revengeofthe villains

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Revenge Of the Villains.

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  • 1. Revenge Of the Villains.

2. Commissioner Max and Adrian locks vacps and Atlas up for committing murder.
We can escape from these bad cells
3. BANG!
Khai and Declan escaped and got revenge.
4. We must take our revenge
James and Adrian found a note on Jamess door.
5. Yeah
We must defeat them!
James and Adrian get readyfor battle.
6. Adrian and Jamessize up there enemies.
7. James knocks Declan to the floor while Adrian and Khai are still in a ferocious battle.
8. Declan reaches for hisin a final, desperate hope.
9. Declan reached for his gun and quickly shot James.
10. Adrian is desperate to save James and slices Khais head off.
11. Adrian lunges for Khais gun while Declan is about to shoot James.
12. Adrian got Khais gun in time to shootDeclan in time.
13. Adrian and James limp away from a horrible Scene
14. Credits
Adrian P
James M
Max H
Declan R
Khai C