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This presentation was given to the Madison Job Club by Horizon Point Consulting, Inc. on Feb 22, 2012 in order to help job seekers focus on results in their resumes in order the get the results they want- a job!


  • 1. Shift your thinking!

2. Develop outreach and educationalprogrammingRaise funds for the ChapterDirect the organization includingimplementation of humanresource, budgetary, marketing andprogramming functions of the ChapterCoordinate staff and volunteers to respond tosingle family fires, tornadoes and floodsManage the Chapters website 3. Turn to Page 2 of your Handout 4. Consider putting Key Skills in a Summary of Qualifications HeaderTurn to Page 3 of your handout 5. Turn to page 5 of your handout 6. Page 5 of your handout 7.