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Review Of A Kerrang Magazine Cover By Charlotte Walsh

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1. ReviewOf A Kerrang MagazineCoverBy Charlotte Walsh 2. Magazine Used : KerrangIssue No 1536September 2720142.20 3. ImagePhotos and their connotations 4. The Main ImageThis image is the main focus of the magazine article as its sizeis rather largely proportioned compared to the rest of thecover and it is positioned central on the page which is wherethe initial attention of the audience will go to first. It is thecentre of visual interest.To show that this image is such a dominant feature is that itpartially covers the masthead of the magazine. This is notconventionally used by magazines, showing the significance ofthe image.The image is a medium shot and the camera is directlyopposite the main visual. The person is looking the camera inthe eye. This type of shot may be used to really connect withthe audience and address the reader and also to show theamount of detail acceptable on a magazine cover without ashot being too close upWhen looking out at the audience and looking directly in theeyes it shows the emotion of the subject and you can seedetermination in his eyes, this relates to the splash of themagazine about the subject advancing in a solo careerThe body language of subject in the imageshows him to be very laid back and relaxand does not really have any concerns.Showing he is confident for the future. Thefact that the image shows him slightlyleaning away from the camera and in turnthe audience, shows he does not need toforce himself to get the attention of thereader, the audience can come to him.The background of the image appears to bepapers scattered everywhere. This showsdisorder and messiness, to make themagazine more different and out of the box.Lighting has been used in a way to make theimage brighter than the contents that surroundit as the whole of the page uses very brightcolours. So lightning the image just a little bitmakes it stand out slightlyIn addition to this a shadow effect has beenused on the image to help distinguish theimage more from the vibrant background. Italso gives the image a more 3D effect makingthe image more realistic and too make it jumpoff the page at the reader.The colours used in the image are block colours thatare consistent and go well with the colour theme ofthis editionThe hair of the visual seems to have been takeninto consideration when the colour theme andalso the selection of clothes in terms of theircolour. The clothing used appears to be quitesmart which could be to make it stand out andcontrast to the rest of the page which is verydisorganised. Finally, make up is used to emphasisfacial detail. 5. Smaller AdditionalImagesThese are added to the page fill negativespace on the page and to provide visualsupport for a sub-head describing an articleOn this specific magazine cover there are lotsof additional images spread across the pageAs these images are smaller than the mainimage they will usually be close up ormedium shots so that enough detail is visibleand shown. Background images are usuallyblock colours as it means that the detail inthese images can been seen more and asthey are smaller, if a background was used itwould not be seen. 6. TextTitle, sub heading etc. and their connotations 7. The Main Headline The main headline uses a font and capitals thatsmakes the text bold and stand out almost as if it isbeing shouted. The exclamation mark emphasisthat point. This links in with the genre of themagazine as shouting and a loud register and toneis commonly associated with the genre of themagazine which is rock.The Fact that Kerrang magazine is a very common and wellknown magazine allows them to have there main imageoverlapping their headline. This makes their magazine differentbut still recognisable. What does however follows the genericstructure of a magazine cover is that the headline feature at thetop of the page.The font used is commonfor this magazine as itThe fact that the title uses the house rather large in sizeand proportion to therest of the pageshows that they wantit to stand out andshows that it is arather importantfeature on the page.The colours have been changed for this edition. The colours of the main headline and all of theother text seem to resemble fire, with the yellows and reds. It shows how the headline andimage may link. The yellow font also allows contrast with the image and the persons red hairallowing both to stand out. Another reason why I think fire may be a theme used is because ofthe effect added to the headline. Some letters have been smudged to give of a flame effect.Other effects used are shadowing that makes the text stand out from the background andothers that try and make the headline more edgy and different from other magazines and tomake it stand out like its genre rock. Block colours have been used for the text as thebackground is busy and it enables the reader to read the text more easily. 8. Subheading andother textsThe colours used is how text can link to images.Blue has been used in the text as well as one ofthe main colours featured in the image. Also thevocabulary used links the two as the text istalking about the person in the image , (Left)The colours of the text do vary but still follow acolour scheme.In both of these screen grabs it shows that themost important text is larger and less importantinformation like the stand first is smaller. So thesize of the text varies. The style of font is verymuch consistent but may alter if text is lessimportant to emphasis this.Effects are used on more important text tomake it stand out like shadowingIn this magazine the text is very informal. This isshown by referring to people on a first namebasis. 9. Page LayoutUse of the page etc. 10. Image and TextThe image is the main focal point and as a result of thisit is layered over almost everything else including themain headline. However at the bottom of this mainimage some images do overlap it and a banner. Soprogressing down the page new layers are added.As the page contains different effects and colours tolink it all together a straight structure is used, with allthe text in lined. With the odd anomaly at the centreleft. You could say like the magazine itself as it isdifferent from all of the other magazines.All of the text is positioned around the main image tomake the image stand out even more and to occupythe negative space. 11. Use of space and organisationThe use of space is good as there is verylittle negative space.Text is structured horizontally to make iteasier for the reader to read and theirattention does not stray.Subheadings are used to make the keyinformation known and to group texttogetherText boxes are used to group information aswell but also to provide a different colourbackground for text