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If your enterprise is on its journey of cloud adoption, and you are running proof of concept (POC) projects, there are a number of tools which can help you with cloud cost management, including tracking, chargeback and forecasting. In this webinar, we are going to walk through live examples of using a number of tools to help with cloud cost management. These include PlanForCloud, a free cloud cost forecasting simulation engine, Enterprise Reporting, a fully features cost management and reporting service and the cost snapshot view from the RightScale Cloud Management dashboard. Join two of RightScale's product managers and learn step by step how you can leverage these tools in your enterprise to make your cloud strategy successful starting today.


  • 1. Cloud Management! #rightscale! Enterprise-GradeCloudCost PlanningandManagement Watchthevideoofthispresenta;on

2. #2 Cloud Management! #2 #rightscale! YourPanelToday RonnieRegev,ProductManager HassanKhajeh-Hosseini,ProductManager Q&A AlexAlvord,AccountManager,RightScale PleaseusetheQues,onswindowtoaskques,onsany,me! 3. #3 Cloud Management! #3 #rightscale! Overview 7 years of expertise with cloud Multi-Cloud Management RightScale customers empowered with cloud Enterprise self-service IT, dev & test, big data analytics Leading edge cloud use cases scalable web, gaming 4. #4 Cloud Management! #4 #rightscale! Agenda Change to the Cloud The Mind Shift Phases of Cost Management 1. Investigation and Planning 2. Deploying and Monitoring 3. Optimization Note: We drink our own champagne 5. #5 Cloud Management! #5 #rightscale! VS Mind Shift = Confusion = Slipping on Costs 12,000 Price Points!! 14 months, 29 price changes TheCloudMindShiF 6. Cloud Management! #rightscale! PhasesOfCostManagement 7. #7 Cloud Management! #7 #rightscale! 1. Investigation and Planning Proof Of Concept (POC) projects Not too simple Might look good, but not a POC RightScale Webinars Architect the application 1. Think about services (compute, storage, data transfers etc) 2. Think about workloads 3. Think about cloud providers PlanForCloud.com Cloud Providers 8. #8 Cloud Management! #8 #rightscale! Cloud Costs PlanForCloud 9. #9 Cloud Management! #9 #rightscale! Cloud Cost Tips Things to note at this stage: Server costs will be 70-95% of your costs, however, do not look past other costs Storage, Database, Data Transfers, Support, Licenses, Others You pay for the amount of storage you provision, not the amount you use Specific resources for specific use cases If you terminate a server with a volume attached, you will still be charged for the volume More: blog.PlanForCloud.com 10. #10 Cloud Management! #10 #rightscale! Deploying Location, Location, Location! Choose your regions wisely Account and deployment structures Tag Everything!!! Accounts, Servers, Deployments Report:predicate=tagcontent (report:deployment=dev) 11. #11 Cloud Management! #11 #rightscale! HA & DR Costs Fault tolerance is the goal Do you know what your HA & DR strategies will cost? Everything fails, all the time. Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon.com 12. #12 Cloud Management! #12 #rightscale! Monitoring Costs Cloud Cost Sprawl Low cost resources and quick access can be a blessing and a curse This is not a one person job but a team effort How RightScale does it At-a-glance Deployments & account level costs Detailed Cross-account granular costs Solution Demo Generating cost reporting data Consuming it through common tools 13. #13 Cloud Management! #13 #rightscale! 3. Optimization Resource Optimization Using existing resources more optimally Looking at monitoring metrics (CPU, Memory etc) Setting procedures in place Using the correct resources for the job (e.g. EBS vs S3 vs Glacier) Cost Optimization Require business decisions to be made Usually cloud provider specific (purchase options) 14. #14 Cloud Management! #14 #rightscale! Resource Optimization Resource Optimization Idle Server Identification Alerting Shut down entire deployments Monitoring graphs Change instance types Clean out storage User access control Do this regularly ! 15. #15 Cloud Management! #15 #rightscale! Cost Optimization Purchase options AWS & Azure How do you want to pay (upfront vs. monthly) Commitment period Drive behavior Note: Next year, the same will maintain costs PlanForCloud can help you with Reserved Instance decisions Instance running period Google & Azure = minutely AWS = hourly 16. #16 Cloud Management! #16 #rightscale! Whats Next 1. Simulate your cost structure with PlanForCloud Generate a forecast based on your growth pattern 2. Sign up for a free RightScale account 3. Get in touch Cloud Strategy Cost Management Architecture, Performance, Hybrid Cloud etc ContactRightScale (866)720-0208 sales@rightscale.com www.rightscale.com


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