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  1. 1. Outage-Proof Your CloudApplicationsBrian Adler, Sr. Services ArchitectRoberto Monge, Cloud Solutions EngineerRightScaleDecember 18, 2012Watch the video of this webinar
  2. 2. 2#Your Panel TodayPresenting Brian Adler, Sr. Services Architect, RightScale Roberto Monge, Cloud Solutions Engineer, RightScaleQ&A Spencer Adams, Account Manager, RightScale Noel Cohen, Account Manager, RightScalePlease use the Questions windowto ask questions any time!Cloud Management#rightscale
  3. 3. 3#Agenda High Availability and Disaster Recovery Terminology/Level-Setting Designing for Failure Cloud and component definitions HA and DR configurations Conclusions / Q&A Cloud Management #rightscale
  4. 4. 4#TerminologyAbility of a system to Fault TolerantThe process, policiescontinue operating systems are and proceduresproperly (perhaps at measured by their related to restoringa degraded level) if Availability in terms critical systems afterone or moreof planned anda catastrophic eventcomponents fails unplanned service outages for end usersCloud Management#rightscale
  5. 5. 5#Designing for Failure1 Large scale failures in 3 Need to balance costthe cloud are rare but do and complexity of HAhappenefforts against risks youare willing to bear2 Application owners are4 Cloud infrastructure hasultimately responsiblemade DR and HAfor availability andremarkably affordablerecoverability Multi-server Multi-Zone Multi-Region Multi-Cloud Cloud Management #rightscale
  6. 6. 6#Cloud Isolation DefinitionsRegion ZoneResources One or moreDatacenter withgeographically separate power sourceproximate ZonesAPI endpoint, control plane Shared SharedLocal Area NetworkShared SharedCloudsAmazon Web ServicesRegionAvailability ZoneRackspace RegionWindows Azure RegionGoogle Cloud PlatformRegionAvailability GroupCloudStack RegionZoneOpenStack Zone Availability Zone Cloud Management#rightscale
  7. 7. 7#Multi-Zone HA Considerdistributed DNSNoSQLdatabases with172.168.7.31172.168.8.62 the sameUS-EAST 1a 1US-EAST 1bdistributionconsiderations. LOAD BALANCERSLOAD BALANCERSSpread primaryand replica nodes acrossmultiple zones.Place as manyAPP SERVERS as you need forrequired AUTOSCALE resiliency. MASTER DB SLAVE DBREPLICATE EBS SNAPSHOTS S3 Snapshot data volume for backupsConsider local storage for additional Place Slave databases in oneso the database can be readily slave database to remove or more zones for failover.recovered within the region.dependency on attached volumeCloud Management #rightscale
  8. 8. 8#Multi-Region/Cloud DR OptionsAvailability Downtime99.999%0Multi-Cloud HA (Live/Live Config)99.9% < 5 MinsHot DR(Least Common)99.5% < 1 Hour Warm DR(Recommended)99% > 1 HourCold DR (Most Common)$$$$$$ $$$$Cloud Management #rightscale
  9. 9. 9#Multi-Region Cold DRStaged Server Configuration and generally no staged data Not recommended if rapid recovery is required Slow to replicate data to other cloud and bring database onlineDNS LOAD BALANCERS LOAD BALANCERS APP SERVERS APP SERVERS MASTER DB SLAVE DBSLAVE DB REPLICATE CBS SNAPSHOTSCLOUDFILESCloud Management #rightscale
  10. 10. 10#Multi-Region Warm DRStaged Server Configuration, pre-staged data and running Slave Database Server Generally recommended DR solution Minimal additional cost and allows fairly rapid recoveryDNS CHICAGODALLASLOAD BALANCERS LOAD BALANCERSAPP SERVERSAPP SERVERSMASTER DBSLAVE DB SLAVE DB REPLICATEREPLICATECBSSNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS CLOUD FILES Cloud Management #rightscale
  11. 11. 11#Multi-Region Hot DRParallel Deployment with all servers running but all traffic going to primary Not recommended Very high additional cost to allow rapid recoveryDNS DALLAS LOAD BALANCERSLOAD BALANCERS APP SERVERS APP SERVERS MASTER DB SLAVE DB SLAVE DB REPLICATEREPLICATECBSSNAPSHOTSSNAPSHOTSCLOUDFILESCloud Management#rightscale
  12. 12. 12#Multi-Cloud HALive/Live configuration. Geo-target IP services to direct traffic to regional LBs. Possible, but not recommended (more to follow) Max additional cost and max availability, but complex to implement and manageDNS LOAD BALANCERSLOAD BALANCERS APP SERVERS APP SERVERSMASTER DBSLAVE DB SLAVE DB REPLICATEREPLICATEEBS SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTSS3 SWIFTCloud Management #rightscale
  13. 13. 13#Multi-Cloud HALooks similar to Multi-Zone but additional problems to solve as some resourcesare not shared You need DNS management Security is an issue as securityor a global load balancer. DNSgroups are Region-specific. US-EAST CHICAGO Machine Images LOAD BALANCERSLOAD BALANCERS are specific to the cloud/region.APP SERVERS APP SERVERS MASTER DBSLAVE DB SLAVE DBREPLICATEREPLICATE EBS VOLUMESNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS S3SWIFTCloud Management #rightscale
  14. 14. 14#In the Dashboard Cost forecastingMulti-regionfor DR or cloud environmentMulti-region Warm DRStagedservers Cloud Management #rightscale
  15. 15. 15#Automating HA and DR Use dynamic DNS for your database servers Allow app servers to use a single FQDN. Use a low TTL to allow rapid failover in the case of a change in master database Automatic connection of app servers to load balancing servers App servers can connect to all load balancers automatically at launch No manual intervention No DNS modifications Automated promotion of slave to master Process is automated Decision to run process is manualCloud Management#rightscale
  16. 16. 16#How RightScale makes it possibleMultiCloud Images MultiCloud Images can be launched across regions and cloudswithout modificationServerTemplate contains a list1 of MultiCloud Images (MCIs)When the Server is 2created, a specific MCIis chosen.The appropriate3 RightImage is used atMultiCloud Imageslaunch. Cloud A, B, Image 1 Cloud A C, Image 2 Cloud B, Image 1Cloud A, B, Image 1Cloud B Stability across clouds Image 1 RightImageCloud Management#rightscale
  17. 17. 17#How RightScale makes it possibleServerTemplates, Tags, and Inputs Automated load balancer registration and database connections Autoscaling across zones Dynamic configurationCloud Management #rightscale
  18. 18. 18#DR Cost Comparison ExampleMulti-Region Multi-Region Multi-RegionCold DRWarm DRHot DRTotal $4480 / month$5630 / month$8800 / monthRunning $4470 / month$5540 / month$8440 / month3 Load Balancers (Large) 3 Load Balancers (Large) 6 Load Balancers (Large)6 App Servers (XLarge) 6 App Servers (XLarge) 12 App Servers (XLarge)1 Master DB (2XLarge)1 Master DB (2XLarge)1 Master DB (2XLarge)1 Slave DB (2XLarge) 2 Slave DB (2XLarge) 2 Slave DB (2XLarge)Staged$0 / month $0 / month3 Load Balancers (Large) 3 Load Balancers (Large)6 App Servers (XLarge) 6 App Servers (Xlarge)1 Slave DB (2XLarge)Replication $10 / month$90 / month$360 / month25GB / day cross-zone25GB / day cross-region100GB / day cross-regionCloud Management #rightscale
  19. 19. 19#Most Common Observed Cloud Outages Outage of specific services in a zone Degraded performance E.g. EBS, ELB, RDS Outage of specific services in a region Control plane error or cascading problems E.g. EBS Outage of power or network in a zone No connectivity E.g. EC2, Azure Capacity availability in a region during an outage Not possible to provision instances, volumes, or other servicesCloud Management #rightscale
  20. 20. 20#Outage-Proofing Best PracticesPlace in >1Replicate dataReplicate data zone:across zonesacross zones Load balancers Backup acrossDesign stateless App serversregions & cloudsapps for Databases Monitoring, alert,resilience toMaintain and automatereboot / relaunch capacity tooperations to absorb zone or speed up region failuresfailover Cloud Management#rightscale
  21. 21. 21#Next Steps Learn: Building Scalable Applications in the Cloud Whitepaper http://www.rightscale.com/info_center/white-papers/building-scalable- applications-in-the-cloud.php Analyze: Deployment review of your environment http://www.rightscale.com/about_us/contact_us.php Try: Free Edition www.rightscale.com/freeContact RightScale(866) 720-0208 sales@rightscale.comwww.rightscale.comCloud Management #rightscale