rightscale webinar: devops in the cloud: how world-class it shops release software early and often

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Is your IT organization being pushed to increase the tempo of your software release cycles? Do you currently automate application builds and the creation of staging environments? Do you always test thoroughly before pushing code out to production? Does your hair catch on fire every time you put out a new release? IT organizations large and small are turning to the set of processes, technologies, and organizational practices called DevOps as a way to deal with the need to release software more often and with less trouble by changing the way the Development and Operations teams cooperate. In this webinar you will learn: - What is DevOps and how can it help my IT organization and overall company mission - What are the DevOps best practices for easier and more efficient release cycles - Lessons from aligning DevOps strategy and practices at Blackhawk Network, one of the largest private payment networks Join RightScale’s Cloud Evangelist Uri Budnik (@uribudnik) and Blackhawk Network’s Arindam Mukherjee for a free webinar where you will hear how, using DevOps and RightScale, Blackhawk has cut the time it takes to provision a spec environment by over 80%.


  • 1.DevOps and Cloud ManagementHow Blackhawk Network IsTransforming Its IT Organization and Shipping New Products Faster March 27, 2013Watch the recording of this webinar#rightscale

2. 2#Todays Panel Presenting Arindam Mukherjee, Sr. Manager, Engineering CloudServices, Blackhawk Network Uri Budnik, Cloud Evangelist, RightScale. @uribudnik Q&A TBD, Account Manager, RightScale TBD, Account Manager, RightScalePlease use the Questions window to ask questions any time!#rightscale 3. 3#In this webinar: What is DevOps How does DevOps help IT and my overall companymission Blackhawk Networks approach to DevOps Lessons learned Q&A #rightscale 4. 4#What is DevOps?A companys ability to compete is limited by its ability to realize its productvision as quickly and efficiently as possibleHence: Agile DevelopmentTraditional IT infrastructure requires large commitments of time, money, andmindsHence: Cloud ComputingThe most successful developers of modern applications drive controlled,high-tempo change to their user experiences at unprecedented scalesHence: DevOps#rightscale 5. 5#How Does DevOps Help? Does this happen in your IT dept. when somethingbreaks? Ops: Its not my machines, its your code! Developer: Its not my code, its your machines! Traditionally: Developers job is to add new features Ops job is to keep the site stable and fast #rightscale 6. 6#How Does DevOps Help? Business requires change But, change is the root of most outages Discourage change in the interest of stability? Build tools and culture to allow change to happen as often as it needs to#rightscale 7. 7#How Does DevOps Help? DevOps is to operations what agile has been todevelopment Replace big changes with constant, repeatableincremental change This offers more control and predictability #rightscale 8. 8#Lower the risk of change with tools and culture Cloud: automated infrastructure Single step builds One step deploys ServerTemplates Small frequent changes, easier to recover if something goes wrong Deploy log Who? When? What? Healthy attitude about failure#rightscale 9. 9#Blackhawk Network#rightscale 10. 10#Blackhawk IT before DevOps Classic Development & Operations division of labor Ops takes 6-8 weeks to deliver despite best intentions Top priority is maintaining production #rightscale 11. 11#Blackhawk IT before DevOpsDevs dont havetimely access toenvironmentsMust submit detailedrequestsConfidence leveliswhat is delivered thesame as requested? #rightscale 12. 12#A Perfect World For Developers Sweet, sweet setup! #rightscale 13. 13#DevOps at BlackhawkSolution provisioning mindset;instead of request processing andincident handlingTake ownership ofenvironments/applications, not justIT assetsEmbed in development process tocreate and iterate on software stack #rightscale 14. 14#Cloud + DevOps + RightScale DevOps team maintains a catalog of ServerTemplates that developers can use Self-service portal, no need to ask permission when a new server is needed Developers are no longer tied to actual servers#rightscale 15. 15#Agile DeploymentsProvisioning time nowminutes instead ofmonths!Environments arecreated programmaticallyas part of continuousintegrationFocus shifts to lifecyclemanagement of servertemplates iterate, finetune, code manage#rightscale 16. 16#Cloud Instance SprawlSide effect of agileprogramming + DevOps +Cloud lots of cloudinstances running that maynot be in useRobust, targeted and frequentreporting of chargebackallocation and cost trendingAlarms can alert you when thespend on a particulardeployment crosses athresholdPlanForCloud.com helps youforecast costs #rightscale 17. 17#Lessons Learned Take ownership of applications Embed Ops people into the development process Enable developers to self provision environments DevOps + RightScale can simplify application lifecyclemanagement ServerTemplates Create dashboard for production operation tasks Surface cost information to people that managebudgets Think about how to architect for the cloud whereadding more infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck #rightscale 18. 18#Q&A#rightscale 19. 19# Contact RightScale (866) 720-0208sales@rightscale.com www.rightscale.com The next big RightScale Community Event!April 25-26 in San Francisco www.RightScaleCompute.comAttend technical breakout sessionsGet RightScale trainingTalk with RightScale customersAsk questions at the Expert Barwww.rightscale.com/webinars#rightscale