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The Accelerate to Cloud keynote will help you understand the current state of cloud adoption, identify the business value for your organization, and provide you a framework to plot your course to cloud adoption.


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2. 2 #Todays Agenda! 3:00Accelerate to CloudRobert Shroll, RightScale, Sales Director3:45 "Demo: Agility in a Cloud-Enabled EnterpriseClaudio Gentile, RightScale, Cloud Solutions Engineer 4:30Plotting Your RouteRobert Shroll, RightScale, Sales Director!! 4:45Using Cloud at Percipio MediaTony Deigh, Percipio Media, CTO5:30 "Networking and Cocktails #rightscale! 3. 3 #Global Cloud Management Service! MidwestChicagoLondonAmsterdamSeattle Dublin Oregon NYC Area SF AreaTokyo DC AreaShanghaiSoutheastLas VegasHong KongHyderabad SingaporeDallasSo PauloPrivate CloudsSydneyPublic Clouds Amazon Web ServicesTataDatapipeLogicworksWindows AzureGoogle Cloud PlatformRackspaceHP Cloud#rightscale!IDCF / Yahoo! JapanSoftLayer 4. 4 #3 Steps to Accelerate Your Cloud! 1Get Out Your Map2Pick Your Destination3Plan a Route#rightscale! 5. #Get Out Your Map!#rightscale! 6. 6 #Choice! The Rise of the Clouds#rightscale! 7. 7 #What a Difference a Year Makes!LaunchedGoes OpenStackGA2012! AprJunLaunchedOpen Sourced #rightscale!AugOct2013! DecAdds AustraliaFebAprJunvCHS GAGrizzly ReleasedAug 8. 8 #Hybrid Matures! All of the AboveMulti-public 15%No plans 7%Multi-private 15% Single public 11%Multi-cloud 77%Hybrid cloud 47%Single private 5%Source: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013#rightscale! 9. 9 #Evolution of Hybrid Architectures! From a Portfolio of Resource Poolsto a unied Resource Pool.Public Cloud!App 1#rightscale!App 2Private Cloud!App 3 2App 4 10. 10 #Using! Cloud! Unlocks! Value #rightscale! 11. 11 #Cloud Maturity Model!8%!17%!26%!23%!26%!No! Plans!Cloud! Watchers!Cloud! Beginners!Cloud! Explorers!Cloud! Focused!Planning!First project!Apps running!Heavy use!Source: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013#rightscale! 12. 12 #Benets Grow! 100%% of Respondents80%60%Business continuity Higher performance Geographic reach IT staff efciency Higher availability Faster time to market with apps Greater scalability Faster access to infrastructure40%20%0% Cloud BeginnersCloud ExplorersCloud FocusedSource: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013#rightscale!12 13. #Pick a Destination!#rightscale! 14. 14 #What Do You Need to Consider?!#rightscale! 15. 15 #Consideration: Consistency ! Consistent performance & reliability Consistent utilization#rightscale! 16. 16 #Consideration: Security ! Security outside the private network Heterogeneous APIs and behaviors#rightscale! 17. 17 #Consideration: Waste!Simple, exible ordering Complex merchandising and procurement Self-service de-provisioning #rightscale! 18. 18 #Consideration: Automation! Architectural rework Dynamic conguration Integrated monitors and orchestration#rightscale! 19. 19 #Consideration: Tracking & Planning!Budgeting Chargeback Purchase options#rightscale! 20. 20 #Why! Cloud! Management?! #rightscale! 21. 21 #What Denes Business Value For You?! Increase Enterprise Agility Drive Operational EfcienciesFaster Time to Market Accelerate Innovation Fail (or Succeed) Fast Cut Infrastructure Costs Reduce Overprovisioning Increase IT EfficiencyExpand Markets & CapabilitiesNew Geographies New Capabilities Web-Scale ApplicationsIncrease Investment FlexibilityCapEX to OpEX Reduce sunk costs Increase spending visibilityReduce RiskIncrease service availability Secure environments Reduce vendor lock-in#rightscale! 22. 22 #Cloud Management is! A framework of tools to solve cloud challenges and increase your ability to enjoy cloud benets! 1. Self-service accessibility of an approved conguration menu 2. Consistency and reliability of shared, commodity resources 3. Elastic, instantaneous scalability driven by automation! 4. Visibility across the organization and security across resources 5. Usage and cost transparency and optimization!#rightscale! 23. 23 #Time for a Test Drive!#rightscale! 24. 24 #The RightScale SaaS Platform! Cloud NowOn-Demand Access to CloudRock SolidProven Scalability and ReliabilityFreedom of Choice Enterprise SLAsDeploy Anywhere, Move Anywhere Data-Center Independent Control PlaneNo WorriesAuto-Upgrades Keep You CurrentConnection-ReadyExtensive API for Easy Integration#rightscale! 25. Percipio Media LLCPERCIPIO MEDIA IN THE CLOUD 15-Oct-1325 26. Who is Percipio Media? 26Operate > 100 job sites 25mm members Job Seeker ProductsDatabase Marketing via email, phone, text, retargetingPaid Traffic (e.g., Google Search)Percipio Media LLCMonetizationArbitrage & Member AcquisitionMonetization(e.g., clicks, leads, job applications)(e.g., clicks, leads, job applications)15-Oct-13 27. Who is Percipio Media? 27Organic growth bootstrap funding Data is at the core of our business HypothesizeExperimentAnalyzeIterate Speed is more important than perfectionWe try to judge every activity by potential lift to gross profitPercipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 28. Percipio Media Growth 28Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 29. What is an Internet Start-up? 29Open Source Software Hugeleverage with no cash outlayCloud Computing & Services Scalable,Internet Marketing Scalable,low cash entry, low people entry targetable, optimizableSmart People DataPercipio Media LLCsavvy15-Oct-13 30. Why? 30Most critical things in any start-up People People People Speed-to-market CashflowOSS, Cloud Computing, Internet Marketing provide leverage on all of these Oh, we can solve that problem with money? Great!Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 31. Cloud Stuff We Use Today 31 As of 8/2013 100% of our production & development infrastructure is at Amazon EC2 servers and storage since 5/2010 n n 84 instances 14.5Tb provisioned EBS storageS3 storage since 12/2011 CloudFront Content delivery network since 10/2010 Route 53 DNS since 10/2012 Redshift Data warehouse since 4/2013 DynamoDB Key/value storage in test CloudHSM hardware key management evaluatingRightScale server management free service since 5/2010; paid since 1/2012EngineYard Ruby environment management since 2/2012NewRelic Java & Ruby performance monitoring since 9/2010Scout server monitoring since 7/2010Airbrake exception monitoring since 7/201024x7 DNS/server response monitoring since 7/2010Salesforce.com CRM since 10/2010Github (limited) source control since 2/2012JIRA & Confluence Issue tracking & Wiki since 5/2011Yammer intra-company communication since 12/2012Casper Mac laptop management in testComputing Percipio Media LLCSupportServices 15-Oct-13 32. Amazon Web Services 32Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-1IMDMZ5&ct=130819&st=sb&ref_=8Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-2013 33. Key Systems using Cloud Computing 33 7 RoR Web applications Core decision engine 3 MySQL database shards with 2 read-only mirrors J2EE Web application HAProxy load balancers Job search engine Replicated MySQL + Ultrasphinx Riak DB J2EE Web application Analytics DB (Redshift) Bid computation (Redshift + MySQL + Java) 2 Source Control systems (SVN & git/Gerrit)Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 34. Our Philosophy 34Do as little as possible Weare still using some 2-year-old RightScriptsPush-button scaling and staging environments 90%automation is often good enoughYou can engineer whatever uptime you need Dont over-engineerOver-engineer capacity its just $$$ Try stuff! Cloneand test via EBS, Redshift snapshots Look for higher leverage services (e.g., Redshift) Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 35. Tools 35RightScale MySQL replication ec2-consistent-snapshot pt-online-schema-change RAID/LVM w/dedicated IOPS Percipio Media LLC15-Oct-13 36. #Plot Your Route!#rightscale! 37. #Where to Start: Segment Your App Portfolio! ROINightmare Monolithic Hairball#rightscale!Traditional Legacy Standard technologiesElastic Web Web architecture Elastic designCloud-Ready Greeneld Designed for cloud 38. 38 #Evaluating Applications for the Cloud! Business impact Should we put this app on the cloud? What benets will we get? Technical requirements Can we put this app on the cloud? How much will migration or build out cost? Choose the best ROI High business impact Appropriate technical requirements#rightscale! 39. 39 #Business Impact: Framework Sample! App 1Business Impact Fast time to market Experimental Demand uctuation Transitory/Time limited Many instances Many changes DevOps New geographies New capabilities OpEX is desirable #rightscale!App 2App 3App 4App 5u u u u u u u u u uu u u u u u u u u uu u u u u u u u u uu u u u u u u u u uu u u u u u u u u u 40. 40 #Technical Fit: Framework Sample! App 1Governance Factors Data Residency Regulatory (PCI, HIPAA) Security RequirementsTechnical Requirements Load Balancer: Session Afnity Application: Licensing Cache: Persistent Database: Working set size Security: Egress ltering #rightscale!App 2App 3App 4App 5uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 41. 41 #Rank Your Apps to Prioritize! RefactorQuick WinsBusiness ImpactApp 3App 5 App 4App 6App 1 App 2App 8App 9 App 7Dont MigrateHold OffTechnical Fit #rightscale! 42. 42 #4 Common Starting Points! Marketing CampaignsSelf Service Test & DevMobile AppsBatch Processing#rightscale! 43. 43 #Your Cloud Team: Org Implications!Create a cloud team with a mix of new and existing talent Evaluate existing processes, tools are only part of the story Focus on business drivers agility, efciency, new markets, opex #rightscale! 44. 44 #A Cloud Itinerary! Lay out your cloud strategy Understand your Business Value Tracks Develop your goals, what you want to accomplish Determine how you will evaluate success Select applications and use cases based on ROI Start with the best, not the worst, technical t Align to meaningful business impact Favor greeneld and cloud-friendly applications Get started Stand up an application on a public cloud Run a POC private cloud Start using tools that will make scaling your cloud strategy easier #rightscale! 45. 45 #What Denes Business Value For You?! Increase Enterprise Agility Drive Operational EfcienciesFas