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  • Revocable Living Trust Vs Will

    Estate Planning is all about peace of mind. What estate planning is all about is discovering the righttools to execute your standard needs. We do this using the most up to date devices so that we canprepare a customized strategy at the lowest possible cost.

    To understand the differences between a revocable living trust and a will is important forunderstanding the mechanisms, in which the passing down of property and assets occur, upon thedeath of an individual. Both the methods achieve the same purpose but in different manners, and itis solely in the hands of the individual, who is the donor, to decide which method to use.

    By making use of a revocable living trust, the donor surpasses the complex and costly probateprocess that accompanies the following of a will. This saves a lot of taxes in the process, and it alsodoes not require the use of an attorney, which is not the case with the latter. This does not meanthat it is better than a will, since both methods have their own pros and cons.

    The Comparison

    A last will and testament document is a set of instructions laid down by an individual, which providesdetails about how his/her assets will be distributed upon his/her death. This will is final, and itcannot be altered under any circumstances, and it is the responsibility of this individual's attorney toensure that its orders are carried out satisfactorily. This is a document that is recognized by thelegal system, and it is enforceable by law.

    On the other hand, a revocable living trust implies that the person (or the organization) is grantingfiduciary control of the trust fund to any assigned individual, while he/she is still alive. When thisindividual dies, full control of this fund is passed on to the person mentioned. The party who assignsthe fund is known as the grantor (or the settlor or donor), and the person who gets its control isknown as the trustee.

    In cases when there is a will and a revocable living trust present at the same time, the latter takesprecedence over the former. This will always be the case because the trust comes into play as soonas it is created, even when the creator is alive. On the other hand, the will comes into the pictureonly when the creator dies, and thus, it will always be considered inferior to the trust fund.

    The Winner

    Many legal experts claim that it is better to get the trust fund than a will due to the followingreasons:

    The lack of the probate process, thus making the passing of assets a private and family affair.It alsocontains disability plans, which provide details about how the estate is to be managed, if the creatoris disabled, or becomes mentally unstable in some way.The lack of probate process also bringsdown the cost of setting it up, in comparison to the will.With so many advantages, things are muchclearer; the affair stays within the family itself, and there is no need to involve any outsiders andattorneys, at any stage in the entire process. Another advantage is that its conditions can be alteredanytime, and the entire trust can be revoked, as well. This is the primary difference between a

  • revocable and an irrevocable living trust.

    With all these factors in mind, one should remember that it is better to choose the revocable living trust. There are many advantages of doing so, and it also gives thecreator much more room to operate, and much more time to make a balanced and fair decisionabout estate planning and the distribution of his/her assets.

    Estate Planning is the procedure of establishing which obtains your properties, when they obtainthose ownerships, and which deals with you when you are aged. Plus, your estate strategy identifieswho could care for your youngsters.

    The basic foundation of any estate plan is a Will. This paper is known much and also wide as a filethat is prepared by a lawyer and executed by 2 or even more witnesses then notarized.

    Some folks make use of a Revocable Living Trust rather than a Will. The Revocable Trust can do allof the same things as a Will, however it does not have to go with the probate process to be efficient.In enhancement, a Revocable Trust is lots of times made use of for tax planning and philanthropicplanning.


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