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  • Who is JUMP ?JUMP is a professional enterprise integrated with research&development ability and manufacturing of high-end advertising display products.JUMP is a High and New Tech Enterprise certified by STCSM.JUMP achieved ISO ISO9001:2008 , Certified by third-party like SGS, TUV, CE, ROHS, UL, SEDEX etc.

    Our Position

    JUMP always devote to provide CI solutions and related display products for brands of varies industries.

    About us

  • Our company and products won high reputation in many countries and regions, including North America, Germany, France , UK , Australia , Japan ,Korea, China Mainland etc .

  • Our Team

    Sales Team: Well-trained international and domestic sales teams provide professional service to clients.

    R&D Team: Years of R&D experience enable us to customize unique products for customers.

    Technical Team: Provide strong technical support, focus on improving production technology and product quality.

    Manufacturing Team: Detail-oriented on each step of production. Ensure product quality and production efficiency.

    Management Team: Effective management by strictly fulfilling ISO 9001 management system.

    After-sales Team: Extraordinary after service and product warranty, smooth over problems for clients.

    Logistic Team: Arrange best logistic methods to deliver orders all over the world on time.

  • CERTIFICATIONGeneral. Management Product Certification

    SEDEX ISO 9001 CE ROHLS ULPatents


  • LED Lrtters

    Super-slim LED

    light box

    LED B

    ack-lit light box

    Crystal LED

    light box


    ation LED light box

    Vacuum form

    ed light box


    ized light box

    LED Lighting Logo Sign

    Acrylic D

    isplay Tooll

    Future Vision-Ghost Vision A

    dvertising M


    Future Vision-360 Degree G

    host A

    dvertising Player

    Decorative LED

    lighting series

  • LED Back-lit light box

  • LED Acrylic Neon Letters--L'Oreal

    This is the acrylic LED Neon decoration letters of L'Oreal. Please note the Neon letters are made of Acrylic, not the traditional material glass and the flex strips. The lifespan of acrylic Neon signs is much longer and stronger than traditional ones, and the cost is lower. And more colourful.

  • LED Neon Signs

    These are the traditional glass Neon signs and flex strips Neon signs.

  • LED Neon Lighting

    These are the traditional flex strips Neon signs, which can bend into different shapes.

  • LED Back-lit light box

  • LED Crystal light box

  • Vacuum-formed light box

  • Cutomized light box

  • LED LOGO & Sign

  • Acrylic Display

  • Promotional ItemsDecorative LED lighting series

  • Decorative LED lighting series

  • Acrylic Display

  • Metal Display

  • Metal Display

  • Animation LED light box Patented product. All rights reserved

  • Window Display--MANGO

    This is the MANGO's new window display cases released in Spain market in November. Please note the luminous and non-luminous balls like sea urchin, which are we made for MNAGO.

  • Window Display--GUESS?Inc.

    This is the new window display case of GUESS?Inc. Please note the Neon signs, the suspended ceiling square acrylic decoration lights and the acrylic luminous platform are we made, the color can be changed by controller.

  • Color-changed Decoration Display Props

  • Window Display--H&M

    This is the window display case of H&M in 2016 Spring&Summer season. Please note the decoration displays and display props like leaf are we made.

  • Window Display--H&M / ZARAThe left is for H&M, please note the acrylic luminous box, and the creative walls which can be made of paper, wood and acrylic.

    The right is for ZARA, which are metal display props.

  • Window Display--Christmas

  • This kind of display props is more attractive, just like lighting lines, which is engraved by laser engrave machine. It can be made into different shapes.

    Luminous Acrylic Display Props

  • LED Letters

    We made various kinds of LED store logo, like all acrylic types, metal and acrylic combination types, facade lighting types, back light types and side light types etc.

  • High brightness & low decay LED strips , optical level acrylic ,quality materials, combined with first class laser engraving technical for LED slim light boxes' production. Max 2000 x 3500 mm size light box with even brightness without any split joint nor dark spots.

    LED Super-slim light box

  • LED back-lit light box widely used for big size displays. Like airport,subway station,shopping mall,brand chain stores,etc.

    LED Back-lit light box

  • Vacuum Light Box / Super-slim Light Box

  • Animation LED crystal light box

  • 3D Ghost Image Display Machine

    3D Ghost Image Display Board is a exhibition aggregation of many fields such as computer technique,optics,sound, three-dimensional animation and formative arts.

  • 360-Degree Advertising Player

    360-Degree Ghost Advertising Player can creates vivid 3-D color images of articles above the showing box.


    Building 9B, Lane 99Shenmei Rd, Zhoupu Town, Pudong New District, ShanghaiTel: +86-21-51696898*8030 Fax: +86-21-58120901Mobile: +86 15221996835E-mail: jump031@jump-sh.comSkype: han.bruce1Web:


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