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Presented by Charlene Robinson, Misha Sharma, Silvia Galarza, and Mugtaba Fadil Group D January 27, 2009 Language Arts

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Page 1: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Presented by Charlene Robinson, Misha Sharma, Silvia Galarza, and Mugtaba


Group D

January 27, 2009

Language Arts

Page 2: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

About the Author • Rudyard Kipling was born on December 30, 1865 in

Bombay, India. He moved to England when he was 6 years old but remained deeply attached to his birthplace.

• When he was 17 years old he went back to India as a journalist. Kipling loved India’s wildlife, especially the animals. In 1892, he wrote “The Jungle Book,” which contained the short story, “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.”

• In 1901, Kipling wrote “Kim” and “Captains Courageous.” Besides writing children’s books, Kipling wrote many speeches, poems, sketches, and an unfinished biography.

• In 1907, Rudyard Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He died on January 18, 1936 and lived to be 71 years old. Today he is remembered as one of the most popular writers in literature!

Page 3: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Synopsis Rikki Tikki Tavi is a mongoose. He lived with his mother and father

but one day was washed out of the burrow. He is found by a young woman and her son Teddy. Rikki Tikki goes to their home and the father wants to keep him because he can protect teddy from snakes. Rikki Tikki goes into the garden and hears a bird weeping. He asks the bird (Darzee)

why she is upset. The bird responds that Nag the cobra ate her babies. Since Rikki Tikki is a mongoose he tells Darzee that he will help her. Rikki Tikki finds Nag and fights him but Nag escapes. After the battle

Rikki Tikki goes to find Teddy and sees he is being attacked by a snake. Rikki Tikki kills the snake and is honored by Teddy’s parents. At nighttime , Rikki Tikki hears Nag and Nag’s wife Nagaina talking. Nag whispers his plan to first kill the man by sneaking into his bath water, then the woman and the child, then the garden will be theirs again. This fills Rikki Tikki with hatred. He kills Nag but Nagaina escapes. Rikki Tikki goes to tell Darzee the news. Darzee is excited and dances with joy. Darzee decides to help Rikki Tikki kill Nagaina. They come up with a plan. The plan is that Darzee will act like her wing is broken and Rikki Tikki will sneak into her nest and kill her eggs. Nagaina soon discovers that Rikki Tikki is in her nest. So she

pays a visit to Teddy. Rikki Tikki hears a loud scream and sees Nagaina about to bite Teddy. Rikki Tikki tells Nagaina that if she hurts the boy he’ll kill the last egg. “Ok trade,” says Nagaina. She trades for the egg but escapes. Rikki Tikki goes after her but Nagaina goes into to the ground. Rikki Tikki finds her and kills both her and the egg. He comes out and tells everyone that she is dead. Rikki Tikki

is honored and is now the protector of the garden.

Page 4: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Main Characters and Settings

• Rikki Tikki Tavi • Teddy• Mother • Father• Nag• Nagaina • Darzee • Darzee's Wife• Karait • Chuchundra

This short story takes place in India, when it was ruled by the British. It mainly takes place in•Teddy’s Bungalow•Garden

Page 5: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Vocabulary1.Revived (pg. 464) Come back to consciousness; Part Of Speech: Verb; Sentence

From Text: “When he revived, he was lying in the hot sun on the middle of a garden path, very draggled indeed, and a small boy was saying, “Here’s a dead mongoose. Lets have a funeral.” Synonym: Regain; Antonym: Die; Original Sentence: She finally revived after the operation.

2. Draggled (pg.465) Wet and dirty; Part Of Speech: Adjective; Sentence From Text: “When he revived, he was lying in the hot sun on the middle of a garden path, very draggled indeed, and a small boy was saying, “Here’s a dead mongoose. Lets have a funeral.” Synonym: Filthy; Antonym: Clean; Original Sentence: He fell in a mud puddle and became draggled.

3. Flinched (pg.467) Moved back, as if away from a blow; Part Of Speech: Verb; Sentence From Text; “But as Teddy was stooping, something flinched a little in the dust, and a tiny voice said: "Be careful. I am death” Synonym; Descend; Antonym; Ascend; Original Sentence; The wind flinched me away.

4. Mourning (pg.472) Feeling sorrow for the death of a loved one; Part Of Speech: Adjective; Sentence From Text:” On the rubbish heap by the stables, mourning for Nag.” Synonym: Grieve; Antonym: Rejoice; Original Sentence; After the death of her beloved son Richard, Maggie sat in her house, mourning in self pity.

Page 6: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Continued…5. Consolation (pg.472) Something that makes you feel

better; Part Of Speech: Noun; Sentence From Text: ”Well! It may be some consolation to you when you’re dead to know that I shall settle accounts with the boy.” Synonym: Comfort; Antonym: Afflict, bother; Original Sentence: Mr. Gomez was feeling down one day, so as a consolation I brought him a red pen and Mugtaba’s homework.

6. Cunningly (pg.472) Cleverly; Part Of Speech: Adjective; Sentence From Text: “There, in the warm litter about the melons, very cunningly hidden…; Synonym: Adroit; Antonym: Maladroit; Original Sentence: Charlene cunningly swapped her broken pencil with Genevieve’s sharpened one, even saying hi in the process.

Page 7: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Reader’s Response• Would you enjoy living in India like

Teddy and his family? What aspects about living in India do you think you might like? What might you dislike?

I would never live in India because I am scared of Snakes. Also you would need you to learn a new language. I would want to live in India because of all their good food.

Page 8: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Thematic FocusThe natural conflict between mongooses and

snakes is the basis for Kipling’s story. What natural conflicts have you observed that might inspire a good story?

One unresolved conflict in the story is that Rikki-Tikki-Tavi doesn’t find his family since he was washed away. He becomes an orphan and lives with humans. This unresolved conflict can be used to write a good sequel to “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.”

Page 9: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

Extra FeaturesFun Facts about the Presenters!!!!!!!!!

Charlene: I won the Martin Luther King Oratory contest 2 years in a row (1st place in 3rd grade, 2nd in fourth.)

Mugtaba: I love pie, milk, pizza, candy, and cake. I also like everything except pointy pencils (in Charlene hands).

Misha: I love to play video games and listening to music. I like to hit people for fun!

Silvia: I like the color black. I have been playing violin for two years. I listen to Slip Knot and Metallica and anything heavy metal or screamo. I enjoy anything that is weird, unusual and or strange.

Page 10: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

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Page 11: Rikki Tikki Taki Misha

The EndThe End Here’s to the people who made this Here’s to the people who made this