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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering



UnmetricUnmetric is a social media monitoring company headquartered in New York.


UNMETRIC TODAYMore than 70 employees.Spread over 3 countries - India, U.S.A and Canada.Big customers like Microsoft, Changi airport, Nokia etc.Headquartered in New York.insi8


The Team


Lakshmanan Narayan

Head of ProductKumar Krishnasami

North America LeadEurope Lead

Head Of technologyJoseph VargheseBack End Leadinsi8

Lakshmanan Narayan, CEOAlso known as LuxLux has 18 years of experience across media, Internet, advertising and entertainment.Degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Madras and MBA in Marketing from IIM Calcutta.

Data analytics is a big opportunity for Indian companies, especially as businesses here become more data driven than gut driven.insi8

Co-foundersKumar Krishnasami (Head of Product)Kumar has close to 2 decades of experience, in senior technology roles and across verticals, at JP Morgan Chase, Allstate Insurance, MCI Worldcom and startups.

Joseph Varghese (Head of Technology)Along with 18 years of experience, mostly in the SAP ecosystem as an independent consultant and with AkzoNobel, Joe also dabbled in other technology platforms and developed many products.


Rewindinsi8Let us embark on a backward journey through time

New Horizons Year 2015Stepped into Predictive analytics technology by launching the product - Predict.Unmetric Predict allows marketers to input details about a planned piece of social content across four defining elements - structure, tone, intent and context.insi8

Deepening Roots Year 201470 EmployeesExpanding development and analytics teams to provide clients with even deeper insights into the unstructured data from social networks.insi8

Blossoming stage Year 2013Raising the first round funding of Rs. 34 crore ($5.5 million).Expanding client network.


Budding stage Year 2012Acquiring Customers in the U.S and India.Expanding functionalities.Generating ripples in the industry.insi8

Here Comes Unmetric! Year 2011Team worked six months even without a name.Foundation of UNMETRIC.Raising the first round funding of about Rs. 16 crore from Nexus Venture Partners.


Sprouting stage Year 2011Realising the value in analyzing the data being generated by large enterprises. Team stops working as EyesAndFeet.Everything weve done over the past 12 months was probably not right and we need to change direction. - Lux


FoundationYear 2010Initially known as EyesAndFeet.focused on the SMB.The company started by helping local businesses such as restaurants and spas, understand and used social media.Based in Chennai.insi8


Major ChallengesData overload due to charts and other visuals on every single data point.Difficulties in curating the data and provide it in a way that helps the businesses with metrics that matter rather than confuse them.Presence of more than 250 social media analytics companies and it has become difficult for a marketer to differentiate products. insi8

VisionIf I were to try to articulate my mission, its to have Unmetric be the company I would have wanted to join straight out of college. Being a company that continues to be your dream jobwhether someone joins straight out of college or otherwiseis what were aiming for.- Luxinsi8

Core Marketing TechnologyOur technology allows brand marketers to compare and analyse the social media content of direct competitors and aspirational brands and then use that information to ideate new engaging content.- Luxinsi8


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