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  • 1. Photo Slideshow
    Ms. Kristen Rasmussen
    Ms. Farmers Class Field Trip -Return of the Natives
  • 2. Return of the Natives guides led our class through the wilderness of Fort Ord in Seaside, CA; it was a short bus ride from our school.
    We learned about the native plants and animals and live and thrive in this area and how it important that we as residents do all that we can to protect their natural habitat.
    We collected seeds, studied scat looked at the hilly views through binoculars.
    We had a great day! Thank you Return of the Natives guides and Ranger Tammy!
    Fort Ord Wilderness
  • 3. We are so excited and ready to explore!
    A few girls from our class from left to right:
    *Lauren J.
  • 4. Our group plant!
    Collecting seeds
    Our favorite!
  • 5. More plants and flowers
  • 6. Our Guide Jenny & some from Mrs. Lows class!
    This is where we stopped to gather and use the binoculars to look beyond the hilltops, we realized how HUGE Fort Ord really is! Ranger Tammy told us it is equal to the size of San Francisco, amazing!
  • 7. More pictures
  • 8. And more
  • 9. Bus rides are part of the fun!
  • 10. THE END