rethinking monographic acquisitions in a large academic library: challenges and benefits

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  1. 1. Rethinking Monographic Acquisitions in a Large Academic Library: Challenges and Benefits Trish Chatterley and Denise Koufogiannakis
  2. 2. About the University of Alberta
  3. 3. Central funding of publisher ebook packages Occasional patron-driven acquisition pilot projects - nothing continual Unit libraries Purchase of discipline-specific ebook packages Small numbers of print books sent on approval Some standing orders for series Most purchases via title-by-title selection & ordering by subject librarians. Slips sent via Ingram Coutts, YBP, Harrasowitz, etc. Background - our old mono model
  4. 4. Why the Need for Change? Trying to be fiscally responsible Reduction in number of staff Increased workloads for liaison librarians due to introduction of new areas of service focus (eg. Research Data Management) Good time to implement change, as UAL transitioned to a new preferred English-language monograph vendor
  5. 5. English Language Monograph Ordering at UAL Patron-Driven Acquisitions Ebooks on Approval Interdisciplinary are funded centrally, subject specific are funded by units Central Budget Publisher Ebook Packages Firm orders (no slips) Those publishers excluded from all Coutts profiles Print Books on Approval Unit Budgets Unit Budgets Unit Budgets Approval Slip
  6. 6. Implementation Timeline Dec. 2013 - Began communication with staff about new mono ordering model that doesnt include liaison selection Feb. 2014 - Ingram Coutts announced as our preferred English-language monograph provider, subsequent to RFP process Mid-March 2014 - Met with Ingram Coutts to prepare subject profiles April 2014 - Central firm order form initiated
  7. 7. Implementation Timeline, continued May 2014 - Most unit library approval plans went live July 2014 - Began assessment with review of exclusion lists Present - Continue to meet with Coutts reps as problems arise Present - Continue to assess what is coming on the plans
  8. 8. 19,243 books purchased from Coutts as of March 31, 2015 1,079 purchases triggered on PDA (~9.5% of titles loaded) 14,519 shipped on approval plans (866 ebook; 13,653 print) 3,645 firm orders (819 ebook; 2,826 print) Total cost: 1,255,953.94CAD 71% print purchases vs. 29% ebook purchases How it worked - 2014/2015 fiscal
  9. 9. Orders outside of Coutts ~534 titles firm ordered via credit card (includes books, CDs, DVDs) Only 75 YBP purchases (eg. Wiley ebooks pre-2014 on Wiley platform) Some other purchases through direct to publisher invoicing Overall 985,502 CAD left in unit libraries mono accounts at year-end Approximately 3 million spent on monos out of 4 million budgeted; extra money compensated for increased serial costs due to the drop in the CAD How it worked - 2014/2015 fiscal
  10. 10. Comparison to Last Year Format 2013/14 2014/2015 YBP 1,397,729 CAD 16,967 CAD Coutts 671,598 CAD 1,255,953 CAD Total 2,069,327 CAD 1,272,920 CAD Mono spending across the two vendors reduced by almost $800,000
  11. 11. Impact & Challenges On budget On staff roles On the collection On the user community On the library-vendor relationship
  12. 12. Next steps Continue to assess the plans, and make modifications as needed Ongoing documentation of workflow processes Consider moving foreign language materials to central firm ordering? Collection Structures Working Group to recommend overarching collections structure for UAL
  13. 13. Thank You! Questions? [email protected] [email protected]