and shrimp

Rice Plain Rice1.95Basmati Rice Lemon Rice.6.95

Lemon flavored rice tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and lentils,

served with raita

Mattar Pilao6.95

Basmati rice sauteed with fresh green peas and cumin seeds. Served with raita

Biryani: Aromatic Indian Basmati Rice cooked with fresh herbs, spices,

chicken, lamb or shrimp. Served with raita

Vegetable Biryani....9.95

Aromatic Indian Basmati rice cooked with fruits, nuts, and vegetables.