[resume] dustin halstead (graphic, web, ui-ux designer)

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  • Rsum Design by Dusn Halstead

    A DEffecve at creang precise layouts, and quick concepts.

    Proficient with vector and raster based designs.

    Strong understanding of color, and their effects (visual and psychological).

    AdeAdept at communicang and realizing design needs through UI prototyping, mockups, and even digital painng.

    W A DImproved customer experience by redeveloping exisng sites and applicaons.

    Experienced in creang agile designs that dynamically adapt across screen resoluons, browsers, and devices.

    PPurposefully approach UI design with consideraon toward all aspects, including visual appeal, implementaon, and reusable elements (while sll maintaining flexibility).

    S Microso Visual Studio C# ASP.NET MVC JavaScript HTML CSS jQuery SQL PHP Wordpress VMware Adobe : Photoshop Illustrator Dreamweaver Audion InDesign Premiere Pro Aer Effects


    P I S S EDSicovery.com (DSi) 2014 PRESENTAs our appliAs our applicaons, we developed, grew in popularity (and client purchases) a vital need for dedicated support became evident. The prospect of focusing more on frontend (GUI) development, working with clients, and supporng them with our applicaons, made it an easy decision to volunteer myself for, and excel in.

    B A DDSicovery.com (DSi) 2012 2014EEntered the posion with a strong scripng background, and received C# and MVC training as a Jr. Developer. The newfound experience was put to use throughout a number of projects, both independently and collaboravely, including everything from server-side to mobile accessible, web applicaons.

    I S AClarksville Gas & Water 2006 2011Originally hiOriginally hired as Project Manager, to oversee the process and implementaon for customer service soware; however, the job role quickly expanded across many different areas including graphic and print design, web development, server administraon, database management, and more.

    M DRose Ella Village 2005 2006IncIncreased residency, income, and culvated a posive, public awareness of the business and services through markeng, events, website design, and community involvement.


    1204 Curran Court Nashville, TN 37013H: 615 200 0176C: 931 217 [email protected]







    B.S., Business Management& Accounng

    CompTIA A+ Cerficaon

    Microso Cerfied DesktopSupport Technician


    Highly creave and versale professional with extensive experience across a wide range of media. Proudly exemplifying excellent communicaon, with teams and clients, in order to develop and realize visions from conceptual to final.

    PProficient at working independently or collaboravely while effecvely priorizing and managing me-sensive issues, with a strong emphasis on organizaon. Exceponally driven and innovave yet, dependable and highly proficient, regardless of the size or challenchallenge of any given task.



    [email protected]