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The information provided in this book is for educational purposes only. I am not a doctor and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. The information provided in this book is based upon my experiences as well as my interpretations of the current research available. The advice and tips given in this course are meant for healthy adults only. You should consult your physician to insure the tips given in this course are appropriate for your individual circumstances. If you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided in this course. This product is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information.


FOREWORDThe opinions expressed on various techniques and methods are entirely the view of the author and may not work nor appeal to everyone. It is encouraged that you do your own research and make your own observations. Always question and research anything you read, hear or see that is health and fitness related. Remember, what works for one, wont always work for another.



From my humble beginnings in 2001, to the year-round look I hold today.

ABOUT THIS EDITIONWhat lies within these pages is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what youll find in the 150 page full edition of Reveal The Steel. That being said, everything that is written here, is also contained in that very book. I encourage you to sit down and read it in your own time, and if you think youre ready to take on the full guide, including the 18 week program, I encourage you to head over to

(Clint Nielsen)


Who this book is for

What Reveal The Steel is ultimately about, is to help you achieve a lean, defined and most importantly maintainable physique year-round. A physique that is realistic to achieve. That doesnt mean average, it means superior, but obtainable. Reveal The Steel is a blueprint to help you change your mind-set. There are routines and diet advice, yesbut its more important to understand why you need to eat and do certain things. Once you have an understanding of proper training and nutrition, youll be able to modify things for continued success for years to come.

What if youre just starting out?

Even though pretty much anyone looking to get lean and defined would benefit from the program, it isnt specifically tailored for the beginner. If youre just starting out, Id recommend attacking it slowly. Maybe do one of the stages (that are outlined later) and see how you go. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself and stop training altogether...

What if you want to get super massive like a professional bodybuilder?

You wont find it here. Obtaining a body builders physique requires an extreme form of diet, training (and steroid use), that quite frankly, few of us desire to achieve. Nor would one have the mindset, dedication, bank account nor spare time to be able to reach such dimensions.

What if youre female?

Reveal The Steel is for youThe outlined program will not only work for both genders, but It will also tend to the individual needs of both with particular exercises. Im a firm believer that women should be lifting heavy weights and training similarly to men. No, you wont become a huge muscle-bound womanthankfully, due to differing


hormonal profiles and the genetic makeup of the fairer sex, becoming a she-hulk is a very difficult thing to achieve (more on that later...)

What if youre a hard gainer?

More often than not, hard gainers are fitness enthusiasts that are new to training and simply arent eating enough to repair the damage caused by weight training, and subsequently build new muscle. In this book, Ill explain how to reach those caloric goals in the easiest way possible.

This is the eventual look that Reveal The Steel is targeted at helping you achieve.

What if you just want six-pack abs?

Reveal The Steel might just be what the doctor ordered. The key to the abs question is diet, training and discipline. Its all going to be laid out for you, all thats missing is your desire to complete the program, and to make sure you adhere to the routines and your diet.

IN A NUT-SHELLReveal The Steel is about being able to build muscle, get lean and then stay lean all year round. I want you to be able to achieve physical greatness without a lighting crew, baby oil nor product endorsement.

Its all up to you...

I dont want to waste your time from the get-go by promising things I cant deliver. At the end of the day the results will all come down to you, and how much effort youre willing to put in.


Diet & Nutrition

INTERMITTENT FASTINGIntermittent fasting (IF) is a pattern of eating that alternates between intermittent periods of not eating (fasting) and periods of consumption (the fed state). The fasting period is usually for an extended period of time (minimum of 12-16 hours). Ill freely admit, Im a huge fan of IF. Since stumbling upon Brad Pilon and Martin Berkhans techniques, Ive pretty much included one or more of them in my lifestyle permanently. This doesnt mean it will work for everybody, nor is it the only way to eat year round. There are so many ways to eat when youre active that will give you solid results one way or another. The key here is, that you stick to any set plan and try not to deviate. Youve gotta give any technique a chance to work.

The benefits of IF

One proven study suggests that there is an increase of energy expenditure in resting adults as a result of fasting.2 Another study concludes that metabolic rate is actually increased in short-term fasting.3 While some of my own experiences arent backed by specific scientific evidence, I truly believe that there have been additional benefits from daily fasting with over two years experience applying it to my lifestyle.


I seem to have the same if not more energy not only when I train (fasted), but also throughout the day. My mind stays focused and I have total clarity around what I need to achieve. NOTE: Prior to training in a fasted state, consider drinking a strong black coffee to give you a boost whilst you train.

Immune response

Whilst Ive largely been working from a home office for the past two years, Ive noticed the frequency of illness from cold and flu type symptoms has decreased significantly. I used to get sick at least


three or more times per year. Ive probably been sick once of note in this period (with the symptoms subsiding within a week).

Maintainable body composition

Whilst many small meals per day is a valid pattern of eating, Ive just found simplifying my intake to 2-3 meals per day has allowed me greater freedom to eat the foods I love more often, and to be able to maintain a visible set of abdominals year round (something which I was never able to achieve during my years of 6-8 small meals per day).

Considerations for females

Due to hormonal differences in the fairer sex, Ive found with my own experiences (usually involving my fabulous wife, God-bless), that intermittent fasting, whilst fantastic, can prove to be more challenging to adhere to. This is predominately of notice during menstrual cycles and other times of increased mental/physical stress. The way to curb this, is to either limit the duration of the fast (ie. reduce the fasting length by 2-3 hours at a time), or to avoid fasting during certain times of the month altogether.

FIGURING OUT YOUR CALORIC INTAKEIn order to hit caloric deficit, maintenance or surplus for any given week, there are a bunch of equations you can use to find out your target. The key here is to find your total weekly calories then plan to achieve one of the three goals mentioned above. If you dont hit your goal, try not to stress about ittheres still time to right your wrongs.


METRIC OR IMPERIALThe following equations are all based on metric units. For them to work correctly with Imperial measurements, you can convert them very easily. Use a calculator and convert pounds to kilograms by dividing pounds by 2.2 (there are 2.2 lbs/kg), and convert inches into cm by multiplying inches by 2.54 (there are 2.54 cm/inch).

MIFFLIN-ST JEOR EQUATIONAs recently as 2005, the American Dietetic Association published a comparison of various calorie estimation equations. The Mifflin-St Jeor was found to be the most accurate. This equation can be used to find your maintenance calories. We will later adjust our maintenance calories up or down depending on of our goals are to gain or lose weight respectively.

Men - 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (y) + 5 Women - 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (y) - 161 As an example:

A 30 year old, 80kg male whos 180cm tall would