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In this webinar RightScale’s DevOps experts provide a technical overview of how RightScale automates and streamlines its own DevOps processes. They cover best practices and lessons learned. The RightScale approach to DevOps: i. The RightScale Process ii. DevOps Toolchain and Technologies iii. Who Does What: How Dev and Ops Work Together Our DevOps Best Practices: i. Key Tenets for RightScale DevOps ii. Achieving Standardization and Automation iii. Handling Updates and Patches Lessons Learned: i. Do’s and Don’ts ii. Skills for a DevOps Team



2. Tim MillerVP of Engineering, RightScaleDaniel OnoratoDirector of QA, RightScaleMark DotsonPrincipal Systems Administrator, RightScaleQ&AKy KocurSales Development Representative, RightScalePlease use the Questions window to ask questions at any timeYour Panel Today 3. Infrastructure-as-CodeThe DevOps Process at RightScaleThe Release ProcessGovernance and ControlAlerting and MonitoringPatching, Updating, MaintenanceThe Human FactorAgenda 4. Your Roadmap to Application AgilityCodeBuildIntegrateTestReleaseDeployOperateAgile DevelopmentContinuous IntegrationContinuous DeliveryContinuous DeploymentDevOps 5. RightScale: Infrastructure-as-Code LifecycleContinuous Integration SystemJenkins, Travis CIInfrastructure- as-codeChef,Puppet,SaltRightScaleSource CodeGitBuild AutomationInhouse moving to Self ServiceTest AutomationSelenium/Jenkins/TravisCodeDev ToolsInfrastructure OrchestrationRightScaleDevTestStagingProdAWSWindowsGoogleCloudStackOpenStackvSphere 6. The RightScale DevOps ProcessMini-RightScaleDev EnvironmentStagingEnvironmentProductionEnvironmentDeployment AutomationDeployment AutomationPull code & testDeployment AutomationOperations AutomationPull code & testPull code & releaseMonitoralarm reactDevelopTemplates 7. Release Process: 700+ Servers, Minimal DowntimeRun RS Chimp JobLogin to RS APISelect Apps using Tags/DeploymentDeploy Code (x700)Rolling RestartsHealth Checks via Test Automation 8. Version ControlAll ServerTemplates under version controlPeer review processAll changes reviewed by othersPromotion to productionMust be done by managerAccess controlLimited to specific people in Ops/DevControl of ServerTemplates Similar to Code 9. RS currently has 15,000 Alerts in ProductionBuilt into ServerTemplate Infrastructure providing default pre-configured alertsRightScale platform allows you to treat alerts like code, add/modify/tune/track changesAlerting and Monitoring 10. HeartbleedBashCloud RebootsPatching, Updating, Maintenance 11. ServerTemplates become the RunbookHelps with onboarding of new peopleLook for Ops people with some Dev skillsThe Human Factor 12. 12Thank You and Q&ARead more on DevOps and Cloud on our Blog:http://www.rightscale.com/blog/enterprise-cloud-strategies/devops- and-cloud-how-make-business-love-it 13. Thank You13